Reunion Alumni Weekend
May 21-22, 2010

Class correspondent:
Susan Bacci Adams

Posted 4-26-17

We are sad to report that George Lutz passed away on April 4, 2017. 

Posted 1-31-17

We are sad to report that Rev. David Weyant passed away on December 18, 2016.
We are sad to report that Charles Lellyo passed away on January 18, 2017.

Posted 1/3/17

Jim Richardson now lives in Cary, NC with his wife, Debbie.  They moved to the area in 1994 and love living in Cary.  Jim and Debbie are the proud grandparents of three children, ages 6, 3 and 10 months.  Jim has been a Parts and Service Director in new car dealerships for the Chyrsler Dodge line for over 30 years. Jim and his wife have just celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary, and recently spent time with John Mueller ’76 and his wife, Connie.  The Richardson’s enjoy trips to the beach and/or the mountains as well as touring historic homes and sites.

Posted 10/31/16

Susan Bacci Adams writes: My husband, Al, and I attended Homecoming on 10/15/16.  It was great to catch up with classmates:  Dan and Donna Stayton Pipeling, Nancy Martin Lasher, Bobbie Dollinger Leiby, Patti Baltz Reiser, Cindy Lewis Hart, Shelley Johnson McMackin, Diane Walters Scholl, Jeanne Helms Ring and Bob Gratz.  A number of our classmates also attended the OGO reunion.  Our class won the trophy for Best Celebration of the 275th Moravian College Homecoming Tailgate 2016.  We thank Bobbie Dollinger Leiby for her decorating talent, which led us to winning the trophy. Thanks go out to Bob Gratz, for the yummy sandwiches and chips. Thanks also to those who brought other goodies. Bobbie, Cindy, and Bob always do a great job of planning our reunions. A good time was had by all.  We hope to see more of you next year!   Remember, if you have any news to share, please email me. 

Posted 9/26/16

Susan writes that she recently got together with Debbie Lewis Zvanut, Scott and Laura Likman Schell and Nancy Martin Lasher.
Laura and Scott are the proud grandparents of two new grandchildren, both born in 2015.  A new granddaughter, born to their son and his wife and a new grandson, born to their daughter and her husband.  Laura and Scott travel often to visit them.
Debbie and husband, Carl, travel since retirement.  They recently spent a week in Kenya visiting Debbie’s godchild then spent two weeks in Uganda trekking gorillas.  Debbie has expanded her basket classes to include wine and weaving, at a local winery.
Nancy is continuing her career as a science coach for grades 3-7, in Orange, New Jersey.
Al and I are enjoying retirement, also.  We spend time with our grandson, Charlie and travel whenever we can.  Our latest adventure was a cruise to Bermuda.
Classmates, keep in touch.  E-mail me your news.

Posted 3/29/16

We are sad to report that Jeffrey Saussier passed away on September 19, 2015.

Posted 11/25/15

Edward Narlesky writes: Self-employed CPA, 35 years, PA and NM, retired, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Team Leader, Benefit Accounting, retired, maintained the communication and reporting between management, support vendors and the Benefit and Investment Committee for $6.5B in investments among 4 DC plans and 2 DB plans.


I would like to thank the reunion committee for all of their hard work to make Homecoming a great time for all who attended.  
Special thanks to Bob Gratz, Bobbie Dollinger Leiby and Cindy Lewis-Hart.

Bette Kovach says that following 27 years as the public relations director for Bethlehem Steel, she still has steel in her veins. 
She has since worked for two other steel producers in the same capacity and now is working with American Metal Market,
the voice of the North American metals industry, as a marketing manager and feature writer for its monthly magazine. 
Bette telecommutes from her home in Bethlehem, Pa.  Her husband is retired, and their daughter is an elementary teacher of
ESL in Fairfax County, Va., outside of Washington, D.C.

 Nancy Martin Lasher is the science coach for the Orange, NJ Public School District.  She wrote curriculum during the summer
and also teaches ESL at a local community college at night.

Patti Baltz Reiser works as a pathology supervisor at Pocono Medical Center.  She enjoys spending time with her

John Raines praises Bob Gratz for Alumni Engagement.  He states that Weyerbacher at the Brewery was a genius move and he
also had fun hanging out with fellow alums.

Linda Eagan Penrod was formerly VP of sales and marketing for a high tech company.  She has just started a new career in
commercial real estate with Zommick McMahon in Blue Bell, PA. She has one daughter, Lauren (23) who works at TJ Maxx.

Diane Walters Scholl has a 26 year old son.  She works for the Department of Banking and Insurance in Trenton, NJ and lives two
miles from the beach.  She gets to walk the boardwalk every night and has remained best friends with Carole Brown
since college.

Cindy Lewis-Hart is enjoying retirement immensely.  She loves to craft and travel.  Since moving to South Carolina several years
ago, she is trying to learn the Southern lifestyle!

Debbi Lewis Zvanut spent teo weeks traveling to Peru to see Machu Picchu.   The highlight of the trip was to go to Ecuador and
the Galapagos Islands for 5 days.  She says that it was a dream come true to see the giant tortoises.  While in Ecuador,
Debbi and her husband Carl visited the equator, which is the highest mountain point in Ecuador.  She also continues to
teach basket weaving and is a fused glass artist.

Jeanne Helms Ring is enjoying retirement and her grandchildren.  She travels to see them in CA and MO.
Bobbie Dollinger Leiby is retired and loves to travel.  She and husband Bob befriended the Rev. Paulo Myts, who is from Ukraine.
 He is married with two children and they are Bobbie's adopted grandchildren.  She and Bob travel to British Columbia to
visit them.  They got to hold a kangaroo at the zoo in Kelowna and are looking forward to visiting Atlantis in the Bahamas,
very soon.

Denise Oldenhoff has been retired for 3 years.  She has two toy poodles who are therapy dogs and visits patients at the hospital
twice a week.  The dogs also compete in agility contests.  One dog, Lucy, will get her championship soon.  Denise enjoys
going to doggy camps in Lake George, NY and Stowe, VT.

Dave Simpson and his wife recently celebrated their 40th anniversary at a party given by their children.  He enjoyed seeing
fellow alums at Homecoming.

Walter Latimer recently retired after 19 years with IBM.  He enjoys traveling and has lived in Boulder, CO for the past 25 years.  
He wants to volunteer with the Denver Museum of Natural History and Science.  Walter has three married children,
one grandchild and a second on the way.

Gerry Bailey is semi-retired from the computer industry.  He substitute teaches in Ocean County, NJ.  He also does software
development online.  Gerry is the proud dad of two and grandfather to 5.

Bob Gratz retired from New Jersey Public Education.  His last job was superintendent of schools in Hackettstown, NJ.  
He is currently Director of Alumni Engagement at Moravian.  He enjoys spending his free time with his 3 grandsons and
one granddaughter. As Bob states, he is "Living the Dream".

Joe Antal remarried last year.  Both Joe and his wife teach at Memorial High School in West New York, NJ. He coached football
for 20 years. Joe plans to retire in about three years.  He has three rescue dogs, a golden retriever, a beagle and a black lab.

Donna Stayton Pipeling retired after 38 years as an accountant for non-profits.  She also consulted for a year after retirement.  
She now has time to pursue hobbies, such as Bible Studies.

Dan Pipeling recently retired after 25 years as the Chief of Police for the Supreme Court of the United States.  He also spent
13 years with the NSA.  He is enjoying spending his retirement with his three grandchildren who are 11, 9 and 7.

Susan Bacci Adams retired this past June after 23 years with the NYC Department of Education.  Husband Al retired from the
construction industry in April. He ran heavy equipment for the past 40 years and was involved in clean-up after the
towers collapsed on 9/11 and after Superstorm Sandy struck in 2012.  We are enjoying traveling (celebrated our 40th
anniversary with a trip to Hawaii) and our first grandchild, Charles Allen Dellaria, who was born on January 3, 2015.




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Posted 9/30/15

We are sad to report that Barry Foulk passed away on September 13, 2015.
We are sad to report that Carl H. Sucro passed away on July 22, 2015.

Posted 7-28-15

We are sad to report that Victor Garcia passed away on June 16, 2015.

Posted 5/28/15

We are sad to report that Robert Reichard passed away on May 15, 2015.

Posted 2/27/15

Linda Davis-Wallen writes I was honored to revive and carry on the live mascot tradition with the College, Athletic Department and OGO fraternity for 10 years with my retired, rescued racing greyhounds,  Lightfoot and Shiloh from 2005-2009 and Kiowa from 2010-2014.

Posted 9/25/14

On September 7th, 7 of us, who have been friends for over 40 years now (where has the time gone?) gathered for our annual get-together at Scott and Laura Lickman Schell's house for an afternoon of good food, good drink and even greater company.  

Bill ’73 and Colleen Senters Witmer ’74 joined us from their retirement home in North Carolina. They just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary by having a barbeque for about 50 people.  It was also an opportunity for them to christen their new house in Rock Barn Golf and Spa, Conover, NC.  They welcome any and all visitors.  Both Colleen and Bill are easing their way into retirement.  Bill has his own company, Witmer Imaging, which is a medical imaging company.  Colleen assists him when she can, besides playing golf and tennis almost every day! Bill also volunteers with the maintenance crew at the golf course.  Colleen says that her sister lives in the same community, so they get to do things together.

Nancy Martin Lasher is still working in Orange, NJ as a Master Teacher/Science Content Coach for grades 3-7 and gets to travel to the various schools in the Orange School District.

Cindy Lewis Hart joined us from her retirement home in South Carolina.  She is enjoying retirement with her husband, Larry, who is an investment advisor.  They enjoy traveling when the opportunity presents itself. Cindy still keeps in touch with Bobbie Dollinger Leiby and she ran into Bob Gratz on one of her recent visits to Bethlehem.

Debbie Lewis Zvanut has been retired for 5 years now, but she is busier than ever!  She enjoys basket weaving and has won 2 blue ribbons at the Allentown Fair and second place in a Nantucket weaving in a national competition. She volunteers with the 4H club, Girl Scouts and the Y, teaches basket weaving at 3 different programs, runs a women's retreat and volunteers with Engineers without Borders.  She and husband Carl enjoy traveling whenever they can. Debbie saw Kathy Kerchner McConlogue ’74 at Musikfest this year.

Carter Lee works in the office of a local pre-school.  Her two daughters, Tao in 6th and Emilee in10th grade, keep her busy with their extracurricular activities. Husband Peter works in Manhattan, traveling into the city from their home in Madison.

Laura Lickman Schell is enjoying her first grandson; though he lives in Chicago, she gets to see him about once a month and spends time visiting with him on Skype.  Laura works at the Ranch House and tutors at the Children's Dyslexia Center in Reading. Scott still runs the Ranch House and enjoys spending time with his children and grandson. Laura and Scott's son Blake was married in Charlotte, NC on May 31.

Al and I celebrated our daughter Jaqui's wedding to Charlie Dellaria on March 22.  A good time was had by all and now we are eagerly anticipating the birth of our first grandchild at the end of December.  I am still teaching kindergarten on Staten Island (at the same school for 22 years!) and am looking forward to retiring this June.  Al is still playing with his big machines, working in Brooklyn near the Barclay's Center.  We are both planning to spend our retirements babysitting and traveling.

Please keep in touch and send me your news at the above e-mail.

Posted 3/31/14

Denise Oldenhoff writes:  I celebrated my 60th birthday in October with a party which was attended by my college roommate, Nikki Arrigo Washcalus ’77.  I have been retired for over a year and spend my time doing therapy work at the hospital with my 2 toy poodles.  They participate in agility lessons and competitions.  We attend doggie camps in Vermont, Lake George, and the Berkshires.

Posted 9-27-13

Several of us from the class of 75 recently got together at Nancy Martin Lasher's house in Stockholm, NJ.  As usual, it was great to catch up with dear friends.

Nancy's daughter, Caryelle, has become engaged to Tom Pace.  They are living and working in South Jersey.  No wedding date has been set, but Caryelle is thinking of having a destination wedding. Nancy's son, Jason, works for Audi V.W.  Nancy herself has just become a Teacher Coach for Science in 3rd & 4th grades.  She splits her time among 7 schools in the Orange, N.J.  school district.  Good luck, Nancy!

Scott and Laura Likman Schell are going to be grandparents soon.  Their daughter, Ashley, is expecting a baby in October.  Ashley and her husband, Brian, are living and working in Chicago.  Scott and Laura's son, Blake, is engaged to Jen DeLuca and they are planning a May 31, 2014 wedding in Charlotte, N.C., where they both live and work. Scott is still running Schell's and the Ranch House in Leesport.  Stop in and say hello.  Laura works the cash register several days a week and also tutors students using the Orton Gillingham method.

Carl and Debbi Lewis Zvanut are enjoying their retirement.  Besides having a basket business, (Debbi teaches basket weaving) they enjoy traveling and recently enjoyed a cruise of the Mediterranean.  They also do local volunteer work.

Larry and Cindy Lewis Hart have moved to South Carolina where Larry is an investment advisor and Cindy is enjoying retirement after working as a guidance counselor in the Pen Argyl and Nazareth Area School Districts for close to 20 years.

Bill ’73 and Colleen Senters Witmer ’74 have moved to their dream house in North Carolina.  They are living on a championship golf course at Rock Barn Golf & Spa.  Although semi-retired, they enjoy playing golf and tennis and would welcome visitors.

Al and I are helping our daughter Jaqui plan her March 22, 2014 wedding to Charlie Dallaria.  Jaqui is an accountant who works for a non-profit in Manhattan and Charlie works on Staten Island.  He vows to make us grandparents soon after their wedding!  Our daughter Melanie is doing interior design work for an architect in Westfield, NJ, but manages to do a lot of it from home, so she is available to look after our menagerie.  Al is currently working on Coney Island, helping to reclaim the beach after Superstorm Sandy.  I still teach kindergarten in the same school I've been at for 20 years now (hard to believe) and am looking forward to retiring in 2015.

Happy Birthday to everyone in the class of 1975 who is turning 60 this year!  I hope to see lots of familiar faces at our next big reunion in 2015.  Please send any news of yourself and/or your family to me at sba402@aol.com.

Susie Bacci Adams

Posted 8/8/13

We are sad to report that Rev. Dr. Mary Matz passed away on July 31, 2013.

Posted 7/31/13

Fred Rooney was selected to direct Touro Law Center’s new International Center for Post-Graduate Development & Justice.

Posted 5/21/13

Mark Parseghian   ’75 and his wife Kathy participated in the National Park Service’s “Plant a Tree at Flight 93” re-forestation event on April 20 at Shanksville, PA. He wrote, “I made sure that my Moravian College sweatshirt was prominently on display while we and 100 other volunteers planted 3500 seedlings. For those travelling to or through western Pennsylvania, the Flight 93 Memorial is just a short drive off the Somerset exit of the Turnpike and is a moving tribute to these 40 heroes of 9/11.” The company, for which he works, Concurrent Technologies Corporation, is very committed to community involvement and encourages employees to find opportunities to serve. This was an event that enabled them to make a difference in the future of the site.


Posted 1/6/12

Susan Bacci Adams wrote that her daughter, Jacqui became engaged in October to a fellow Staten Islander, Charlie Dallaria; their wedding is being planned for March of 2014. Susan also reported that Bob Gratz and his wife, Nancy, are the proud grandparentsof Connor James, who was born to his daughter, Katie and her husband, Jim, in November.

Posted 12/4/12

Bob Gratz and his wife Nancy are the proud grandparents of two grandsons. Jackson Kees was born on 7/26/12 in Los Angeles, to their daughter Jennifer.  Connor James Oakley was born on 11/21/12 to their daughter, Katianne.

Posted 9/28/12

Carter Lee is the proud parent of two daughters.  After a career in banking, she is now enjoying a second career as an aide at a pre-school in Madison, NJ.

Debbie Lewis Zvanut is enjoying her retirement.  She has visited China, Germany and Canada.  She currently teaches basket weaving and is on the corporate board of the Girl Scouts of Eastern PA.

Nancy Martin Lasher teaches 3rd grade in Orange, NJ.  She went to Panama in February to do video conferencing for PRISM (Professional Resources in Science and Math).  She is getting her certification to teach middle school science.

Laura Likman Schell is an Orton Gillingham tutor (a program helping students with reading, writing and spelling) and continues to work with her husband Scott at the Ranch House.

Susan Bacci Adams writes, “I am entering my 20th year of teaching for the NYC Board of Education, most of that time was spent teaching kindergarten.  I am looking forward to retiring in about 3 years.  I would love to hear from more classmates to include your anecdotes in our class notes.”

Posted 9/7/12

We are sad to report that Harry J. Bender passed away on August 1, 2012.

Posted 1/31/12

From the Alumni House:
Bob Gratz, Hackettstown schools Superintendent, received an honorary doctorate at Centenary College’s January commencement for his service to the school community. 

Posted 4/27/11

The Alumni House is sad to announce that Nicole Maxine Venetia Standish passed away on October 11, 2010 of ovarian cancer.

Posted 10/29/10

From the Alumni House:

We regret to report that Nicole Maxine Venetia Standish passed away on October 11, 2010.


Posted 7/6/10

From Susan:
      It was great to visit Moravian for our 35th reunion.  I reconnected with some treasured college friends that I usually see on a yearly basis and I did meet some classmates that I hadn't known while in school.  Here are some updates:
     Bette Kovach is a crisis communications specialist, having had lots of years of experience as the corporate communications director for the late Bethlehem Steel. While at Bethlehem Steel, she wrote a book to accompany the incredible photos of the company in its last 25 years. The website is www.insidebethlehemsteel.com. She now works for the North American subsidiary of a global metals and mining company with headquarters in Moscow. Bette lived for a year in Dearborn, Mich., where the North American headquarters are located. She is now back at home working remotely and traveling to MI and elsewhere as needed.  Her husband Clay Morgan is retired from his actuarial career and their daughter Angela graduated in May from the University of Pittsburgh. Angela will attend graduate school at Duquesne. 
     Barb Bennett Psathas continues her teaching career as chair of the English Dept. at Saucon Valley High School. Her oldest son, Jim, received his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Penn State and is now doing post-doctoral research at the Children's Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Jim was married last summer to Kristen, who is an elementary educator. Barb's daughter, Alex, is teaching high school English in the Parkland school district. She and her husband Kyle, who is an engineer, also live in the Lehigh Valley. Barb's youngest son, Mike, received his law degree from Villanova and is living and working in Manhattan for the international law firm of Fried Frank.
     Gail Warren and her husband, King Au, traveled to Bethlehem for the weekend so Gail could attend the reunion. After living in San Francisco, where they both worked for the Gap for 15 years, they have relocated to Gaithersburg, Md. King now works for IBM.  If any classmates find themselves in the area, Gail would love to have you visit so that she can show you around D.C. They are looking forward to one day returning to their home south of San Francisco.
     Don DaVanzo now lives in Winter Garden, Fl., where he has been for the last 9 years.  He is a used truck manager for Maudlin Int'l. and enjoys playing lots of golf. Don has 2 sons, 3 step-daughters, 3 granddaughters and another on the way. His wife is an RN, managing workers' compensation cases.
     Roberta Dollinger Leiby is a retired teacher and counselor from the Bethlehem School District. She still occasionally helps out when needed. She now has a private educational consulting and tutoring business. Bobbie serves on the Alumni Weekend Association Committee, assisting with decorations and she helped plan the Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony. She is also working on setting up a website for animal charities, featuring her cat, Lucky, who "sings"!
     Denise Oldenhoff is a certified health unit coordinator and won a Nursing Excellence Award last year. She is a "mom" to her poodles, Lacey and Brandy, and takes them with her on vacations to Cape Cod and Vermont.
     After retiring last year from the Y, Debbi Lewis Zvanut has started a business called "Baskets in the Woods". She teaches basket weaving to adults and children. Deb also sells her baskets and gives demonstrations.
     Anita Moralis Fazakas is semi-retired. She currently substitute teaches and travels a lot with her husband Dave '88. They are the proud grandparents of a grandson, with another grandchild on the way.
     Nancy Martin Lasher currently teaches elementary school in New Jersey. This summer, she is on staff with Prism/Montclair State University to teach teachers how to include Science and Math in the curriculum.
     Cindy Lewis-Hart is working as a counselor at Nazareth Area High School. She will retire next year after 34 years as an educator.
       Bob Gratz and wife Nancy attended Friday's dinner at the Hotel Bethlehem. Bob is a school superintendent in northern NJ and they have 3 girls, one of whom was married last summer.
     Paul and Julie Morris Chowansky were unable to attend the alumni weekend because they participated in the National Multiple Sclerosis "Coast the Coast" event which was held the same weekend. This has been an event that they have done for the past several years. Paul is team captain and wore #6, signifying that last year he was the 6th top fund raiser out of 1500 cyclists.  Their daughter, Jill, graduated from Moravian in 2001 and is the proud mother of 3 sons.  Their daughter Laura went to graduate school at Thomas Jefferson University. 
     Fred Rooney was in California during our reunion. He sends best wishes to all, as well as an update of his life over the past years. Fred has worked for indigent parents seeking the return of abducted children by non-custodial parents. He provides ongoing assistance to indigent parents of foreign children with life-threatening illnesses seeking gratis medical care in the US. He has served as an International Liaison in India in 2008 and 2009 and was the first Scholar-in-Residence at the Symbiosis Law School, where he assisted in the development of an access to justice initiative modeled on the City University of New York (CUNY) School of Law's Community Legal Resource Network. He received many awards during the past two years, including being named one of the 100 Top Irish American Lawyers in the US, from Irish America magazine, the Common Law NYC, Inc. Community Lawyering Award and the CUNY Chancellor's Recognition Award.  Fred has made various television and media appearances throughout his career and continues his work at CUNY's School of Law in Flushing, N.Y. as Director of the Community Legal Resource Network and External Affairs.
      Scott and Laura Likman Schell were also unable to attend because they were involved in planning daughter Ashley's bridal shower, to occur the weekend following our reunion. Ashley is being married in July and is currently living in Chicago. Their son, Blake, is living in Charlotte, N.C. and works in finance.
      My youngest daughter, Jaqui, has just finished classes and exams towards earning her MBA degree in accounting.  She is planning to take the CPA exam sometime this year.  Melanie is working her magic as an interior designer with an architectural firm in Westfield, NJ.  I am currently finishing my 17th year as an elementary school teacher with the NYC Dept. of Education, most of those years spent teaching kindergarten.  Al continues playing with heavy equipment, which he still enjoys, even after all these years.  The company he is working for now is involved in the constructing of 2 new subway lines in NYC, so Al spends lots of time traveling through Manhattan every day.
     Many thanks to Cindy Lewis Hart and Bobbie Dollinger Leiby for their efforts in working with the Alumni Committee, putting together events, display boards and fund-raising. My apologies if I have inadvertently omitted anyone!  Keep sending me your updates; I love hearing from you.

Posted 5/4/10

From the Alumni House:
Nancy Hirshman Bacak writes, “I have been working for the Social Security Administration since 1975 - hard to believe it is almost 35 years! I am a supervisor in the Allentown office, but have worked in offices in Hackensack, N.J. and also in Bethlehem. I am married and have a 29 year old stepdaughter and two sons, ages 23 and 21. My husband is a Lehigh and University of Pittsburgh graduate. He is the manager of the Bethlehem Social Security office - so guess where we met? Our daughter works for the University of Chicago in Washington DC (a lobbying office). Our older son graduated as a bio-medical engineer last year from the University of Pittsburgh. He is a graduate student at Drexel and does research for Drexel's Medical College. Our younger son is an undergraduate at Temple University in the Fox Business School. We are hopeful that the job market picks up so that all our young adults can have good career opportunities as they graduate. I play in a local orchestra and am having a blast! Music helps relieve the stress of a day at work.”

Posted 2/5/10

From the Alumni House:
          After leaving Moravian, and completing her degree at Glassboro State College, Donna Boss Van Horn returned to Bethlehem and completed a master's degree in special education and a doctoral degree in educational leadership at Lehigh University. Donna currently serves as superintendent of the Weymouth Township School District near Atlantic City, NJ. She is also the treasurer of the New Jersey Association of School Administrators. Living with her husband, John, in Avalon, NJ, she has two daughters, 25 and 24, who live in Washington, D.C. and Nashville, Tenn.

Posted 10/5/09

From the Alumni House:
Bob Gratz, superintendent at Hackettstown School District in New Jersey, was named 2010 Superintendent of the Year for New Jersey’s northern region. He will now compete for statewide honor against the central regional and southern regional winners. The winner will then be presented to compete on the national level.

From Susan:
    I was very happy to receive an update from Sue Michie McLeish last week.  She reports that since graduation, she and Bill have lived in several states: PA, NY, ID, FL and GA.  They have been in the Atlanta area for 28 years now.  Bill worked as a chef for about 20 years and is now in sales.  Susan currently teaches in a middle school.  Their oldest son Doug and his wife live near them and have an infant daughter.  Next son Ben and his wife live in New Orleans and have 2 children.  Ben is in inner-city ministry and has been in New Orleans since pre-Katrina, working hard to help the 8th & 9th wards revive.  Their daughter Rebecca teaches 2nd grade and she and her husband are expecting their first child in December.  Susan sings in a 140 voice symphony chorus, The Michael O'Neal singers, keeping alive a love of music that she nurtured while singing in the Moravian College choir.  An especially happy event in their lives is that both Bill and Susan's parents are still alive and recently, both sets of parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversaries.  Pretty unusual in this day and age!  Kudos to the Michie and McLeish families!
     I recently got together with several Moravian friends (our annual reunion) and have news to report:  Cindy Lewis Hart is working as a school counselor at Nazareth Area High School.  This is her 17th year as a counselor, although moving from the middle school to the high school must be a big adjustment!  Cindy's husband, Larry, is working as an independent financial counselor, which he has been doing for 20 years now.
     Carter Lee, husband Peter Maas and their family moved back to northern NJ this summer, after being in Haddonfield for many years.  The move was prompted by Peter's new job in Manhattan.  Carter has been an adoption counselor for the past nine years and is enjoying being mom to Emilee, 10, and Caroline (Tao),who is now 6.  Hope both girls adjusted well to the move and their new schools. 
     Scott and Laura Likman Schell have an engagement to celebrate. Their daughter Ashley became engaged in March and is planning a July wedding.  She is working as a mental health counselor at the University of Chicago.  Their son Blake is living in Charlotte, NC and works as an accountant.  Scott still runs the Circle S Ranch House and Schell's Fast Food in Reading, where Laura helps out as needed, in between substitute teaching and tutoring.
     Bill '73 and Colleen Senters Witmer '74 still reside in Frasier, PA where Colleen runs a cosmetic spa and Bill works in medical photography.
     Nancy Martin Lasher continues to teach 3rd grade in Orange, NJ and recently completed courses giving her a supervisor's certificate.  She also received a grant to do video conferencing with her class.  Congratulations, Nancy!  Her daughter, Caryelle, is a registered environmental health specialist in Camden County and her son, Jason, is finishing an automotive technical program at a local community college.
     Debbie Lewis Zvanut retired from the YMCA after 30 years and is enjoying life at home, although she finds herself busier than ever.  At least she has more time to travel with her husband Carl, as he goes overseas periodically with his firm, Air Products.
     I find myself back in the kindergarten classroom after a 3 year absence.  After teaching the older grades last year, I found that I prefer the younger ones, although I did forget how exhausting 5 year olds are!  My husband, Al, is working in Manhattan with a firm that is involved in building the new subways.  My daughter, Melanie, completed her classes at NJIT, which gave her a certificate in sustainable design and she also passed her national exam for interior design.  Jaqui is in her last year of a master's program at Baruch University, (part of the CUNY system) and will graduate in May with an MBA in accounting.
     That wraps up all the news I have.  As always, drop me a line and I will include your info in the next edition of our newsletter.  Hope to see more of you at our 35th reunion in May!
James Goodhart ’75 from Pottstown will be honored at this year’s annual Tri-County Chapter of the Pennsylvania Hall of Fame.  The induction dinner will be held Saturday, October 17th at The Elks. Goodhart was an outstanding baseball player during his time at Pottstown.  He then transitioned to be a very successful manager for the Steelers’ American Legion team before expanding opportunities for Pottstown area youngsters by starting up, supervising and coaching the Pottstown Police Athletic League Program.

Posted 8/3/09

I received some news from Bob Gratz in May that I would like to share:

Bob's oldest daughter Kati is getting married this summer (8/21/09); she is a biology teacher at Nutley High School.  His middle daughter, Kristin, graduated from Moravian in ‘08 and is now in grad school at Villanova, pursuing a Master's in Family Counseling.  Youngest daughter, Jennifer, is a Fashion Management major at Philadelphia University.  She spent the spring semester in Milan and Bob and Nancy were able to visit during spring break.  They got to see the Last Supper, visit Lake Como, go to Palm Sunday Mass at the Duomo in Milan, see an opera at La Scala. . . with Jennifer proving to be an excellent tour guide.  Jennifer also spent time in Paris during the summer of 08, so Bob and Nancy visited her there and spent their 30th anniversary in Paris.  Nancy works for Lehigh Valley Hospital as a researcher in Family Medicine and Bob is the superintendent of the Hackettstown Public Schools in NJ.  Congratulations on 34 years as an educator in NJ, Bob!

Any news from our classmates in always welcome!  E-mail me at sba402@aol.com.  Hope to hear from more of you soon, especially as our 35th reunion is rapidly approaching!  35 years, really; that seems impossible. 

Posted 4/20/09

From Susan:

I was able to get together with some College friends last summer. We had a great time catching up with each other and renewing our friendships. Nancy Martin Lasher is a third-grade teacher in New Jersey, and has been there for about eight years. Her daughter, Caryelle, is a registered environmental health specialist in Camden County, N.J. Her son, Jason, is attending college for automotive technology.

Debbie Lewis Zvanut works for the Pennsylvania YMCA, heading the corporate office staff development and international programs. She traveled to Germany and spent 10 days visiting YMCA partners to study their programs and strengthen their partnership. She also travels with her husband, Carl, who has been employed by Air Products Corp. for 31 years.

Colleen Senters Witmer ’74 is the director of a cosmetics dermatology spa. This is quite a career change after working for Sears in the King of Prussia Mall. She retired from Sears after 32 years and decided to pursue a new field. Her husband, Bill Witmer ’73, is the director of Dermatek Skin Imaging, a division of Canfield Scientific. He is a medical photographer and works at nine locations, with two more soon to open.  His company has offices in Cornell, N.Y., Williamsburg, Va., the Midwest, and Michigan. They plan to open offices in Dallas, Charlotte, N.C., and California. 

Scott and Laura Likman Schell continue to run the Ranch House in Leesport, Pa. Their son, Blake, lives in Charlotte, N.C., and works as an investment advisor. Their daughter, Ashley, attends Roosevelt University in Chicago, where she is pursuing a master’s degree in counseling.

I find myself back at work this year, after enjoying a wonderful sabbatical year. What a shock to go back to work! I could easily get used to retirement. I did go back to a change. I am now the social studies teacher for second through fifth grades. That surely keeps me on my toes! My husband, Al, still enjoys operating heavy equipment (boys and their toys!) and my daughters are working and pursuing advanced degrees. Melanie attends N.J.I.T. in Newark, N.J., working toward a professional certificate in sustainable design. She attends class two nights each week, after working for an architect all day. Jaqui tends bar and attends Baruch University (part of C.U.N.Y.), where she is studying for an M.B.A. in accounting.

While it was great to see old friends, I wish more of you would send me your news to publish. We hope to see lots of faces at our 35th reunion. (Can you believe it? We’re not that old!)