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Ethan Cherbuin ’23

B. Braun Nursing Annual Scholarship Fund

"I am so grateful for the scholarship and the opportunity to use this to help me continue my education...This helps me so much to be able to continue to afford attending school."


Hometown: Long Valley, New Jersey

High School: West Morris Central High School

Major: Nursing

Academic Goals: My goal at Moravian is to complete my Nursing degree by spring of 2023 with an above 3.0 GPA.

Post-graduate Plans: My post-graduate plan is to find a nursing job, preferably in Wound Care. I plan to possibly go to graduate school and obtain my master's.

Extracurricular Activities: I am a part of the Men's Track and Field team for indoor and outdoor. I have worked in the Financial Aid and the Fitness Center as well.

Something learned at Moravian: Be nice to everyone, you don't know what someone has going on in their lives.

Most rewarding since coming to Moravian: The close and small environment, knowing that the professors know and care about you to help you.

Favorite Class: NURS 310 - Quest Into Phenomenology

On Campus/Commuter Student: Commuter

Favorite spot on campus: Finding a room in PPHAC to study or hang out with a group of friends.

Favorite Moravian tradition: Midnight Oasis where the STAR is open late at midnight before finals to provide food for the students.

Favorite thing to do when away from campus: Being able to spend time with family and friends.

Favorite book, film, song, or art: Trey Songz 2020 Riots: How Many Times. I find this song inspiring because it tells about the adversity faced with the passing of George Floyd.

I can never resist a good____: Movie

Who inspires you: My father inspires me because he has shown me what hard work looks like. He has created a better life for himself and strives for a better life for my siblings and I. He continues to push us hard and motivates us.

What the scholarship means to me: This scholarship means the world to me. I am so grateful to be able to continue school and be able to get a job as a nurse and one day be able to give back to Moravian.


Thank You

Thank you so much for your generosity with this scholarship. I am so grateful for the scholarship and the opportunity to use this to help me continue my education. I am paying for my education by myself with a loan. I have had to commute from home as well. This helps me so much to be able to continue to afford attending school. I have made countless memories here at Moravian. I run for the Men’s Track and Field team and have made lifelong friends from the team and also in the nursing program that I will cherish forever. I am the oldest of five siblings and want to be a role model for them so that they see me graduate and know that they can as well and do better than what I accomplish. The scholarship will continue to help me to obtain my nursing degree. I would like to work in Wound Care one day and help patients recover from their wounds. As well as, one day be able to give back once I have my career by donating money to Moravian University and help other students graduate and reach their goals.