Class correspondent:
Terrell McMann


Posted 11/30/16

Paul Quintavalle writes: I am a practicing podiatrist in South Jersey and my hobby is writing fiction.  I have authored two books that are part of a series; Thought Process and Think Twice.  I am currently working on the third book in the series. They are available on Amazon in both paperback and electronic formats.

Posted 6/24/16

Peter Brozek retired in December, 2015.  He is doing consulting work on his own.

Posted 3/29/16

Tom Schwanda writes: I would like to announce the good news of two recent publications:  The Emergence of Evangelical Spirituality The Age of Edwards, Newton and Whitefield, Classics of Western Spirituality Series. Alec Ryrie and Tom Schwanda, eds, Puritanism and Emotion in the Early Modern World.  Additionally I was elected a fellow in the Royal Historical Society of England in the fall of 2015.

Posted 10/28/15

From Terrell: I recently visited with Dinesh Pandya and his wife Kelly.  His daughter lives with them while attending school and his two boys are away at college.  Dinesh has recently sold his podiatry practice and is picking up hobbies to fill his free time.

Posted 10/27/14

Terrell McMann is President of McMann Tax Service, Inc.  As an enrolled agent his firm specializes the preparation of income taxes for individuals and the self-employed.  His company is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary.  His hobbies include ping pong, disc golf, and speech writing.  He has been a member of Toastmasters for 17 years and has been named as an Area Governor.  His wife, Sandy Magill ’73, is retired as a case worker for the Pa Dept of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Posted 5/30/14

Stockton College presented a book signing and presentation with Atlantic City author Jim Anders, Jr. on May 18.  Jim discussed and signed copies of his new book, “All Drinking Aside”, which was available for purchase in the Noyes Museum Store in the Arts Garage.

Posted 5/2/14

Attorney Maria Corpora was selected as Volunteer of the Month for April, 2014 by Philadelphia VIP.  Maria is a private attorney who specializes in financial services and real estate transactions.  She began volunteering with VIP in 2008.

Posted 2/11/14

We are sad to report that Leonard Righi passed away on December 18, 2013.
We are sad to report that John W. Kasten passed away on December 26, 2013.

Posted 10/31/13

Jennifer Cartwright says that she and her husband have finally retired.  She taught special education in three states for the last 37 years.  Jennifer and her husband have moved back to New Hampshire and bought a small farm in a small rural community.  Jennifer is substituting and working as a part time guidance counselor at a one room school.  She would love to hear what her classmates are up to.

Posted 6/24/13

Dr. Tom Schwanda published Soul Recreation: The Contemplative Mystical Piety of Puritanism.  Tom received tenure at Wheaton College where he teaches in the Christian Formation & Ministry department.

Posted 5/21/13

We are sad to report that Stephen J. Valek passed away on April 5.

Posted 4/2/13

From the Alumni Office:
We are sad to report that Joanne Hunter Sillivan passed away on February 28.

Posted 3/11/13

Terrell McMann; mcmann1@enter.net  

Posted 2/513

We are sad to report that Emery Francis Herczeg III passed away on August 7.

Posted 6/5/12

Virginia Swett Stanglein writes that she is still working as a claims representative for the Social Security Administration.  She is traveling, an AAUW member, active in the Unity church, and is trying to keep up with her 91 year old father.

Posted 1/31/12

From the Alumni House:
We regret to announce that Robert F. Czopoth passed away on January 14, 2012.

Posted 8/31/11

From the Alumni House:
Linda Roscoe de Seife will represent Moravian at the inauguration of Virginia State University’s new president on September 23.

Posted 8/1/11

From the Alumni House:
We are sorry to announce that Christopher Hanners died on July 10, 2011.

Posted 1/26/11

From the Alumni House:
We are sad to report that Emma Torcivia passed away May 24, 2010.

Posted 9/1/10

From the Alumni House:

                Linda Smith Dalsimer writes, “Just back from a great family vacation week in Ocean City, New Jersey, with 4 generations of my family - my 88 year old mom and my sister, 3 kids and 5 grandkids ranging from 2 months to 3 1/2 years (yes, they have been very productive!). My daughter Lisa and her husband James have a 2 1/2 year old daughter Sarah and a 1 year old son Jonathan. She is a pediatrician in Salisbury, Maryland. My son Kevin and his wife Jacki have the oldest and youngest grandkids, Dylan at 3 1/2 and Maura at 2 months. Kev is a math teacher at his high school alma mater. (The apple doesn't fall far from the tree - another math major like mom). Youngest son Curtis and his wife Kris have 16 month old Gwen. He is in construction management with a firm in Baltimore. Another highlight of the summer was a huge birthday party with lot s of friends and family, thrown by my kids to celebrate my 60th (how did we get this old...) birthday. Hope everyone has had a great summer too!”


Posted 5/4/10

From the Alumni House:
          We regret to inform you that on April 23 Greg Tropea passed away.

Posted 10/5/09

From the Alumni House:

Rev. Edward Farrell-Starbuck serves at The Shepherd of the Valley United Methodist Church in Rhode Island. The church is located on the border between Hope Village and the city of Cranston.  In February 2009, a modern and practical addition was added to the church, which made the space adaptable for many different activities. Rev. Farrell-Starbuck says that he feels very comfortable in this modern addition which conveys a sense of both tradition and new concepts.  He is an ordained Methodist Elder and has served the Methodist Church for over 31 years.  Pastor-Farrell-Starbuck feels that worship is like a rehearsal, with room for change and room for error.

Posted 6/29/09

From the Alumni House:

Tom Repasch writes, “After a 34-year career with the U.S. government, I was fortunate to retire from the State Department in 2006 and see what other opportunities awaited me.  I moved from New York area to a house on a lake in NE Pennsylvania and have been doing volunteer work in arts-related organizations as well as with the Moravian Alumni Association.  Answering a call to service, I returned to work as a U.S delegate at the United Nations during the fall 2008 General Assembly, enjoying the full time engagement for a few months but also feeling blessed that I did not need to work all the time.  I’ve also traveled a bit, visiting Russia, Finland, and Italy most recently and looking forward to a trip to Austria this summer.  My son Michael is a musician who tours the country and Europe regularly, and I go to see him when I can.”