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David Berg


Posted 6/27/17

We are sad to report that Charles Finady, III passed away on May 22, 2017.

Posted 5/24/17

We are sad to report that Louis McNichol passed away on May 12, 2017.

Posted 3/30/17

We are sad to report that Dorothy Gandy Rolph passed away on March 15, 2017.

Posted 10/31/16

Ken Davis writes:  My wife and I just returned from France, during which time we stayed at a hotel in Bayeux, Normandy.  While at the hotel we struck up a conversation with the receptionist there and – small world – she was Jessica Andersen ’10.  We had our picture taken together.  Such a nice coincidence.

Posted 5/31/16

We are sad to report that Peter Dunbar passed away on May 10, 2016.

Posted 11/25/15

We are sad to report that James Andorker passed away on October 30, 2015.

Posted 1/29/15

We are sad to report that Thomas Larsen passed away on December 10, 2014.

Posted 11/21/14

We are sad to report that Julius Klement passed away in October 2014.

Posted 10/27/14

We are sorry to report that Julius Klement, Jr. passed away on October 17, 2014.

Posted 7/30/14

Judith Share Yaphe writes:

I always look forward to the ClassNotes when it comes in the snail mail and today, after reading the new issue, I thought it was time to catch you up on the changes in my life since I last saw you and visited Moravian (when Dr. Erv Rokke was president!).  In December 2013,  I retired from Federal Government service after 4 decades spent first as an analyst on the Middle East in the Intelligence Directorate of the CIA and then as a Distinguished Research Fellow in the Institute for National Strategic Studies, a DOD think tank located at National Defense University, which was where I met then General Rokke.  I now teach in the Institute for Middle East Studies at George Washington University.  Wherever I have been and still am, I focus on Iraq primarily, Iran and Persian Gulf history and security issues.  It has been a long time since those wonderful history classes with Dr.  Dan Gilbert, who was my mentor, guide and as is said of scholars in Islamic studies, my "source of emulation."  When I finally retired, I received a medal for Distinguished Civilian Service, the Pentagon's highest civilian award--amazing for a Jewish girl from Bangor who graduated from Moravian College in the heady days of the 1960s.  I will always appreciate the lessons learned from Dan and Moravian as well as from my years of government service: that it is important to tell truth to power and that academic freedom has a value "far beyond rubies" (or something like that!)  We still live in Vienna, Virginia; our oldest son Andrew is a California lawyer (Stanford law school grad) and our younger son Joshua follows the Middle East/Persian Gulf region at the State Department.  I seem to have come full circle, having begun and almost ended my professional life trying to resolve the tragedy that was and still is Iraq. 

All best,

Posted 3/4/14

We are sad to report that Stephen V. Magyar, Jr. passed away on January 29, 2014.  After graduating from Moravian Stephen went on to Rider where he graduated in ’71 with his MA and Fairleigh Dickinson where he graduated with a MBA in ’74.

Over his life, he worked for the RCA Corporation as a Safety & Workman’s Compensation Administrator, Cooper Petroleum Equipment Division as a Safety Director, Raytheon as an Industrial Safety Manager, and Medway as a Professional Safety Consultant.  He was a Certified Safety Engineer since 1975, a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers, American Philatelic Society, American Numismatic Association, and a supporter of Moravian College, Rider University, and Fairleigh Dickinson University.  During his life and into his retirement he was active in professional conferences, a published author, a GED instructor, and a woodworker where he made furniture and cabinetry.

Posted 2/11/14

We are sad to report that Marie Oravec Jacobs passed away on December 21, 2013.

Posted 12/20/13

Jane Siegfried Gerencher writes that on November 23rd. she received a silver medal award from Readers’ Favorite for my children’s Christmas book, Santa’s Sugar.  This was the tenth award the book has received since its release in June 2012.  For more information about her and the book go to www.santassugar.com.

Posted 8/8/13

We are sad to report that George Blauvelt passed away on July 23, 2013.

Posted 6/24/13

Kenneth Davis has been appointed to the board of the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Posted 6/8/11

From the Alumni House:
In 2003, David Meglathery retired as principal in Fairfield Connecticut.  He moved to Seattle to be near his grandchildren and became a Principal at Edmonds Elementary School in Edmonds, WA from 2003-2008.  Currently he supervises student teachers for Seattle Pacific University, and volunteers as a reading and writing tutor at Adams Elementary School in Seattle.

James Szarko was installed as president of the West Virginia Dental Association on January 22, 2011. His term will extend until January 2012.

Posted 2/28/11

From the Alumni House:
Betsy Miller married Stephen Allen on July 31, 2010.

Posted 12/1/09

From David:
 David Berg writes that in addition to his duties as parish pastor and chaplain to both an acute care hospital and to 800 senior citizen, he is now also supervising the clinical pastoral education program at the Shore Health System for the University of MD Medical System.

Posted 11/2/09

From David:
In September, I began as a part-time Supervisor of Clinical Pastoral Education for the Shore Health System, part of the University of MD Medical System. I continue as a Pastor of Glen Lutheran Church in Glen Burnie, and as a Chaplain at Fellowship Square Foundation in Herndon, VA and at Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, MD. Since 2005, I have lived in Annapolis, MD.

Posted 10/5/09

From the Alumni House:

Rev. Douglas Caldwell will retire October 31, ending four decades of ministry. He has served as the pastor of Central Moravian Church in Bethlehem since 1985.  Caldwell was quoted as saying “It would be great to be able to go on forever and ever, but that’s just not a possibility.”
Rev. Caldwell was dedicated to his congregation but also to the community. He has worked with St. Luke’s Hospital in Fountain Hill for years. He is on the board of directors and will continue to lead a campaign for the hospital’s planned Riverside campus in Bethlehem Township.  Rev. Caldwell has also been involved in several missions and is beloved by his congregation and friends.

Posted 9/1/09

From the Alumni House:
Senior Pastor Doug Caldwell was honored on August 16th with a special service held at the Central Moravian Church in Bethlehem. This celebration marked the 40th anniversary of Pastor Caldwell’s ordination as a Moravian Minister. He joined the pastoral community at Central Moravian in 1983.  He has had an influential role in world missions and worked to establish churches in East Africa.

Posted 4/20/09

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