Academic Accommodations

Moravian University commits to providing equitable opportunities within its academic programs. Therefore, students with documented disabilities may be eligible to receive access through academic accommodations. 

Academic Accommodation Plans

The Accessibility Services Center (ASC) will determine your approved academic accommodations based on:

  • The supporting documentation submitted
  • The completed Intake Form
  • The student's academic history
  • Student-provided information obtained through the interactive process.

Together, the ASC and student tailor accommodations to the individual. The plan aims to eliminate barriers caused by the disability to afford you equal access and opportunity in academic programs and services. 

To learn more, please review the disclosure process.

Examples of Frequently Used Accommodations 

  • Academic flexibility
  • Assistive technology
  • Exam modifications (e.g., extended time, reduced-distraction location, use of a computer)
  • Note-taking assistance
  • Print material in alternative formats (Braille, e-text, enlarged print)
  • Removal of physical barriers

Once approved for academic accommodations, the student must engage in the process every semester. 

Using Academic Accommodations

The procedure for using most academic accommodations, such as extended time for test-taking, requires the following: 

  • The student must submit a semester request at the start of every new semester.  The semester request initiates the process of notifying students and their faculty of approved accommodations.  
  • The student must schedule a meeting with each professor within the first week of receiving their accommodation(s).  In that meeting, the student should discuss the following:
    • The implementation of their accommodation
    • Any concerns they may have.
    • Discuss the syllabus with the professor to best make accommodation decisions.
    • Discuss the course structure, assignments, deadlines, exams, etc. 
    • Discuss the preferred communication mode should there be questions during the semester.  
  • The ASC serves as a support to help guide conversations between the professor and the student.  Contacted us if needed.  

Other Academic Aids or Services

In some instances, providing the following aids or services could take several weeks to implement.

  • Accessible course materials
  • Assistive aids
  • Captioning
  • Note-taking Assistance
  • Sign language interpreting services

The ASC requires advance notice so that these accommodations are available when needed.