Class correspondent:
Kathy Werst Detwiler

Posted 11/29/17

We are sad to report that Ruth Lapp Himler passed away on November 7, 2017.

Posted 10/31/17

Our Moravian College Comenius Society Dinner was held on Friday, October 6, at the Hotel Bethlehem.  From the President’s Reception in the Mural Room to the beautifully served dinner in the Mezzanine, from the table settings to the personal dinner Service, from the table company to the Speakers … everything was magnificent.   President Bryon Grigsby ’90 spoke of the changes in our College and the Future of Health Sciences.  Student, Jake Carlson ’18 told us in a most informative manner of his opportunities at Moravian College as a 21st Century Nursing Student.  Life is good.  Reception conversations were lively with Pete French ’60Anita Filler Noonan ’61 and Paul Noonan ’60 speaking of their “retired” activities. Our younger friends are doing well.

George Toth ’57 and his lovely wife, Ingrid, exchanged extended dinner conversation with Wayne about their having lived and served in Europe.  I welcomed the opportunity to learn from Arthur Spengler ’55 that while we never met in college, we had much in common as fellow Math majors.  Arthur pursued a Master’s Degree at Arizona State and taught Apache Indians for twelve years in Arizona.  Both George and Arthur have traveled far in their fields with their Moravian College educations.  After dinner opportunities occurred to renew friendship with Bertie Francis Knisely ’69; Bertie is cheerful and lively as ever.  We also talked with Barbara Roberts Woltjen ’61 and John Woltjen ’59; they are looking well and asked to be remembered to you, our Classmates.  Joe Castellano ’61 and his lovely wife, JoAnn, were exciting Moravian friends to talk with, as our Comenius evening drew to a close.  ALL of these people are serving well in retirement and still telling of exciting days past at our Moravian College.  “College ties can ne’er be broken formed at old MC …”   Bye for now…

Posted 5/24/17

Our 58th class reunion began for your correspondent with a May first email from Marcia Morgan Fish. Sadly, Marcia was unable to attend our reunion because the ashes of her son, Bill, were to be placed at Indiantown Gap National Cemetery on May 5. Bill had an Air Force career after he graduated in Aeronautical Engineering from Virginia Tech. Bill passed away very suddenly on April 4; our deepest condolences to you, Marcia. While I was sad to not see you at our reunion, I was so happy to meet your sister, Margaret Morgan Blanda ’67, and her husband, Ray. Margaret and Ray were in Bethlehem from Rhode Island to celebrate her 50th Reunion. Ray also had a military career and is a Bronze Star Recipient. They have a son who is also a Moravian College ’97 graduate;  Marcia and Margaret’s mother is a Moravian College ’36 graduate…wow three generations of Hounds!

Pat Miller Helfrich ’47 and her friend, Brooke Hartman, a three-generation celebrant of Lehigh graduates, were delightful company during the Friday evening Welcome Back Reception and Dinner. Pat was present to celebrate her 60th Reunion of MC graduation and her having begun the Celebration of Founder’s Day at reunions. The 2017 Founder’s Day, Lovefeast, and Luncheon were exceptional. While attending, Wayne and I had a fine opportunity to exchange 2016 Vesper appreciation to Pippa Grigsby for her magnificent Morning Star solo. She, Lea Glembot, and President Bryon Grigsby ’90 are fabulous ambassadors for our College.  During the morning, conversation time with Ron Cavanagh ’61 and Judy Laning Cavanagh ’60 was also offered.  We had last met up in Receiving Line at West Point in the ‘80s when Ron was serving as Chancellor at Syracuse University. Another highlight of Founder’s Day Celebration was the opportunity for Wayne and me to meet up with BHS ’53 Vocational Department classmate, Richard Wright ’57. While they were both “techies” then, Richard is now Reverend Richard Wright, and his lovely wife Barbara. There are now residing in Susquehanna, Pa. Meeting Gloria Badel Hilbert ’53 at our reunion was also a highlight.  Gloria spent a lifetime nursing many years in Nicaragua and other locations—she has fine stories to share about Moravian College. Pearl Stein ’57 and Bertie Knisely ’69 were also present at many of the campus activities. Our reunion was a terrific time for those present.  Looking forward to seeing more hounds next time.
Bye for now… Love, Kathy

Posted 2/23/17

We are sad to report that Walter Lilly passed away on January 28, 2017.

Posted 1-31-17

We are sad to report that Anthony “Monk” Morelli passed away on January 28, 2017.

Posted 11/30/16

We are sad to report that Richard Buralli passed away on September 20, 2016.

Posted 9/26/16

We are sad to report that Robert Clemens passed away on July 21, 2016.
We are sad to report that Richard Buralli passed away on September 20, 2016.

Posted 2/19/16

Greetings to the members of the class of 1959 from Mary Lesin Mackenzie Ayala.  Mary’s new title is now Great Grandma!  Baby Adalyn was born on January 5, 2016.  Mary reports that her son, Scott, loves his Grandpa role.  All are well.

Posted 1/14/16

We are sad to report that Donald Yates passed away on January 10, 2016.

Posted 12/21/15

From Kathy: Winter would not be Christmas without a visit to Bethlehem and attendance at our Moravian College Vespers.  Wayne and I were honored to attend the Central Moravian Church Putz on the first Saturday in December.  Later we were invited to the President’s Reception (in our own South Campus Chapel), followed by a memorable walk to participate in the Vespers at Central.  The program was deeply moving; the music was very special.  Breakfast the next morning at the Hotel Bethlehem was hosted by Pat and Monk Morelli.  Their friends, Kathy and Harry, were in attendance, as well as JoAnn and Joe Castellano ’61.  Many old Moravian College tales and lots of new material were exchanged; we had lots of laughs and fun together…a mini Reunion.  Thank you, Pat and Monk, JoAnn and Joe, for all that you do for our Moravian College.  Bye for now.

Posted 9/30/15

Jeanette Mirne Cornblatt writes that she and her daughter, Wendy, were sorry to miss her reunion at Alumni Weekend 2015.  Jeanette plans to be here next year and looks forward to seeing everyone then.  In the meantime, if you are in her general area (between Asbury Park and Long Branch) let Jeanette know and she will try to meet up with you. 

Posted 6/24/15

We are sad to report that Grace Scheirer Check passed away on May 27, 2015.
Note to Class of 1959 from Kathy Werst Detwiler: our 56th Reunion was much fun. Thanks to the efforts of Fred DeFrank, many classmates returned for all / some of the Moravian College Events. Our Alumni Office did a fine job of planning excellent opportunities to renew acquaintances. Friday Night Welcome Back Dinner was excellent; table conversation was enjoyed with Betsy Honey. Betsy tells me that our class has many more reunions in the future. The Jazz Hounds Alumni Band Concert after dinner was superb. Saturday Continental Breakfast provided a happy atmosphere to chat with Pat Conover Diener; so good to see you and play "catch up", Patti. Later Saturday morning Moravian College updated classroom experiences for me and Wayne and alumni with two new options ... a chemistry lecture / hands - on class and a graduate education lecture. Much missed at our Reunion was Ginny Dancy Dickie, who was unable to attend because of illness in her family. Family challenges also prevented Jeanette Mirne Cornblatt from attending this Reunion, but she will make the effort to work out a plan for next year. Prior commitments also filled the weekend schedule of Ed Ryan, but he has visited Moravian throughout the year and enjoyed meeting with students and Pat Hanna ’82. Saturday Lunch was a delight and an opportunity to visit with Marcia Morgan Fish, Dee Lang Keglovits ’60 and our classmate Joe Keglovits; many laughs with this crew! After lunch Wayne and I visited The President's House on West Church Street and much appreciated the company of Peter French ’60. On the registration form our College asked, "How much fun can you cram into one weekend?”... LOTS! Hope to see YOU in 2016 for our 57th. Bye for now.

Posted 2/27/15

We are sad to report that Reuben Lilly passed away on February 18, 2015.

Posted 11/21/14

We are sad to report that Mary Polak Barkis passed away on November 8, 2014.

Posted 10/27/14

From Kathy Werst Detwiler:  Our deep sympathy is expressed to Mary Lesin Mackenzie Ayala on the loss of her husband, Jimmy Ayala.  Mary also had to share her questions about Northwestern having badly defeated Penn State at our Homecoming.  Right on, Mary … long season may be ahead for our Lions. 
An additional note from Kathy Werst Detwiler: Moravian College Homecoming weekend was a powerful, exciting experience.  The Comenius Society Dinner was spectacular.  Opportunities were provided for lots of fine fellowship with news (and old) friends.  JoAnn and Joe Castellano ’61 were delightful dinner table company, Paul ’60 and Anita Filler ’61 Noonan were enthusiastic pre-dinner guests, John ’59 and Barbara Roberts ’61 Woltjen were fine elevator companions in the Hotel Bethlehem, both Bertie Francis Knisely ’69 and Pat Murray Hanna ’82 were welcoming representatives of the College, and Lois Brunner Bastian ’50 is a delightful representative of the class of 1950.  The gathering, the Saturday game, and the Sunday worship at Central Moravian Church were unique and memorable opportunities for Wayne and me; only at Moravian College do such unique experiences occur…bye for now.

Posted 9/25/14

We are sad to report that Robert Kellow passed away on August 26, 2014.

Posted 8/27/14

Happy Day and Happy Summer news reported by Mary Lesin Mackenzie Ayala:  “Bonke Bash” was held May 18 in honor of Coach Scott Bonke.  Granddaughter Chloe’s softball team won three games; one thousand friends and family attended the tree planting celebration.  A week later granddaughter Jazmin graduated from high school; Scott Mackenzie and Ashlyn joined family for the week long gathering.  Jazmin will be attending Iowa with classes scheduled to start August 25th. 

Posted 7/1/14

Our 55th Class Reunion was SUPER!!! The Moravian College Staff had organized everything so very well; all we had to do was enjoy the fun.  Below are a few words about those in attendance and/or remembered through notes at our Moravian College ’59 Reunion.

Sharon and Gordon (Gordie) Arnold are most enthusiastic about a doctor friend’s son who is an incoming tennis player freshman at MC; this story speaks well to communications about the strengths of our college.  Gordie serves as a Disability Determinator Specialist II at Social Security, Labor and Industry.  Their daughter Lindsay graduated ’06 from MC with a BA, is married, and is a researcher at a law firm in Harrisburg. Their daughter Alexis is a 21 year old senior in Communications at Monmouth University, NJ.

Neil Boyer and Johanna, his wife of 22 years, are most interested in family genealogy; Neil is serving as a Deacon in his church.  Since our reunion, Neil has supplied individual pictures of the happy times of our being together for part or all of one weekend. Thank you, Neil.

Jeanette Mirne Cornblatt, accompanied by her beautiful daughter, Wendy Young, has served the past five years as President of the National Association of Retired Employees and State Organization Secretary. Additionally she writes the newsletter for the Retired Employees.  Thank you for your service, Jeanette; our love to Ed.

Fred DeFrank sent greetings to ALL from California, where he served as a “caller” for our Reunion class mates.  Thank you, Fred.  We hope you and Diana (’60) will be able to attend our 56th next year ... you are missed.

John and Ginny Dancy Dickie are the official “class travelers”.  This family logs big miles to Bermuda and Europe throughout each year.  Ginny is very involved in editing their church newsletter.

Patti Conover Diener continues to live on and run her ten acre property.  In addition, Patti serves on the Board of the Outreach Center, plays in her church bell choir, packs & distributes food at the Spring City Food Pantry, and volunteers at the local elementary school.

Marcia Morgan Fish has relocated to Quakertown where she volunteers three afternoons a week with her church as a secretary.  

Betsy Dreher Honey is living in the Nazareth area.  She was looking very sharp as our official class greeter Friday afternoon at the Hotel Bethlehem in the lobby.

Mary Lesin Mackenzie Ayala sent her regrets that she would not be able to attend our 55th; her family planned to visit Illinois from Hawaii for her granddaughter’s high school graduation ... time for a fabulous family reunion.

Susan LeTowt Peverley also sent regrets to our class on attending our 55th Reunion.  However, maybe next year will better work into your calendar, Susan. Yes, Class of 1959, we decided Saturday night at our informal supper that getting together every year would be exciting and fun!  

Edward (Ed) Ryan joined our class for lunch on Saturday and we much enjoyed his company.  He has served with AARP the past twenty years.  His office is located in Harrisburg, PA where he works as Senior Legislative Advocate.

Bill and Janice Keve Steers returned to Bethlehem from Roxbury, CT where Jan serves on the Council on Aging, plays Mahjong, volunteers as Treasurer of the Historical Society, and “travels a lot”. Thank you, Jan, for the meaningful “Pocket” Prayer - Shawl - Squares you provided each of us.  

Wayne and your correspondent enjoyed the Reunion a great deal.  Talking and sharing old and new stories about Moravian College life are highlights of our time.  We are both actively engaged in the pricing of Math books for the AAUW Book Sale, delivering altar flowers to our church shut-ins, and supporting local community & college activities; in addition I tutor Math in the local GED program.  

Throughout the gatherings, friendships with other classes were engaged.  Elynor Rights ‘54, a widow of a Moravian minister, is enjoying life in the Piedmont area of North Carolina.  Elaine Thomasch’57 and Dominic Nolfa ’60 chatted with many folks about current times.  Cornelia (Corney) Schlotter ’57 volunteers as a Master Gardner in Camden County, NJ.  Connie Glagola ’60 works with the Bethlehem Historical Society in addition to running her own real estate business.  

ALL of our classmates and additional members of the Moravian College Family of Alumni are working hard to insure that the values we learned in school will continue to be passed along to the next generation.  Looking forward to sharing more stories after notes are received and/or after our 2015 Reunion.  Bye for now...  Kathy

We are sad to report that Alberta Henley Muhammad passed away on June 11, 2014.

Posted 5/21/13

We are sad to report that Norman Paul Reitz passed away on March 31.
We are sad to report that Richard Mugione passed away on April 9.

Posted 4/2/13

From the Alumni Office:
We are sad to report that David Stehly passed away on March 20.

Posted 3/11/13

Kathy Werst Detwiler; kathydetwiler@comcast.net

Posted 7/30/12

From the Alumni House:
We are sad to report that Charles L. Rush passed away on July 21, 2012.

Posted 4/3/12

We are sad to report that Rev. Dr. Harold David Cole passed away on January 28, 2012.

Posted 1/31/12

From Kathy:

Happy Wishes for 2012 were shared with the class of 1959 by Mary Lesin Mackenzie Ayala recently.  Mary celebrated a fun holiday season; her son Scott Mackenzie visited from Hawaii for a week.  Her daughter Michele’s girls were sad to not have Ashlyn accompany her dad, but understood that her life in Hawaii is now so very important.  Jazmin, age 16, is now driving; she is a traveling softball player, too.  Chloe, age 10, is enjoying having fun with having her sister graduate from the same grammar school she attends; Chloe too plays traveling softball on a team different from that of Jazmin.  Jim and Mary have enjoyed get-aways to Las Vegas and St. Louis in the past year.  Happy New Year Wishes to you, Mary. 

Posted 12/14/11

From Kathy:

Moravian College Vespers, 2011, was a fantastic and enriching experience; Wayne and I enjoyed the new music and the old friends. Our college is under fine leadership. Meeting faculty member Dawn Benner Ketterman reinforced that sense for me; she is enthusiastic and professional about her work. Vespers also provided an opportunity to meet up again with Paul Noonan '60 and Anita Filler Noonan '61, Pat and Monk Morelli '59, and chat with new acquaintance Jim Molinaro '73. Roy Goshorn '58 recently completed two terms on the Alumni Board of Directors where he was co-chair of the recognition committee. We much enjoyed time talking together at the Pre-Vespers Reception. Before heading west on Sunday, Roy and Wayne and I completed our Moravian College Vespers weekend by attending worship at Central Moravian Church . Vespers is a PLUS in re-living our Moravian dream... bye for now.

Posted 8/1/11

Kathy writes, “Since many of our class missed our 52nd Reunion, communications were handled by email this year. Below are the news clips of some members of our class.  –

Posted 6/8/11

From Kathy:
Ginny Dickie.
Hi all, as you can tell I am not a very good correspondent by e-mail.  It has been a long, tough year, and I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel now.  My chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation are over, and I'm on oral medicine to keep the cancer from coming back.  I will have reconstructive surgery on May 26.  Hopefully that will be the last.

We're leaving for Pittsburgh to take care of our granddaughter, Anne, while Lauren and Art are in Florida for a conference, so we will not be able to attend the Moravian reunion this year.  For those of you who are planning to go, I hope you have a wonderful time!  Maybe I'll see you next year (or even this year if we get to Christmas Vespers). I hope everyone is well and enjoying life!

Kathy Detweiler
Greetings to Everyone from Happy Valley....
Wayne and I are pleased to receive your message, Ginny, and make this attempt to share news.  We too will not be able to attend Moravian College Reunion this year.  Wayne had knee surgery March 24 and the replacement is great, but he is recuperating from many other complications.  We cancelled our reservation and room at the Hotel Bethlehem ... and will be thinking of you ALL who are able to attend. We are upbeat that his recovery is moving in the right direction, and that he will be fully functioning and greeting both of our Sons home from Afghanistan in early July; our Grandson is not scheduled to return for six months. Their Families will be moving and we plan to "help out", as needed, this summer.

Jeanette Cornblatt.  
So nice to hear from you (if only indirectly).  I won't be attending either - we're leaving for Boston tomorrow morning to attend Ed's granddaughter's graduation from B.U.  It's becoming a yearly thing – last May it was her Master's, now it's a Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies.  Sorry to hear about Wayne - please extend our best wishes for a speedy recovery.  It's wonderful that your sons are coming home - you must be so happy and relieved.  Well, hopefully we'll all make it next year...

Barb Mahlau
Thank you for your update on Ginny whose note we had also received.  It's been a long road for her and I hope things will be brighter now that the treatments and surgery are over.

Hope you are progressing well, Wayne.  You both must be so excited for the return of your sons.  Early July is just six or so weeks away.  Will both boys be relocating and to where?  I know you had said they are career men, if I remember correctly, and wonder if they will now be retiring.  It will be another celebration when your grandson comes home in six months.

We stayed in Florida longer this season as we got a late start.  Gene had cataract surgery early Jan. so we did not leave until mid-Feb.  Saw enough snow during this time to make us eager to stay on until the forecast turned around up here.  So we came home a week ago.  And it’s back to the little men and their soccer and baseball games and seeing three year old Alex on occasional weekends when he and Dawn come up from the City.
Enjoy your time with your family.

Fred deFrank
Greeting from California!
Thanks for the update and the better health news, except for Wayne; sorry. We have no he heath news worth mentioning.  We wish you all 'well' and 'take care' in that department.

We will also not make it for the reunion; been there the last 2 years, so we’ll just take a break.  Also, we will be home in Pa. twice this year; once in July and again in Sept for Diana's BHS reunion in late Sept.  If anything is happening, lets us know.

We will also be busy with the first wedding among our grandkids, as Megan, the oldest, will tie the knot in July.

Betsy Honey
Greetings from Paris! Sorry to hear we all missed our weekend in Bethlehem;   Ginny, so happy to hear you are doing well; Best of everything with your surgery.  Kathy, hope your hubby is doing well. John, you did not warn me about the keyboard in Europe being different from ours.

According to the Alum house, Monk and his wife were the only 59ers to attend (class reunion) this year. My daughters baby is due July 20 so I’m off to AL the end of July and gone until the end of Sept.

Lois and I are enjoying our Paris visit. We are off to sightsee now.


Posted 12/22/10

From Kathy:
          Christmas Vespers at Moravian was a plethora of happy emotions: superb music by our Moravian College Choirs and Church Organist, marvelous leadership by our College President Thomforde, and outstanding spiritual guidance by our College Chaplain Clennon. Truly 2010 Vespers were marvelous! The Comenius Society President's Reception prior to Vespers provided a fine opportunity to visit with Roy Goshorn ’58 and Connie Glagola ’60. After Vespers Monk Morelli and Wayne and I also had a chance to chat in the lobby of the Hotel Bethlehem. All three are happily awaiting the holiday and busily involved with civic and college activities; they look and sound wonderful. Holiday greetings have been received from Mary Lesin Mackenzie. Michele and her girls were in Hawaii for Thanksgiving holiday; Scott's daughter Ashlyn is 20, Michele's Jazmin is 15, and Chloe is 10. Mary further reported that she had recently talked with Ginny Dancy Dickie; Ginny is preparing for a trip to Bermuda by resting up after surgery. News arrived from Bertie Knisely ’69 regarding Paul Noonan ’60. Paul recently had surgery on his aneurysm and is recovering nicely at home. Best Wishes to you, Paul, in your recovery period. Best Wishes to all classmates for a joyous new year. Bye for now.

Posted 10/29/10

From Kathy:
Homecoming 2010 was great! The weather was spectacular and the activities much fun. At the Steel Field entrance Jackie Jones was passing out greyhound "bands" for prospective students and happy grandparents. At the “Tailgate” Bertie Knisely was pleasantly introducing our new Moravian College Vice President, Gary Carney; Gary comes to our college from Lafayette. Pat Hanna and Marsha Stiles were busily attending to every detail ... coordinating the Tailgate and the Parade and the Game. Yes, Classmates, the Game was a 24-17 victory over F&M in the last two minutes! Our Moravian College band is outstanding. The only thing missing was more of our classmates. Let's make a pact to try to attend Homecoming in 2011. A super time was appreciated in 2010 by your class correspondent.... bye for now.

Posted 7/6/10

From the Alumni House:
Betsy Dreher Honey writes that she hopes to be a grandma for the second time next year.

Posted 6/2/10

From Kathy:
    Kudos to the Alumni Office for their great Reunion planning for our 51st Reunion. Marsha Stiles, Bertie Knisely, Pat Hanna, Sylvia Doyle, John and Mary Ann Williams and many others all played leading roles in the outstanding arrangements prepared for us. Our own classmate: Betsy Dreyer Honey serves on the All Reunions Committee; thank you, Betsy, for your work in behalf of our Reunions. Betsy reports news that by next year she will probably be a Grandma; congratulations, Betsy! Janice and Jerry Keyock ’58 continue to serve on the 50+ Club Breakfast Committee; a huge thanks to them and to Roy Goshorn ’58 for having hosted this outstanding event. Both Ed Ryan and Charlie Rush appeared to have enjoyed this happy gathering; classmates treasure the opportunities to chat a bit with them. Mary Mackenzie Ayala was unable to attend our Reunion, but did send a note of Best Wishes to everyone in our class. She tells of playing the 50th Reunion DVD of Fred DeFrank over and over again, appreciating the scenes more each time. Mary is missing her trips to Hawaii, but was able to celebrate the birthday of her Grand-daughter, Michele, and Mother’s Day in Illinois with family. Mary corrected her email address with the Alumni Office via your correspondent and now looks forward to receiving email again. Neil Boyer was unable to attend our Reunion, but he did send along the following wonderful update: since our last reunion, he and his wife, Johanna, have done a little traveling. They spent two weeks touring Nova Scotia in the summer of 2009 and then last December rented a house in Venice for two weeks. They were there at the time of the high water and got the unique experience of needing to buy knee-high boots. They went to the Piazza San Marco for the romantic dancing on New Year’s Eve, but there wasn’t much romance in 18 inches of water. But, it was fun. They don’t have those experiences in Silver Spring. Johanna is switching careers and is now studying for a master’s degree in social work at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. Neil’s daughter, Sabrina, is working for E-Squared in Charlottesville, traveling and writing reports on progress (or lack of it) at EPA-designated toxic dump sites. His son, Gary, has just finished a year with AmeriCorps in rural North Carolina, helping weatherize the homes of low-income people. This year’s big event will be Gary’s marriage in September. This very different event will be held at a summer camp in western North Carolina. Guests will spend perhaps two nights in dormitories with opportunities for hiking, kayaking and rock climbing. Thank you, Neil, for the fine update; we look forward to seeing you in Bethlehem next year. Susan LeTowt Peverly traveled in from Maryland where she has 1600 acres under cultivation; she looks terrific, as does her sister, Fran LeTowt Von Bonin. Fran’s travels from Germany were far more extensive; she looks radiant also. You TWO are a beautiful team and should serve as a wellness example, I think. Many of our classmates married younger women and thus were included with our class and the class of 1960. Dan and Patti Vincent Simons, Joe and Dee Laing Keglovits, Fred and Diana Fetherman DeFrank, John and Barbara Roberts Woltjen are in that category. ALL are looking fantastic and busily working and enjoying life in the Lehigh Valley, DeFranks in California, and Woltjens in Williamsburg, VA. Happy sailing, Barb and John, on that 14 day European cruise in June. Joanne Mazur O’Such traveled to her Reunion from Carmel by the Sea; her company and the table talk of Ruth Overfield Fidorack at the Saturday Reception hosted by President Thomforde were enriching, memorable, and fun. John and Ginny Dancy Dickie were able to attend our Reunion and make every event in their plans. As some of you know, Ginny is battling breast cancer with gusto and good spirit; Adriamyci, Cytoxin, Taxol and many other treatments that only she can identify are now important parts of her life. We love you, Ginny, and we admire your courage and the support of your family. You are in our daily thoughts and prayers. Wayne and your correspondent much appreciated the opportunity to exchange our 50 year old wedding vows at Peter Chapel. We will be welcoming our family to State College in early June, for both of our Army sons will depart shortly for Afghanistan where our Marine grandson is currently serving. Ed Goldberg and Jeannette Mirne Cornblatt joined our Reunion crowd in fine style. Jeanette serves as West Lawn Branch Chapter President of the National Association for Current & Retired Federal Employees. She is also Editor of the Newsletter and serves as CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). Ed is working with his antique business and recently celebrated the graduation of his grand-daughter from Boston University. At breakfast on Sunday Jeanette shared the funniest traditional Moravian story you would ever want to hear.... and now you will have to wait a year to hear her tell the tale. Our class Sunday breakfast at the Hotel Bethlehem now appears to be a developing tradition, for Peter French, Ernie Pappajohn, and Bill Tattersall from the class of 1960 joined us this year. Church at Central Moravian after breakfast was a capstone on our 51st Reunion. Lots of happy stories were exchanged throughout our Reunion Weekend ... let’s plan again for next year!

From the Alumni House:
We regret to inform you that James Yasenchok passed away on April 20, 2010.

Posted 3/4/10

From the Alumni House:
Our committee met recently. I'm sending you the schedule for our weekend events of May 21-22.
By the way, this is also the date of Lehigh's Alumni Weekend.

Friday(at the Hotel Bethlehem)

4p.m. Registration
5:30p.m. 50th Class Reunion Champagne Toast
6-11p.m. Welcome Back Gala which includes cocktails and hors d'oeuvres(cash bar)
 dinner which will be served,dessert and dancing(Alumni Jazz Band)

Saturday(-the shuttle will run from the HUB to the HURD Campus)
8a.m. Registration in the HUB
8:30 a.m.   Continental Breakfast (HUB Pavilion)
9:a.m. 50+Club Breakfast (HUB Dining Room)
10.a.m.Association Annual Meeting (HUB Pavilion)
11a.m. State of the College Address by President Thomforde
12:00-2p.m. Picnic Style lunch(HUB Quad and Dining Room Annex) with entertainment
1:30 OGO meeting
2:p.m. Tour of The HILL(HURD Campus)
3:30p.m. Wedding Vow Ceremony(Peter Hall, Hurd Campus
4-5:30p.m. Farewell Reception(Hurd Campus)( hors d'oeuvres, beer wine)

After the reception we are on our own to do whatever we want. Some suggestions are visit the casino, meet with classmates , ride the LOOP Bus which runs 24 hrs. /day for $2.00/ per day, or anything else you might have in mind to do

I hope to see you in May. Happy New Year,

We regret to announce that Harry C. Tsamutalis died on February 19, 2010.
Posted 1/7/10

From Kathy:

Happy New Year Wishes to ALL... news to share this month includes many holiday notes. In mid-December Jeanette Mirne Cornblatt busily prepared the Chanukah dinner at her home for her entire "gang": Wendy's Step- Grandchildren, Ed's Children, and a neighbor were included. Mary Lesin Ayala Mackenzie celebrated her family over Christmas. Scott and his daughter arrived from sunny Hawaii; Michele and her family also visited for a few days. Together they enjoyed the miracle of snow! Pat Conover Diener had the best present ever for Christmas: all four of her sons and their families were together at the table! Dirk had returned from Iraq in November; Welcome Home, Dirk, and thank you for your Service from ALL of us. John Woltjen relayed information of summer, 2009, at their summer place in Banner Elk, N.C. When a relocation to Williamsburg, Va. was made six years ago, the Woltjens discovered that in order to handle the summer heat and humidity, living in the mountains of western NC is a necessity.During this past year he and Barbara have spent one or more weeks in Avon/Vail Colo., Park City, Ut. (visited Zion and Bryce National Parks), Stowe, Vt., Hilton Head, S.C,, Panama City, Fl., and Newport, Ri. Their big trip was Mediterranean cruise that provided an opportunity to visit Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey, and Greece. Thank you to ALL for your cards and notes.... bye for now...


Posted 12/17/09

From Kathy:

The view on Church Street was like a Norman Rockwell painting, for snow had fallen throughout the afternoon and evening of December 5th. The Comenius Society Reception in Peter Hall was festive, the walk to Central Moravian Church was memorable, the Vespers were inspirational. Throughout the activities good friends were greeted. Wayne and I really enjoyed chats with Roy Goshorn, ’58, and classmates John Woltjen and Pat Conover Diener. Moravian College truly is a magical place in our lives, especially during the Christmas season for this choir alum. Happy New Year to ALL.

Posted 12/1/09

From the Alumni House:
Jeanette Mime Cornblatt was recently elected president of their local chapter of the National Association of Active and Retired Federal Employees.

Posted 7/16/09

From Kathy:

Our 50th class reunion is now a memory…one that will forever live in our hearts.  Reunion Co-Chairperson Ginny Dancy Dickie summed up the weekend with the words, “it was GREAT!  We had a wonderful time, and it all went too quickly.”  Ginny and her husband John have attended Moravian College class reunions #5 through #50.  They travel extensively:  Spring, 2009, to both Paris and Bermuda.  Ginny is a Community Volunteer/Retired Teacher.  She serves on the Board of Directors of Wilson Ministry Center, edits her church and local community center newsletters, participates in the Presbyterian Women Church activities, and serves with the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias.  She and John return to our Alma Mater each year for Vespers.  Serving as Reunion Co-Chair with you was a pleasant experience, Ginny.  Wayne and I were in South Korea and Australia in March and April, 2009, but I did have a computer connection for Reunion plans.  Wayne and I also enjoy Moravian College Vespers and our travels, as well as AAUW Book Sale work, and Grace Lutheran Church activities together.  Since retirement from teaching high school Math, I have continued to tutor in an IU GED program, serve on my Congressman’s Academy Selection Committee, and for fifty years have written our class column.  Class Fund Co-Chair Tony Matz wrote, “It was wonderful seeing and talking to all of you.  You look great.  Who knows, maybe we’ll meet again in ’10.”  You too look terrific, Tony, and the reunion date is set:  May 21-22, 2010.  Tony has served as Mathematics Professor at Kutztown University.  He is active in West Lawn Owls and ACLU, playing golf and officiating baseball.  He most recently attended the Gus Rampone Memorial Golf Tournament on campus.  Tony’s travels include Ireland, Cape May, and London.  Tony worked on our class fund with Monk Morelli, President of A. M. Industries, Inc.  Neil Boyer wrote, “It was fun seeing so many classmates... we’ll have to do it again.”  Neil is retired from the Department of State; his leisure time activities include genealogy and digital photography. Pat Conover Diener performed a marvelous feat for our Reunion:  she organized and displayed our pictures and updates from the past fifty years.  Along with Ginny’ s prom dress and the Veteran’s Association ceramic elephant of Harold Sayre, were memorabilia of a lifetime.  Pat is retired from the Great Valley School District.  She enjoys gardening, reading, church choir, knitting, crocheting, and hooking.  In her “spare” time Pat volunteers for ASC Relay for Life, Daffodil Sunday, Habitat for Humanity, and her local school district.  Your classmates thank you, Pat, for your efforts to keep our Moravian College memories alive.  Harold was unable to attend our Reunion, but from Texas sent his regards and the elephant for the Moravian College Archives.  George Hudson made all of the contacts for Veterans in our class.  A Bethlehem resident, George is a retired IBM Area Manager who volunteers at Notre Dame Church, St. Luke’s Hospital, and 55 Plus Seniors Club.  Hawaii, Florida, and Ireland are included in George’s most recent travels.  Jeanette Mirne Cornblatt reviewed our reunion by highlighting her enjoyment of seeing her friends.  Jeanette is retired from the Department of the Army in Fort Monmouth; she volunteers as Court Appointed Special Advocate.  Most recently she traveled to Israel and Hawaii; in addition to travel she spends time with family and friends, with Broadway and theater, and with Red Hat Society activities.  Ed Ryan described not only the Reunion fun and happy memories, but also his “increased pride in Moravian College.”  He continued, “The wonderful personalities from our class who were able to attend the 50th reunion are fine examples of men and women who live lives of leadership and service for the common good; Moravian’s mission is to prepare just such people.” As AARP Representative to the United Nations, Ed travels extensively.  Barbara Banker Mahlau appreciated the fine efforts of Moravian College with activities and delicious meals.  She particularly enjoyed touring the new dorm at South campus, the Alumni Jazz Band performance at the Friday night party, and our impromptu Sunday morning reunion breakfast.  Fred deFrank volunteered his support to our Class Reunion Committee and what a job he did; Fred produced a CD of music of our era and a DVD of our experiences at Moravian College.  With much pleasure we gathered Friday evening after dinner to listen and view his productions in the beautiful Priscilla Payne Hurd Academic Center.  Later each classmate in attendance was presented a copy of Fred’s work.  Thank you, Fred and the Committee, for all of your efforts on this project.  Kudos also to Betsy Dreher Honey who coordinated our Friday Night Party.  A retired Elementary Teacher from the Pen Argyl School District, Betsy now travels, most recently in Greece, Black Sea, and Australia.  She is active in AAUW and volunteers as a Tutor in ESL class at her local community college.  Another committee member, Gordie Arnold, and his family could have taken many prizes at our Class Party.  He and his wife Sharon are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters.  Lindsay, a Moravian College graduate, attended our Reunion to sing with her Dad, Gordie and Choir Leaders, Monica and Dick Schantz; their tenth grade daughter just attended her first prom and shared magnificent pictures of that happy time.  Another committee member, Reuben Lilly, traveled from Maryland to attend our Reunion.  Rueben serves on La Plata City Council, but enjoys golf and cards for leisure activities.  In addition to having made many phone calls in preparation for our Reunion, Reuben even visited Bill Davis (retired Teacher, East Penn School District), who was not able to attend.  Thanks for all your work, Reuben.  Bill and Janice Keve Steers were “all smiles” whenever and wherever spotted on campus.  Yes, this duo were college sweethearts and “it took!” They were in our last departing worship group to be mentioned later.  Mary Lesin Mackenzie Ayala, Carolyn Felver Conners, Dee Lang ’60 and Joe Keglovits also played important roles on our Class Committee, but were unable to attend our Reunion.  Mary lives in Glenview, IL, and works as a Mortgage Banker with Morgan Chase Bank.  Carolyn dwells in Easton where she is retired from the Easton School District.  Joe and Dee reside in Nazareth; he is retired from the Northampton Area School District.  Retired as a Teacher/Supervisior with the Phillipsburg (NJ) Board of Education, RIchard Buralli returned to our 50th Reunion, he has also attended Choir Reunions and Alumni Days at our college.  His leisure activities include music, reading, and travel… to the Michigan Islands, Williamsburg, and Rhine/Danube Rivers CruiseNick Cuttic attends football and basketball games at Moravian College and this year he attended our 50th Reunion.  Wayne and I much enjoyed our visit with you.  Nick is a retired Chemistry Teacher from the Bethlehem School District.  He volunteers at Our Lady of Mercy and serves on the Air Products Community Advisory Panel.  Time with Grandchildren (there are eleven ranging in ages from three to twenty) and travel (Spain, California, Arizona) fill much of Nick’s leisure time.  Marcia Morgan Fish was accompanied to our 50th Reunion by her Grand-daughter, Annabeth M. Fish ’11.  Marcia serves as Administrative Assistant at the Anglican Church of Livonia, MI.  She enjoys knitting and gardening and travels (Alaska, Bethlehem, Quakertown... from Michigan).  Ernie Josar, retired Mental Health Administrator, worked at Moravian College 1967-1983 as an Adjunct Professor in the Sociology Department, where he taught classes in Social Work.  He now enjoys leisure time activities of drawing in Ink and Pastel, reading, and going to the gym.  However, he still finds time to volunteer with the Board of Directors Fountain Hill Cemetery Association.  Susan Letowt Peverley remains active in the work force; she is Owner-Manager of her own farm.  In addition she continues to volunteer in church work and in her local garden club.  Susan ties with Nick Cuttic: she also has eleven Grandchildren!  Recent travels to Paris/Normandy, Tuscany/Italy, Alaska and local activities of tennis, swimming, aerobics, complete her already full schedule.  After we departed Central Moravian Church on Sunday, Susan wrapped up our Reunion weekend with a walk up Church Street; many good memories may be found in that location.  Talking about our old AEPi days was glorious, Susan.  From Norristown traveled Alberta (Bert) Henley Muhammad to attend our Reunion.  Bert is a part time Registered Nurse (Medication Nurse) at the Regina Nursing Center.  Although still working, she also volunteers with Town Watch, Committee to raise money for community projects, and Reading in Schools.  Her recent travels have taken her to Orlando, Hawaii, and Japan…good to visit with you again and to meet your sister, Evelyn.  Dan and Patti Vincent ’60 Simon summed up our weekend as a “very special time for all of us who attended.” Together they serve as leaders of a Senior Ministry at the First Presbyterian Church in Bethlehem.  Dan volunteers with the American Lung Association and the U.S. Table Tennis Association, where he formerly served as Rating Chair.  They have much enjoyed their travels to Paris, London, Ireland, and a River Cruise on the Danube.  John and Barbara Roberts ’61 Woltjen traveled from Williamsburg, Virginia, to share reunion memories with us.  John is a retired Vice-President of Finance at Lehigh University.  They have enjoyed traveling (Europe, Scandinavia, and Aruba) and John continues to handle financial matters as a leisure time activity.  Charles Ziegenfus (Zig) and his wife Elsie also joined our celebration from Virginia:  Harrisonburg, to be exact.  He serves as a Professor of Math and an Adjunct Professor of Biology at James Madison University.  His leisure activities are bird research, fishing, and playing bridge…with travels to Outer Banks, NC, Eastern Shore, VA, and the Gaca Pagus Islands.  James Howell, (retired Physician from West Bridgewater, MA), Charles Korpics, SR (retired Director of Personnel, Muhlenberg Hospital Center), James Rohrbach (President of Investment Models, Inc), Charlie Rush, (retired Accountant, Bethlehem Steel), and Sister Loretta Soltis (Program Coordinator) were also Registered guests at our 50th Reunion. 

Although not in attendance at our Reunion, the following people provided support to Moravian College and/or returned Class Surveys to our College:  William Allen (retired Teacher of Bethlehem Area School District), Mary Ann Gingles Boyler (Homemaker in South River, NJ), Joe Carr (retired Clergyman who volunteers with Phoebe Ministries, American Cancer Society and Meals on Wheels), Dorothy Corbett Ebert (Homemaker in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ), Sandra Yost Collins (Volunteer at University of Southern Maine),Francis and Peggy Ann Harte ’54 Figlear (Senior Major Gifts Officer, Lehigh University), William Gaughan (retired General Foreman at Bethlehem Steel), David Greulich (retired Clergyman at Evang Congregational Church, Whitehall, PA), Kate Kuhns Herrington (retired Principal Seminole Middle School, FL), Ruth Lapp Himler (Insurance Agent, A.A. Lapp & Associates), George Hollendersky (retired Head of Security, Rockefeller Family & Associate), Thomas Meder (Senior Traffic Coordinator of Schenker International  Transportation in Houston, TX), William O’Connell, (Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church, Naples, FL), Clarence Serfass (retired Dentist), David Stanwood (retired high school Math Teacher; now serves as a Met Life Agency Representing Agent in Nixon, MO), David Stehly (retired professor Emeritus, Muhlenberg College), Nancy Williams Anderson (attended her daughter's MBA graduation form Moravian College in 2005), Hal Cole (retired Moravian Minister residing in North Carolina), Dolores Dulick Miscall (former third grade Teacher in Bethlehem, Trenton, and Tenafly; now lives in Lewes, DE), Byrne Dolkos Wippick ( self employed Antique Dealer in Gulliford, CT), and Donald Yates (a self employed Certified Reflexologist since April, 1998).

In addition to our class many other Moravian College friends attended the Spring gathering.  From the Class of 1958; Janice and Jerry Keyock, Marian and Bruce Mumie, and Roy Goshorn are representative of this group.  All look fantastic in their retirements and are busily volunteering in their respective communities. 

On Sunday morning members of the Class of 1959 (plus friends and family) celebrated together over breakfast at the Hotel Bethlehem.  Afterward six of us crossed Main Street and attended church at Central Moravian Church.  Our parting was difficult, for we did not want to farewell our Reunion.  From President Thomforde’s beautiful champagne toast to our class Friday evening through our worship together Sunday morning, our 50th Reunion was exhilarating.  Some classmates attended every activity, while others selected a few events; all were enthusiastic and happy to be back at MC.  “College ties can ne’er be broken…”.

With eager anticipation we await our 51st Reunion May 21-22, 2010. Bye for now…

Posted 6/29/09

From the Alumni House:

Janice Keve Steers is semi-retired and enjoying being busier than ever.  She writes, “Thanks to all for your prayers as I went through breast cancer. I have recovered!!!!!” 

Posted 4/20/09

From Kathy:

Your class reunion committee met in late September to plan our 50th Reunion. Five of us represented 1959 at a meeting called by the Alumni Association; however, many additional classmates have agreed to share in contacting you ALL about our celebration ahead. Our day in Bethlehem was crisp and clear; enthusiasm among classmates was cheerful and contagious. Please reserve the weekend of May 29-30; you will be hearing directly from the college and from a classmate regarding details. News from those who attended:

Gordie Arnold has returned to work! Our retired surgeon classmate now serves disability determination specialists II, Social Security Administration, located in the PA Department of Labor and Industry. His wife Sharon serves as chairperson of the sociology and criminal justice department at Lebanon Valley College.

Ginny Dancy Dickie is involved in church and community volunteer work in Bel Air, Maryland. She has continued her interest in journalism; you may recall she was co-editor of The Comenian. Ginny now serves as editor of her monthly church newsletter and of her bi-monthly community center newsletter. She and her husband, John, travel frequently, especially to Bermuda and Paris. Their daughter Lauren works in the development office at Carnegie Mellon University; their granddaughter Ann is almost 9 years old. Their son, John IV, has his own graphic design business.

Pat Conover Diener has added a new activity to her fall schedule: volunteering in the local elementary school doing “busy work” deemed necessary by the teachers. She does anything and everything to help the teachers and much enjoys her time with the students. 

Ed Ryan, pictured on page 32 of the 2008 Verizon Telephone directory of the Lehigh Valley, has been identified as a “Local Hero.” He has volunteered for the AARP for more than 15 years, most notably as a representative to the United Nations, which he visits twice weekly. He also served in the state legislature and long-term care task forces and on the Senior Corps RSVP Community Advisory Board. In addition, he is a member of AARP PA Executive Council and the Lehigh Valley Alliance of Aging Public Policy Committee. 

I was the fifth class representative at the meeting. I continue to serve as a volunteer tutor in the GED program at our local vocational school and as a volunteer grandma in the Junior Kindergarten class at my church. I volunteer as chairperson of our church Knit Wit group; we knit sweaters, caps, and mittens for children here and abroad. We also knit and crochet prayer shawls for our medical mission team in Nicaragua. In addition, I price the math books for our AAUW yearly book sale. Wayne and I enjoy our U.S. travels to follow Penn State sports as well as our international travels to visit our family.

Best wishes to you ALL … looking forward to seeing you at our 50th Reunion in May.