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Calum Taft-Lockard ’23

Christopher M. & Kathy G. Thomforde Scholarship Fund

"Knowing that my support network is ever-expanding as I journey through my life gives me great joy. I look forward to the future, and I really want to say thank you for supporting me."


Hometown: Abington, Pennsylvania

High School: Abington Senior High School

Major: Pure Mathematics

Minor: Computer Science

Academic Goals: I have many goals that I would like to achieve while I am a student here at Moravian. For the past two semesters in a row, I have been on the Dean’s list, and I would like to continue that for the rest of my college career. Additionally, I would like to pursue an honors project during my senior year.

Post-graduate Plans: My post-graduate plans will mainly focus on continuing my pursuit of education. I would like to study abroad for graduate school, so finding a program that fits nicely with what interests me will be at the top of the list.

Extracurricular Activities: Yes, I am the Vice President of the Mathematics Society, the Social Media Manager for the Cyberhounds (Moravian’s esports club), and I am a member of the Society of Physics Students.

Something learned at Moravian: Since being at Moravian I have learned how to be more independent. Whether it be preparing food, doing chores, or advocating for myself, I have been given the opportunity to do that here.

Most rewarding since coming to Moravian: The most rewarding thing to me would have to be the sheer amount of unique personalities I have come into contact with. I have met some great people and made amazing friends and memories.

Favorite Class: My favorite class is Topology.

On Campus/Commuter Student: On Campus

Favorite spot on campus: My favorite spot on campus is the Star Room in the Sally building.

Favorite Moravian tradition: My favorite Moravian tradition is the thanksgiving dinner.

Favorite thing to do when away from campus: When I am away from campus I like to play video games like Minecraft with my friends.

Favorite book, film, song, or art: The Stranger, by Albert Camus

I can never resist a good____: Game

Who inspires you: I think my Grandad inspired me the most. He was always someone very close to me. He had some rough patches in his life, but that never stopped him. He served in the navy in between the Korean and Vietnam wars. He was very proud of his Irish heritage, and that has carried through to me, where I try my best to honor him every day. He was a very caring man, and I hope that I can do well and follow in his footsteps.

What the scholarship means to me: This scholarship means the world to me. I am very passionate about my education, and getting this scholarship helps me to fund such an education. This lessens the financial burden that me and my family will experience, and for that I am ever grateful.


Thank You

I would like to sincerely thank you for your contribution to my education. Throughout my life, there has been a support network built around me so that I may succeed, and this network now extends to you. Without your support, I wouldn’t be able to pursue my dreams of higher education. I am the youngest child in my family, having two older sisters. Both of my sisters have been through college and graduated, and soon I will do the same. Putting three kids through school is a tough thing to do for any set of parents, but with this scholarship, my family will feel less of a financial burden as I finish my time here at Moravian. For this, I am ever thankful. I would like to finish this off by saying that you are one of the reasons why I will graduate. Knowing that my support network is ever-expanding as I journey through my life gives me great joy. I look forward to the future, and I really want to say thank you for supporting me.