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John Madison


Posted 12/20/17

We are sad to report that Edward Kastelanch passed away on November 23, 2017.

Posted 9/29/17

We are sad to report that Rev. K. F.  Kaleuati passed away on January 6, 2017.  

Dr. David Vasily, Aesthetica Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center, has been named to the prestigious network, KOIN, by Aesthetics Biomedical.  The goal of KOIN, Knowledge Opinion Innovation Network, is to bring together the most trusted dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and aesthetics practitioners to provide input to the company’s new product and experience offerings, to participate in clinical studies and to educate other physicians on best practices with Aesthetics Biomedical’s devices and experience products.  David is board certified by the American Board of Dermatology and a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology.  He is a well-known dermatologist, who has served as founder and president of Lehigh Valley Dermatology Associates, Ltd. since its inception more than 30 years ago.  David has trained physicians from all over the US and the world.

Posted 6/27/17

Monita Russick Leavitt has published a new book: Your Passport to Gifted Education.  Her book provides a global perspective of giftedness in education and is a user-friendly and comprehensive guide for both new

Posted 8/30/16

Roy Ledbetter writes:  I retired on my Birthday, July 10th, after 42+ years in the pastoral office. God willing, my plan is to continue to do my translations, including the Bethlehem diary, to help scholars, to paint and wood carving, Putz building of course, some travelling and lots of reading.  With warmest greetings to all, Pastor Roy Ledbetter '71, '74.

Posted 2/19/16

We are sad to report that Mary Stone passed away on January 15, 2016.

Posted 11/25/15

John “Chuck” Prestosh, was installed as the 20th President of the American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians.  The event took place at the Loew’s Portofino Bay Hotel in Orlando, Florida on October 18, 2015, during the ACOEP’s annual Scientific Assembly.  The American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians represents more than 3,000 active emergency physicians and includes another 2,000 Osteopathic residents and students.  Chuck has been a member of this organization for more than 30 years and has served on the Board of Directors since 2006.  He has held the offices of Secretary and President-elect of the ACOEP Board of Directors prior to being the current President.  He is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, and has worked in the Emergency Department at St. Luke’s Bethlehem since 1987.  He is also the Program Director of the Osteopathic Emergency Medicine Residency at St. Luke’s.  Chuck and his wife, Jaralee Wieand Prestosh, ’71, reside in Nazareth, PA.

Posted 8/27/14

We are sorry to report that Mary Feitig Samet passed away on August 22, 2014.

Posted 7/1/14

We are sad to report that HazelLee Hefner Knoble passed away on May 24, 2014.

Posted 12/3/13

David Vasily M.D. ’71 was recently featured on Philadelphia’s 6abc Action News for a new patented device that he developed to erase spider veins. Excel V light treatment  cuts the treatment time in half by combining what he used to do with two devices, putting two wavelengths of light into one machine. There is also less discomfort with this new technique. Women can get better results with fewer sessions and less discomfort.

Posted 10/31/13

Swanee Ballman has just published her 8th novel entitled The Prodigal’s Brother.  In the spring her historical fiction, Claudia and Pilate was released.  Swanee is now pursuing scriptwriting and she has just received a scholarship to Hollywood’s Screenwriting U.

Posted 9-27-13

We are sad to report that Thomas Groff passed away on September 12.

Posted 7/31/13

John Diacogiannis received an award earlier this month from Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited or NEIL.  John was honored with the Quentin Jackson Mutuality Award, which recognizes a NEIL member who has shown significant leadership and looked beyond the interests of their own company to work on issues affecting the industry.  John is retiring from PPL where he serves as manager-Corporate Risk and Insurance.

Posted 2/5/13

David Vasily MD received some national publicity for his 2009 patented skin rejuvenation product, Dermachromatic. It was featured on the TODAY Show in January as part of a segment on 2013 beauty breakthroughs.  It was also featured in a New York Times “Beauty Spots” story. 

Posted 2/29/12

From the Alumni House:
We are sad to announce that Frederick W. Hahn passed away on February 12, 2012

Posted 1/31/12

From John:
After 30 years of hotel management, Constance M. Sokalsky hung up her managerial hat and “semi- retired” last May.  She continues to work at the Hilton Harrisburg, PA as a Banquet Controller four days a week. 
Charlotte Hannon Ahner had an unfortunate accident while pursuing her hobby of golf.  She broke her ankle at the course at her current home in Georgia and was laid up until September.
Rodney Saylor has been retired from his minister’s position in Waverly, NY for over a year now and is “busy doing nothing.”  His wife, Donnie Fiorini ’72 plans to follow at the end of the school year. 
Janice Goldberg Fischel had her first solo exhibit at the Hanover, NH library and again won a prize at The Elden Murray photographic competition in March. 
Sandy Browning was in the chorus for a community theatre production of “Ragtime” in the fall.  Then she had three performances of Handel’s “Messiah” with her Choral Society. 

Posted 7/1/11

From the Alumni House:
Eugene Abromitis, after retiring two years ago, has moved to South Florida, and is having a great time swimming, fishing, and not working.

Posted 2/28/11

We regret to report that Karl Deubler, Jr.  passed away on February 7, 2011.

Posted 1/26/11

From Constance:
A holiday note found JANICE GOLDBERG FISCHEL continuing to make and sell her photographic note cards with 2010 being her best sales year ever. She serves on several community committees, including the Advisory Board for Patient and Family-Centered Care at Dartmouth (NH) Hitchcock Medical Center. Josh works with the Steppingstone Foundation in Boston, helping to get inner-city kids into private or competitive public schools. Her daughter-in-law Cameren teaches Latin at a school for boys in Concord, while husband Bill teaches economics to undergraduates at Dartmouth.
Writing from Waverly, NY, ROD and DONNIE FIORINI '72 SAYLOR are doing well. Rod retired in July and is enjoying every minute of it. He served as officiate for daughter Katie's wedding. She is a certified nurse's aide, gaining patient contact hours so she can apply to physician assistant school and lives in Huntsville, AL. Sister Liz continues to teach second grade in Raleigh, NC and is in the third year of a PhD program at North Carolina State. Rod will be officiating at her wedding at a plantation on July 2. Son Adam is planning to relocate to Phoenix, and the whole family vacationed in Las Vegas last June. Needless to say, Donna and Rod enjoy visiting their children and going to warm places.

CHARLOTTE HANNON AHNER relocated to Georgia, temporarily, as they have rented their home in Florida for two years while husband David opens another paint store. They are really enjoying it as the neighbors are very friendly and it is a very socially active community, plus Charlotte continues to grow friendships through golf. While the years just continue to fly by for Charlotte,

SANDY BROWNING asks, "Can it possibly be 40 years?" Sandy also moved to a smaller, but well-located, home in Lewes, DE. If she chooses to, she can walk to her job at the library. That proved to be very convenient after rotator cuff surgery and not being permitted to drive. In the midst of a rather lengthy physical therapy regime, she seems to be progressing well. Her greatest hope is that temperatures can get back up to normal!

Posted 12/22/10

From the Alumni House:
          Jim Hutchinson ’69 writes:“The brothers of Sigma Phi Omega held their second annual pre- and post-game get together at Roosevelt’s, the former (and much improved) Chelsea Bar prior to the Ursinus game on October 30th. Over a few beers and some burgers, there were lots of reminiscing, many laughs and a great deal of catch-up on careers, children, grandchildren, etc. as most of us had not been together for more years than any cared to count. Attending were Bob Bilse,’68;  Ron Berta,’68; Kent Hollinger,’68; John “Boss” Kern,’68; Bob Koppe,’68; Skip Parry,’68; Jim Hutchinson,’69; Jim McConlogue,‘69; and Jack Iannantuono,’71; Bertie Francis Knisely ’69 stopped in to say hello.  There were lots of toasts to the fraternity, to brothers present as well as absent, to long standing friendships as well as more than a few stories of our time together at Moravian.  Adding a great note to the day was the excellent football game in which MC beat nationally ranked Ursinus in an exciting and well played game.  The plans for next year’s event are well underway and we hope to attract more of our brothers to revisit and renew our ties.”

Posted 3/4/10

From Constance:
Janice Fishcel sent season's greetings from Hanover, N.H. where she still produces photographic note cards. View them at www. jgfischel.com. She continues to serve on a liason committee for Dartmouth College, fostering a town/gown relationship and volunteers as a "patient family advisor" on several committees at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. Husband Bill's new book, "Making the Grade: the Economic Evolution of American School Districts" was published by Chicago Press this fall.

Sandy Browning reflects on her good life after hitting the "Big 6-0." Blessed with relatively good health, strength and energy, she still swims, sings and, occasionally, travels. Sandy went on her first cruise last spring, stopping in Cairo and the "awesome" pyramids of Giza during her Mediterranean jaunt. In August she visited Cape Cod for her nephew's wedding.

From the Alumni House:
Charles Lockwood is retiring after more than 40 years with the Greater Egg Harbor Regional School District.

Posted 4/20/09

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