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Ron dePaolo & Andrew Semmel
rondep@myfairpoint.net; and semm@aol.com

Posted 10/31/17

We are sad to report that Judith Bartoe Kohler passed away on September 29, 2017.

Posted 8/3/17

For those in our class who haven't been back to Bethlehem (Bedlam, as we once rightly called it), they might think they've come to the wrong place. Where did all the people and all these buses come from? It doesn't seem like the old serene Christmas City. Yes, the city is thriving but I prefer the old Bethlehem from the '60s, steel stacks and all. My son and his family chose to go to the Grand Canyon during the week of Musik Fest because it is so difficult to access anything around Main Street and, of course, finding a parking place is impossible. My daughter Gwen owns a salon on Broad Street six blocks north of Main and opted to close that week to spare her clients the traffic hassle.

So, I am wondering how many of our classmates have had a similar experience with Bethlehem at Holiday time.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with me or Andy Semmel.

Posted 4-26-17

We are sad to report that D. Patricia Schillinger Hensinger passed away on December 30, 2016.     

Posted 1/31/17

We are sad to report that D. Patricia Schillinger Hensinger passed away on December 30, 2016.    
Susan Juman Beecher passed away on January 25, 2017.  Susan was born and raised in New York and later lived with her family in Westport, CT.  After earning her Masters Degree in 1989 from the University of Bridgeport, Susan worked as a mental health counselor specializing in addictions.  Susan loved the sun, beach, leading water aerobics classes, and, most of all her family.   Susan is survived by her husband, Michael, Daughter, Jennifer and two grandchildren.

Posted 11/30/16

We are sad to report that Robert Melchior passed away on November 4, 2016.

Posted 7/29/16

Ray Pfeiffer wrote that he retired from the IRS after 35 years and then became a business financial consultant for 8 years as CFO for Mountain Manor Inn & Golf Club in Marshalls Creek, Pa., spending summers in the Poconos and winters in Hilton Head Island, S.C.   In 2004, they relocated to Hilton Head where they now reside.

In Hilton Head, he has been busy as President of Inverness Village Home Owner’s Assn. (97 villa owners) and serves on the Board of Directors for the Tennis Association of Hilton Head Island.  In the last four years, he has been on the Board of Palmetto Dunes Property Owner’s Association as Chairman of the Finance Committee in 2014, and  Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2015. 

Most of Ray’s travel involves visiting his three sons and 8 grandchildren:  Ray Jr.  ’87 is the Associate Dean of the Business School at Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas (two grandchildren) ; Michael,  Computer Support Specialist for SAS, Bethlehem, Pa. (four grandchildren); and Scott ’92 Partner at Threshold Acoustics, Chicago, Il. (two grandchildren).

Last year, Ray and Ray Jr. were recognized by the Moravian College Accounting Department when they received the Pinnacle Award for excellence in the accounting field.  Ray credits the joint award to his son who has a CPA and Ph.D. in accounting.

He says his new knees are holding up, that tennis is great, and regularly competes in the USTA Leagues on the Island.  

Ron dePaolo and I spent several days in June bass fishing in three beautiful lakes in Maine, where Ron lives and docks his boat.  Ron’s deft handling of the boat and my artful casting-and- catching made for four eventful days in my annual pilgrimage north from Arlington, Va.  On shore, we spent loads of time pouring over Benignas from the 1960s, exchanging Henny Youngman one-liners, and solving the world’s most pressing problems.  

Andy Semmel

Posted 5/31/16

We are sad to report that Rev. Donald Schalk, Sr. passed away on May 2, 2016.

Posted 1/14/16

Yo, classmates, where are you? There must be some news that you should be telling us.
Children and grand-kids doing all sorts of wondrous things, you and spouse on far-flung adventures to exotic locales, big changes in your life... you know the kind of stuff we mean. But for the last few issues of the magazine, there hasn't been a peep out of you.  Silence is not in keeping with our reputation as one of Moravian’s most accomplished classes.

After our terrific 50th reunion, when so many old friendships were renewed, so many great memories shared, we (your new class correspondents) believed we would be inundated with enough material from you all that we would need a special edition just to print it all.


So a gentle admonition from the two of us: Unless you want to read endless stories about our
fishing trips in Maine or our culinary adventures in Arlington, Virginia, -- our two annual get-togethers for the past 40 years, or so -- you better start sending us news of your doings. The other alternative is that we start making stuff up about you.

For the next issue, we need to know by May 1. Send the news to us at the following: rondep@myfairpoint.net or andsemm@aol.com.

Andy and Ron

Posted 12/21/15

We are sad to report that Glenn Jurek, M.Div. passed away on September 13, 2015.

Posted 3/31/15

Ray Pfeiffer, Sr. and Ray Pfeiffer, Jr., Ph.D ’87 will be receiving the Accounting
Club’s Pinnacle Award as a father-son team at the annual accounting banquet on Sunday, April 26.  Ray, Sr. is retired director of the Lehigh Valley Area IRS office.  Ray, Jr. is associate dean of TCU’s business school.
Warren Brill, D.M.D. is Past-President, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry – Clinical Associate Professor, Pediatric Dentistry, University of Maryland School of Dentistry.

Posted 12/22/14

Notes from John “Sandy” Hutchison: I had not been on campus since graduation day in June of 1964. Being an inductee to the Hall of Fame and being recognized for an event that happened 52 years ago was an honor and a privilege. Everyone was so gracious and as Scott Dapp said to me, "It was a great night to be a Hound." Being in Johnston Hall brought back a moving moment as the class of '64 witnessed JFK's campaign speech in Johnston Hall. And I remember I was taking an existentialism exam when he was shot. Golf was a minor sport then. But, we did play a very competitive schedule. There were 34 schools in the Middle Atlantic Conference in 1962 and 22 teams participated in the golf conference championship that year including Rutgers, Lehigh, Bucknell, Delaware, and Lafayette.  Moravian College finished 3rd behind Rutgers and Bucknell that year. The competition was match play rather than stroke play---the only stroke play event was the conference championship----36 holes played by 88 players on May 14, 1962 at Fox Hill Country Club, Scranton, PA and all play was accomplished in one day. We drove in our own cars and paid for our meals and gas. We played for the love of the game. It was all about the team and supporting each other. Dick Wilsey did remind me that Harvey Cope bought a large portion of steamed clams at dinner on Sunday night and our rooms were paid for. But I also remember being so cold at tee time and frozen finishing the 36th hole. That you have people recognize your accomplishment who weren't even born is an awesome and humbling experience. To be introduced by a fellow junior golfer Bob Buck who I had not talked to in more than 50 years and share a table with friends Bill Flippin, Dick Wilsey, Glenn Rossetti and their wives was wonderful. And for my wife who never saw Moravian College or the people I grew up with, it was a moving experience. If you all come near Tampa, Fla. say hello. I hope I get a chance to see Moravian graduates again and the golf team in the spring. Being a Moravian student and graduate was a wonderful experience and I have many great memories.

Posted 10/27/14

We are sad to report that Richard Werkheiser, Sr. passed away on July 29, 2014.

Posted 5/30/14

Kathleen Cavanaugh writes: I will be unable to attend Reunion Weekend due to scheduling conflicts.  I am a self-employed consultant to nonprofit organizations and this is my peak season for weekend-long strategic planning retreats and board governance training sessions.  Due to my inability to attend this very significant reunion I am submitting my resignation as Class Correspondent. This weekend will be a gold mine of information for any class member interested in serving in this capacity.  My best wishes to all ’64ers in attendance for many healthy and productive years ahead!  If you are ever in my neck of the woods, give a holler!

Posted 2/11/14

We are sad to report that John J. Lawrence passed away on December 27, 2013.

Posted 10/31/13

We are sad to report that LaMar Leiser passed away on October 25, 2013.

Posted 6/24/13

Warren A. Brill, DMD, MS (HYG) was installed as president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry this May in Orlando, Florida,
John C.G. “Sandy” Hutchinson is now retired from Thermax/Fipro AG of Switzerland.  In 1966 John earned his MA in International Affairs from Lehigh University.  John served in the Army from 1966 — 1970.  In the spring of 1970 he was released from active duty in Vietnam as a 1st Lt.  John worked for many years in the steel, shipbuilding and marine industry.

Posted 3/11/13

From the Alumni Office:
We are sad to report that Robert W. Lecher passed away on February 16.

Posted 2/5/13

We are sad to report that Edward Weinhofer passed away on January 7.

Posted 10/25/12

Dr. Joseph Merola, Chief of OB/GYN at St. Luke’s University Hospital, has been selected by the Nazareth Area Blue Eagle Education Foundation as one of its 2012 Wall of Fame honorees.
Dr. Merola is also a well-known respected speaker who has had many professional articles published during his career. 

Posted 5/11/12

From the Alumni House:
We are sad to report that William Gilbert III passed away on April 15, 2012.

Posted 1/31/12

From the Alumni House:
We regret to announce that Carol Apple passed away on December 17, 2011.

Posted 11/30/10

From the Alumni House:
Sam Maczko ’61 sent in a newspaper article about Doug Wilkins ’64:
On October 9, 2010, the Mountain Lakes football family honored and celebrated the 44-year career of Doug Wilkins as the head football coach. As one of the most respected and revered high school football coaches in New Jersey, Doug won 328 games and earned 8 NJSIAA state championships and a multitude of conference titles. During the weekend celebration of his retirement at the Rockaway River Country Club, more than 150 of Doug’s former players and many of the coaches he worked with came together at the final cocktail party and dinner to show him their love and devotion. In addition to this remarkable display of respect, the Mountain Lakes school district decided to rename the high school football field in his honor.

We are sad to announce that Jane Clay passed away on November 13, 2010.

Posted 9/1/10

From the Alumni House:

                Warren Brill was installed as Secretary-Treasurer of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry at the annual meeting this past May.                                                                                                                                                


Posted 3/4/10

From the Alumni House:
          Doug Wilkins, the coach of Mountain Lakes football team, retired after 44 years of coaching, and eight state championships.

Posted 1/7/10

From the Alumni House:

Edward P. Behum passed away on October 29, 2009.

Posted 11/2/09

From Kathleen:

Class of ’64 alum—Our 45th reunion is now history! More than 20 members of the class participated in reunion activities the last weekend in May.  Perfect weather set the stage for campus tours, lunch al fresco, shopping along Main Street, lots of photo-taking and lots of off-campus ad hoc gatherings---some that went into the wee hours of the morning swapping stories of college antics as well as updates on careers, families, and retirement!
I was only able to participate in Friday night’s festivities and Saturday’s campus activities but it was great to see all the new buildings and initiatives and to briefly catch up with everyone.  Among the ’64 alum attending were Andrea Auf der Heyde, Kathy Zanelli Bednar, Sue Jurman Beecher, Bruce Coull, Ron Depaolo, Molly Krater Dinneen, Harry Dooley, Sue Miller Erb, Greta Ziegler Flint, Gwynne Grey Gilbert, Pat Schillinger Hensinger, Carol Rockovits Leicht, Linda Garo Olson, Karen Huff Osmun, Andy Semmel, Judy Morecz Simpson, Connie Latchaw Viglione, Lynne Nafash Warnke, Doug and Marge Wilkins, and Ed Wolfsohn.  My apologies if I missed anyone!
A big thanks to Andy Semmel for chairing the Reunion Committee whose members included Ron Depaolo, Molly Krater Dinneen, Judy Morecz Simpson, Sharon Yaeck Miller, Karen Huff Osmun, Doug and Marge Wilkins, Byron Waterman, Ed Wolfsohn, Scott Kehs.  Craig Borst’s death in January was an enormous loss to the committee; his energetic commitment to Moravian College and the Class of ’64 was immeasurable.  Andy deserves a medal for keeping the group on target!  As a result, a total of $30,228 was donated by 37% of the class [67 class members out of a total number of 179].  The bar has been set for our 50th in 2014 [ouch!].
Some random observations from the reunion:  the hard-hat tour of the new Hurd Integrated Living and Learning Center on South Campus was great.  The College’s commitment to eco-friendly living and learning partnerships and ‘green’ initiatives is truly impressive as witnessed in the HILL Center as well as in President Thomforde’s response to a question posed to him by our own Bruce Coull, Director of the SC Lowcountry Initiative at the Center for Humans and Nature of the University of South Carolina’s School of the Environment, during an Alumni Q & A session on Saturday.  As we walked around South Campus it was fascinating to discover the transformation of long-standing buildings into new venues for the arts and learning.  Several of us sat at a sidewalk café on Main Street near Central Moravian Church just catching up, sharing photos, and commenting about the revitalized downtown area and the historic restoration of Hotel Bethlehem.   
Random notes:
Gwynne and Stosh [‘63] Gilbert recently had an ‘interesting and enlightening’ trip to Beijing.  In January 2008 they became grandparents for the 7th time.  Both Gwynne and Stosh work in child-related fields:  Stosh as a Juvenile Probation Officer for Lackawanna County, PA and Gwynne as director of a campus-based child development program at Marywood University in Scranton, PA.

Molly Krater Dinneen, Gwynne’s roommate on the Church Street campus, her husband Jim, and a few of Jim’s Lehigh U. friends recently returned from a ‘cultural trip to faraway places’ including Machu Picchu, Easter Islands, Samoa, China, Tibet, Egypt, Morocco and lots of places in between!
Andy Semmel taught a course at Moravian during the Spring ’09 semester—one night a week for fifteen weeks during which he commuted 3 ½ hours each way to teach a 2 ½ hour class “Nuclear Proliferation:  Weapons and Energy”.  Andy says it was another way of giving something back to the College.  Kudos to Andy!  Andy also reported that he and his wife, Cynthia, spent 2 weeks in Maine including visits with Ron Depaolo, Will Horwath ‘65, and Sue Erskine Fretwell ‘65.
Jan Whitfield Landis wrote that due to a winery event she was unable to attend the reunion ;John ‘65 and Jan own/manage Vynecrest Vineyards & Winery in Breinigsville, PA.  A few weeks prior to Reunion Weekend they hosted the Moravian College Alumni Association at the winery.  Jan shared that John Willis, his fiancée, and his brother Mark ‘68 visited in July.  [How about a ’64 reunion gathering at Vynecrest in 2014…or before?]
Molly Dinneen reports that occasionally during visits to Schuylkill Haven she catches up with Carol Apple.  Carol attended the choir reunion during the reunion weekend.   Molly also heard from Joy Johnston Paine who reported that she is in contact with Rosanne Bricker.  Both are well and still working. 

My thanks to everyone who responded to the Reunion Committee’s challenge to make a contribution on behalf of the Class of 1964.  It was reassuring to witness in person the College’s state-of-the-art facilities as well as its innovative programs and high academic standards. Let’s all plan to be at our 50th in 2014!  In the meantime, if you’re interested in seeing the reunion photo, send me an email at katcav1@gmail.com.


Posted 9/1/09

From the Alumni House:
Linda Olson, retired branch manager of the Social Security Administration office in Somerville, N.J., has been appointed to a three-year term as chair of the board of Alternatives Inc. It is a non-profit social service agency with a regional office in Phillipsburg serving people with a wide range of special needs.

Rev. Carol Reifinger was also honored on August 16th during a special service at the Central Moravian Church in Bethlehem.  Rev. Reifinger has served with that congregation since August of 1984. Her twenty five years have been marked with extensive volunteer work and community service. She has worked as the director of Moravian Theological Seminary Alumni Association, Bethlehem Area Moravians, and the Moravian Development Corp, to name only a few of her efforts.

Posted 6/29/09

From the Alumni House:

Warren Brill was honored at the 2009 annual session of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry as the Pediatric Dentist of the Year. Established in 1998, this annual award honors a pediatric dentist who has made significant contributions to the dental profession and the specialty of pediatric dentistry through clinical practice, academics or policy development over the past year. Recipients will also have devoted extensive volunteer leadership service to the dental profession and the specialty. The recipient is selected by the Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children Executive Committee from nominees proposed by the membership. Established in 1998, this annual award honors a pediatric dentist who has made significant contributions to the dental profession and the specialty of pediatric dentistry through clinical practice, academics or policy development over the past year. Recipients will also have devoted extensive volunteer leadership service to the dental profession and the specialty. Current boards of trustee members are ineligible to receive this award in the years in which they serve as trustees. The recipient is selected by the Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children Executive Committee from nominees proposed by the membership. Established in 1998, this annual award honors a pediatric dentist who has made significant contributions to the dental profession and the specialty of pediatric dentistry through clinical practice, academics or policy development over the past year. Recipients will also have devoted extensive volunteer leadership service to the dental profession and the specialty. Warren presently serves as the chair of the AAPD Council on Government Affairs. He maintains a private practice in Baltimore and is a clinical associate professor of pediatric dentistry at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry.

Posted 4/20/09

From the Alumni House:

Doug Wilkins, the Mountain Lakes High School (New Jersey) football coach, is in his forty-third season at the school and has a lifetime record of 315-105-5. He has not had a losing season since 1984. Doug is one of only five coaches in the state to win 300 games.