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Center for Career and Civic Engagement

Meet Our Office Staff - Pat Hanna

October 29, 2017

Pat Hanna is the Assistant Director of Career Development and Alumni Engagement in the Center for Career and Civic Engagement (“Center”). She recently celebrated 20 years at Moravian College, with the last four in the Center. Pat Hanna brings great personal experience to her role, stemming from her time as student at Moravian College. Pat graduated in 1982 with a degree in French and minor in business. Pat describes it as lucky timing that she able to return to her Alma mater to work in the Alumni Relations department. Pat’s reason for staying twenty years is because of the people. 

“Moravian College is a small school so we have a smaller number of alumni, but I think our alumni are stronger because of that. They always want to give back.” 

Pat encourages students to stop by the Center to find ways to connect with Moravian College alumni. One of her roles in the Center for Career and Civic Engagement is to facilitate these connections. Pat assists students in connecting with alumni on a one to one basis to learn more about potential fields of interest. Pat also plays a large role in the Center’s networking receptions. These are opportunities for students to connect in person with alumni from all different walks of life. The next on campus networking event is Coffee and Connections. This will be held on November 7th from 7-8:30pm in the HUB Pavilion.  

If you are interesting in learning more about networking events, or reaching out to alumni contact the Center for Career and Civic Engagement at