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Moravian College


Students who have successfully completed the Moravian College Honors program have pursued independent, intensive scholarship on a topic of their choice. Their work has undergone a rigorous evaluative process culminating in an oral defense before a select examining committee.

Rocco Louis Beltrami 
Honors in Political Science
“Influencing Initiatives: Campaign Contributions and Partisanship as Predictors of Success for Citizen-Initiated Ballot Measures in the 2008, 2010, 2016, and 2018 U.S. Elections”
John Reynolds, advisor

Kayleigh Bennett
Honors in Music
“The Creative Genius of Giacomo Puccini: An Analysis of Selected Arias of His Five Major Operas”
Larry Lipkis, advisor

Katie Morgan Boyle
Honors in Environmental Science
“Prolonged Effects of Ocean Acidification on Callinectes sapidus
Joshua Lord, advisor

Ashlyn Summer Cantrel
Honors in Chemistry
“Elucidation of the Native Structure and Cyclic Linkage of LamD, a Signaling Peptide from Lactobacillus plantarum
Michael Bertucci, advisor

Kylie Sloane Chichura
Honors in Chemistry
“The Effects of Multiple Amino Acid Mutations of a Key Quorum-Sensing Peptide, CSP-1”
Michael Bertucci, advisor

Matthew S. Conners
Honors in Physics
“Investigating the Mechanical Quantities of an Inelastic Collision”
Ruth Malenda and Kelly Krieble, advisors

Sydney Raeann Costenbader
Honors in Biology
“All Wrapped Up: Prehensility and the Tarsal Flexor System in the Legs of Harvestmen (Arachnida: Opiliones: Eupnoi)”
Daniel Proud, advisor

Marissa Cusimano
Honors in Biochemistry
“Do MAP Kinases (MAPKs) Regulate Tumor-Suppressive Functions of Gap Junctions?”
Anastasia Thévenin, advisor 

Jaimeson R. Ernst
Honors in English and Education
“Supporting Adolescent Literacy Development through Collaborative, Multimodal Writing”
Joseph Shosh and Crystal Fodrey, advisors

Adriana Facchiano
Honors in Neuroscience
“The Neuroprotective Effect of Curcumin in the Striatal 6-Hydroxydopamine Rat Model of Parkinson’s Disease”
Cecilia Fox, advisor

Kyle Richard Froehlich
Honors in Biology
“Can Ocean Acidification Interfere with the Ability of Mud Snails (Tritia obsoleta) to Sense Predators?”
Joshua Lord, advisor

Michael A. Gallo
Honors in Biochemistry
“Antiproliferative Effects of Gap Junction Protein Delivery to Glioma Cells Utilizing a Cancer-Targeting Peptide”
Anastasia Thévenin, advisor

Austin Grace
Honors in Environmental Science
“Systematics of Erginulus (Opiliones: Laniatores: Cosmetidae) from Mexico and Central America”
Daniel Proud, advisor

Bryan M. Harvey
Honors in Physics
“Fragment Alignment Analysis in Simulated Nuclear Collisions”
Kelly Krieble, advisor

Alayna D. Koch
Honors in Biology
“Microbiome Analysis of Soil from Palmerton Zinc Pile Superfund Site”
Kara Mosovsky, advisor

Jonathan William Nadraws
Honors in Chemistry
“Developing Biological Assays to Determine Structure-Activity Relationships of Derivatives of LamD558, a Signaling Peptide from Lactobacillus Plantarum
Michael Bertucci, advisor

Brielle Virginia Popolla
Honors in History
“‘Your Affectionate Father’: Family Relationships, Adolescence, and Education in the Robert Wormeley Carter Papers”
Sharon Muhlfeld, advisor 

Madison Pursell
Honors in Chemistry
“Analysis of Legal and Illicit Opioid Use in the Lehigh Valley”
Alison Holliday and James Teufel, advisors

Nathaniel Rhoads
Honors in Economics
“Socio-economic Analysis of Satellite Observations to Predict Cholera in Bangladesh”
Sonia Aziz, advisor

Mia E. Romfo
Honors in Sociology
“Mental Health Care Services in American Prisons: Assessing Efficacy and Sufficiency”
Virginia Adams O’Connell, advisor

Erika L. Salus
Honors in Studio Art and Peace and Justice Studies
“Table Talk: The Intersection Between Art and Politics”
Angela Fraleigh and Kelly Denton-Borhaug, advisors

Ellyn Siftar
Honors in Art and Philosophy
“Ecstatic Art”
Angela Fraleigh and Leon Niemoczynski, advisors

Katelyn M. Snyder
Honors in English
“Kinship Roles in Danticat’s Breath, Eyes, Memory, Silko’s Ceremony, and Woolf’s To the Lighthouse: A Survey of 20th-Century Literature”
Nicole Tabor, advisor

Christopher J. Sorich
Honors in Biology
“An Analysis of Adaptive Management Strategies and Zinc Toxicity in Grasses of the Lehigh Gap Wildlife Refuge”
Diane Husic, advisor

Vaughn Fretz Tempesta
Honors in Physics and Queer Theory
“Physics: Fear of a Queer Universe”
Ruth Malenda and Robert LaRue, advisors

Eliana A. Zebro
Honors in Music Composition
“Schoolgirl: A Modern Dance Piece Based on Osamu Dazai’s Novella”
Larry Lipkis, advisor 

Graduation Honors*

*This program lists honors designations at the time of printing.

Summa cum laude

Emma C. Adam
Rathath Fahad Alawad
Erin R. Anagnost
Regina Janai Ashford
Michael A. Bassil
Megan Marie Bauman
Rocco Louis Beltrami
Kayleigh Bennett
Elizabeth Anne Biava
Courtney Paige Brodeur 
Caitlyn Lee Byrne
Ariana Elizabeth Caiati
Francesca Goffredo Catino
Jessica Katelyn Chomo
Korinne Angela Corallo
Devon A. Dean
Megan E. Deaven
Julia N. DeFeo
Jason Dietrich
Christina M. Duddy
Shae Lynn Duka
Auria Enright
Lauren Elizabeth Gabryluk
Michael A. Gallo

Brianna Lynn Gammel
Ava Colette Gilotti
Ashley M. Gindle
Armando A. Gonzalez
Kaytlyn Irene Gordon
Michael Raymond Guarino
Joseph Hall
Kelsey Meghan Hardiman
Aaron Hofmann
Jessica Melanie Ionescu
John M. Kelly
Alayna D. Koch
Shannon Renee Koehler
Paige Simone Kovacs
Mackenzie Ann Koziel
Eric Anthony Kressly
Megan Ashley Krozser
Bettyjo Marian LaBare
Julia Rose Lepore
Alyssa Morgan Limbaugh
Holly Nicole Malitsch
Jacqueline Laura Mee 
Gabrielle Jane Morena
Jonathan William Nadraws

Cleo Bennett Nicholas
Ellyce Nieves
Allison Rae Perrucci 
Ruth Harrison Pluymers
Brielle Virginia Popolla
Megan Elizabeth Rander
Nathaniel Rhoads
Savannah Rae Riotte
Jenna B. Ritter
Ana Sofia Rodriguez
Hunter Raye Runge
Soriana Salloum
Madison Shaneberger
Carley M. Sheetz
Ellyn Siftar
Katelyn M. Snyder
Christopher J. Sorich
Denis Teplitski
Julie Marie Texeira
Amanda Renae Tokarick
Amy Dawn Trout
Belinda Ellen Ward
Marne E. Wigfield
Nicholas V. Zambelli

Magna cum laude

Jonah M. Arndt
Tyler S. Bergsma
Thomas Jordan Brim
Alexis Buck
Jennifer Buhler
Nicholas Casazza
Kylie Sloane Chichura
Rachel Anne Cooper
Tyler Philip Cyriax
Rachel Sarah Ernest
Jaimeson R. Ernst
Adriana Facchiano
Kayleigh Ficarra
Jennifer Rose Francescon 
Ryan Frehill
Heather Gallant
Shannon T. Geist
Devon Green

Sarah Elizabeth Jane Harshaw
Bryan M. Harvey
John Gerard Kerrison
Gianna Marie Koehler
Kayla Koehler
Kody R. Long
Alyssa Nicole Martinetti
Shannon McDonald
LeJeune R. Miller
Maria Morello
Shannon Marie Mulvihill
Timothy Albert Raymond Murphy
Gabriella Christine Nasta
Caitin Elizabeth O’Hanley
Hadeel A. Raboui
Lauren Michael Resh
Mia E. Romfo
Abdulaziz Sahli

Lauren Miyako Saylor
Allison Renee Schaedler
Amari D. Schooler
Bujar Shkreli
Erin Elizabeth Snyder
John F. Spirk III
Emily Sporer
Tanner M. Stokes
Abigail K. Strouse
Jessica Szurgot
Danielle Tomko
Kyle Upton
Nicholas Joseph Vinansky
Jordyn Moranda Yeakel
Eliana A. Zebro
Brittany Ann Zwiebel 

Cum laude

Austin William Adams
Jonathan Robert Anthony
Madeline Bachert
Woodrow Benjamin Battle
Katie Morgan Boyle
Taylor J. Breininger
Devon L. Bucks
Ashlyn Summer Cantrel
Mattison Taylor Casolaro
Sally Hannah Casolaro
Nathaniel Colon
Sydney Raeann Costenbader
Jacqueline Maria D’Auria
Sarah Yvonne DeFranco
Michael A. Del Cioppo
Emily Rose Duddy
John M. Dugan
Alexia Kayla Fabey

Joseph W. Fabian
Carlos Gonzalo Fernandez
Kyle Richard Froehlich
Taylor Jean Garza
Kelley Mackenzie Gavin
Kelly Marie Gonoude
Austin Grace
Jewel Haik
Meryah Rose Harding
Michaela Pichon Harding
Kayla B. Herr
Holly Oleath Hinkle
Morgan Elizabeth Hresko
Madison Sinclaire Kaminsky
Allison M. Kehoe
Emily Kessler
Clay S. Lewis
Kathryn Jean Malachowsky

Michael P. Mittl
Jillian Picciuto
Kristin Holly Rader
James Anthony Ramsarran
Emily Rachel Reiter
Eileen M. Rolwood
Kristina Marie Sadler
Erika L. Salus
Megan Taylor Shedlock
Christina Sollott
Meave Audrey Streit
Robert W. Taverner
Vaughn Fretz Tempesta
Felicia Thomma
Erin Nicole Tiger
Madison Walker
Morgan Danielle Walters