Coaching Program

The Accessibility Services Center (ASC) coaching program is a free service offered to students with disabilities that fosters strategic problem-solving skills used in a university setting and beyond.  The ASC provides support to all students while functioning within a self-determination model.  

  • In the self-determination model, the ASC guides students and supports students as they travel through their academic journey. Attending a university affords many learning opportunities in areas of communication, empowerment, and advocacy.  The ASC promotes learning how to effectively communicate as life situations arise similar to those experiences they will encounter in their professional lives.  As students develop these skills, they begin to prepare for the transition from the university into their professional careers and new life experiences.  Students have the opportunity to grow as an individual and evolve into leaders who are a little revolutionary.  
  • The ASC coaching program is voluntary.  Students can choose to participate in weekly meetings. However, we suggest committing to six short weekly sessions to help the student understand the coaching process and see positive results.
  • Individual weekly meetings will help to refine accommodations.  Students will begin with a list of accommodations that our office and the student determine through the interactive process.  This list may change if needed, depending on assignments, the professor's teaching style, and the student's interaction with their work.
  • The meetings will focus on problem-solving skills, self-advocacy, communication skills, and understanding the students' learning styles.  Students will work with one of our staff members to review weekly concerns, practice communicating with professors, make a list of priorities to be done, and make a study schedule.  The staff member and student will review the methods that worked in high school and determine if those same methods can apply to college or if the processes need to be adapted.
  • The ASC encourages a proactive versus reactive approach to academics.  The ASC encourages students to learn time management skills and incorporate them into their daily life.  School assignments can build up quickly when a student with a disability takes time off.  The ASC encourages students to create a schedule that breaks down projects into manageable chunks to avoid being overwhelmed.  Breaking projects and assignments into manageable chunks provide students an opportunity to balance academics, fun, and self-care.