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Cue Biopharma, Inc. announced the appointment of Colin Sandercock, Esq. as Senior Vice President and General Counsel. Cue Biopharma, Inc. is an immunotherapy company developing a novel, proprietary class of biologics engineered to selectively modulate the human immune system to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Posted 11/29/17

We are sad to report that Michael Shosh passed away on November 5, 2017.

Posted 1-31-17

We are sad to report that Rob Stevens passed away on October 7, 2016.

Posted 11/30/16

We are sad to report that James Detterline passed away on November 8, 2016.

Posted 12/21/15

We are sad to report that John Machell passed away on December 10, 2015.

Posted 6-24-15

We are sad to report that Elaine Andrulevich Schaeffer passed away on June 14, 2015.

Posted 3/31/15

We are sad to report that Jeffrey Werkheiser passed away on March 16, 2015.

Posted 2/27/15

Clifford Farrell, Esq. has been named to the Ohio Super Lawyers list as one of the top attorneys in the field of Social Security and SSI disability in Ohio for 2015.  This is Cliff’s third consecutive year being recognized as a top lawyer in Social Security.  No more than 5 percent of the lawyers in the state are selected by Super Lawyers.  Cliff is the only Ohio attorney recognized as a top lawyer in the field of Social Security disability for 2015.  Cliff is a partner in the firm of Manring & Farrell, with offices in Columbus and Lebanon, Ohio.

Posted 7/1/14

We are sad to report that James Fiore passed away on May 19, 2014.

Posted 3/31/14

We are sad to report that David P. O’Brien passed away on March 1, 2014.

Posted 6/24/13

We are sad to report Stephen Polles passed away May 17, 2013.

Posted 5/21/13

We are sad to report that Glenn Trump passed away on March 27, 2013. and Debbie Schleicher Louie passed away on April 18, 2013.


Posted 1/6/13

Pennsylvania state representative Bob Freeman was reappointed committee chair of the House Local Government Committee for the 2013-2014 legislative session. He has served as democratic chairman of the committee since the 2007-2008 session and directed action on bills that dal with land use planning, development and urban revitalization efforts.

Posted 9/28/12

Nancy Likman Graham works in the finance department of AT&T as Director of Financial Analysis.  Her husband also works there but they travel in different directions each day!

Cindy Bear Pugnet teaches 1st grade in Hillsborough, NJ and has been teaching for 10 years.

Posted 4/3/12

From the Alumni House:
Case Foods Inc. and its Case Farms affiliated companies have announced the appointment of Michael Popowycz to vice chairman and chief financial officer.  Popowycz has served on the Case Foods’ board of directors since his election in 2005.  Prior to joining Case Foods, he spent two years with Bell Atlantic Corporation and seven years with Perdue Farms Inc. in various accounting and tax positions.  

Posted 7/1/11

From Dawn:
Ed McGettigan writes: In June, there was a gathering with some of the late Dan Paradee’s friends in Voorhees, NJ, and they all had a very nice surprise. They got to meet Dan’s son, also Dan, who will be a junior next year at Clark University in Massachusetts, where he plays on the tennis team. Since young Dan was raise in Maine, few of the Moravian buds had ever met him.

Susan Drylie and Chris “Shark” Gardiner were there. Hounds, Lauren Vogel Zabel ’80, Ken Karpinski ’79, and Chuck Glassmire ’76 weren’t able to attend but were there in spirit. Dan Jr. told them that his family is doing well. Ed noted that Dan Sr. would love to know that the Moravian “Hounds” got to hang out with his boy to provide the lowdown on Moravian in the 70s.

Posted 12/22/10

From Dawn:

Ed McGettigan writes after the passing of our dear classmate, Dan Paradee, "We've had a tough bunch of days recently, but I want to tell you about some good news.  On the day after we lost a great Greyhound in Dan, I found out that my niece (my sister's daughter) was accepted to Moravian where she'll be playing for the softball team.  Oddly enough (or perhaps not oddly at all), I had nothing to do with it.  Her name is Maria Saverese and she is a catcher.  At 5 feet 10 inches, she is the tallest woman ever produced by McGettigan et al stock.  Moravian coach John Byrne , the 'winningest' leader in Moravian history, was scouting her for some time and it is completely coincidence that she's a Hound.  I will tell you straight out that this information really helped me after our tragic news.  I'm certainly not mystical, but I definitely got a shot in the arm.  There will be a lot of reasons for me to get up to Bethlehem now and I'm looking forward to it." 


Posted 11/30/10

From Dawn:
I regret that I have been informed that Daniel Paradee passed away November 23, 2010. 

Posted 10/29/10

From the Alumni House:

We are sad to report that Rev. J. Louise Thatcher passed away on October 22, 2010.


Posted 12/1/09

From the Alumni House:
Daniel G. Nigito has recently written a book entitled “The Power of Leveraging the Charitable Remainder Trust: Your Secret Weapon Against the War on Wealth”. Nigito is a certified financial planner as well as chairman and chief executive officer of Market Street Financial Advisors in Bethlehem and its subsidiary Market Street Philanthropic Advisors. The basis of his book is for wealthy people to take money they would have paid in taxes and instead use it to fund philanthropic efforts, while still taking care of their own families.

Posted 4/20/09

From Dawn:

Mark Yuhasz was recently elected president of Washington State Radiological Society.