Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Students who are deaf or hard of hearing may receive one or more of the following academic accommodations (note, this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Amplified class lecture
  • Assistive technology (such as FM systems)
  • Captions on videos 
  • Copies of class notes
  • Preferential seating to augment communication
  • Real-time captioning or interpreter services

The Accessibility Services Center staff determine accommodations based on the impact of the student's disability and the teaching format and requirements of each course.

FM Systems 

The ASC has a personal FM system available for use in the classroom if needed.  

Interpreter & Captioning Services 

The ASC will arrange the services of an interpreter or captioning services and provide communication access services for: 

  • classes,
  • course-related academic requirements, and
  • non-academic, out-of-class activities sponsored by the University.

If approved for either interpreting or captioning services, the ASC staff will review the request when needed.