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Posted 4/26/16

We are sad to report that Alma Kirkhuff Kuehner passed away on April 8, 2016.

Posted 11/25/15

We are sad to report that Betty Sweitzer passed away on October 16, 2015.

Posted 12/22/14

We are sad to report that Virginia Paulson Kocher passed away on December 13, 2014.

Posted 3/4/14

We are sad to report that Esther Carpenter Scott passed away on February 13, 2014.

Posted 10/31/13

We are sad to report that Ruth Schantz Fortino passed away on September 24.

Posted 9/27/13

We are sad to report that Ruth Schantz Fortino passed away on September 24.

Posted 6/24/13

We are sad to report that Edith Hower Sikorsky passed away May 28, 2013.

Posted 5/21/13

We are sad to report that Curtis M. Steyers, Sr. passed away on April 7.

Posted 2/5/13.

We are sad to report that Frank Senn passed away on December 26.

Posted 11/2/11

We regretfully announce the death of two classmates from Moravian College for Women, Doris Dieruff Loux on October 9, 2011 and Mary Catherine Keuhl Concevitch on October 29, 2011. 

Posted 4/27/11

We are sad to report that Barbara Worth Dimmich passed away on April 10, 2011.

Posted 10/6/10

From the Alumni House:
          We are sad to announce that June Collins Cawley passed away on August 15, 2010.

Posted 6/2/10

From Mary:

Edith Hower Sikorsky is still living in her own home in Danielsville, Pennsylvania, but not alone; her daughter lives with her.

Two of our classmates have died recently; Sister Felicia Tanzella and Leah Victor Silver.  Leah came to our 60th reunion and was very impressed by the changes made since 1942.

I was also sad to hear the Peggy Lutz Grey passed away in March. At Christmas she had written me about her life at Longwood Gardens near Pittsburgh. She had ended her term on the Residence Council, and then she began to play Nintendo Wii Bowling. She also gave talks about Moravians in early Pennsylvania. People seem to know more about Moravians in Old Salem but don’t know about the Christmas City of Bethlehem, PA!

Posted 3/31/10

From the Alumni House:
We are sad to report that Margaret Lutz Gray passed away on March 11, 2010.

Posted 2/5/10

From the Alumni House:
          We are sad to report that Leah Silver died on December 31, 2009.
Unfortunately we have to report the passing of another one of the 1942 classmates, Sr. Felicia Tanzella,  who died on  January 22. Her niece wrote that after earning her B. S. Felicia went on to earn a M. A. from Catholic University and an Ed. S. degree from Rutgers University.  Felicia entered the religious life in 1944.  She taught math and science for over 53 years, retiring in 1999.  Her life is measured by the all the triangles in the arch that surrounded her and those that she inspired. A memorial mass will held at St. Anthony's of Padua, Easton PA on Saturday March 6, at 1 PM, fellowship to follow in the church hall.

Posted 9/1/09

From Mary:
Katharine Benner Merkel died on May 21, 2009.  She was a member of our class for two years, then transferred to Temple where she graduated with a B.A. degree in music education.  She joined the Marine Corps Women’s Reserves and became an instructor for pilots.  She was the first woman pilot to fly cross country from Quakertown Airport.  She taught music and substituted in various Upper Bucks schools.  She sang in the Pine Run Chorus and the Lenape Valley Presbyterian Church Choir.

Ethel Wuchter Englert died on October 23, 2008.  She had resided at Moravian Manor in Lititz, Pa. for the last two years of her life. Her late husband, Dr. Donald Englert, was a professor at the Seminary at Lancaster Theological Seminary.  She is survived by two sons: David and his wife Suzy Englert of Spring, Tx., and Thomas ’76 of Lancaster, Pa .

Posted 4/20/09

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