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Moravian College Center for Career and Civic Engagement

Meet Our Office Staff - Mike Hertel

October 15, 2017


“There’s so few career plans that follow a straight line,” Mike states, “There are going to be things that come up along the way. The question is when and how significant they are, but something will happen to question where you’re going, and you’ll make some decisions on where it is and how you should get there.”

As an undergraduate Mike attended the University of Notre Dame. He then spent 5 ½ years serving in the air force, and completed an internship program at the College of Great Falls in Montana. Shortly after, he completed his masters degree and started a family. “The confluence of all those things together, necessitated me to make a career move. That's what made me go into higher ed. My life was changed through the process of being involved in education.”

It is evident that Mike’s passion for serving others is what inspires him to work with students and help them find their true path. Mike’s dedication to students shines through the success and satisfaction of the students who come to the Center. Mike’s main role is to oversee career development functions in the office, and help students connect their education to their career and future goals. Students come to the center if they need assistance in choosing or changing a major, seeking internships, graduate program applications, or job search.

It doesn’t just stop there. Mike’s role to help prepare students for their future extends outside of the Center. There are countless of events that are made to help students form connections, and explore the professional field, one of them being the Volunteer and Internship Fair, the most recent event held by the CCCE. “It is made to be causal,” Mike states, “It’s an opportunity for students to come out and talk to people and start thinking about their future.”

One particular event Mike is excited about is the new ‘Project: Serve and Advance’ program, made for first-year students and sophomores. It is designed to help underclassmen connect their experiences whether that be volunteering, athletics, clubs, and express them in a meaningful fashion to employers and graduate programs. Students who choose to participate are given the opportunity to take part in a straightforward service project then discuss what skills it took to perform that effectively, and how to take those skills and express them in a resume and interview to employers.

“It’s designed to lay the groundwork for junior and senior year.” Mike states. For the Center, it is never too early to start thinking about the future.