Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

Moravian College is the past, present, and future of higher education. Our brand reflects our revolutionary spirit—always evolving and leading the way toward meaningful change. 

Our Story

Visual Identity

The graphic identity of Moravian College’s brand is created through the use of specific graphic elements, typography, and color that will be recognized instantly and positively by key audiences. A consistent style reinforces memory by providing a visual cue for audiences resulting in an immediate recognition and emotional connection.


Moravian College’s logo provides instant recognition of our enduring and forward-thinking institution.


It is with great care that our typefaces were chosen as accurate representations of Moravian College.


Moravian College’s color palette is almost as historic as the college itself.

Brand Toolkit

The Office of Marketing and Communications provides ready-made templates and guidelines that make it easy to strengthen Moravian’s brand.


Moraivan’s Office of Marketing and Communications is here to help. We provide project support and brand workshops upon request. Please get in touch with us!