Accessibility Services

Military Students

Veterans who are entering or returning to college may not realize that they could be eligible for accommodations through the Accessibility Services Center (ASC).  The ASC and the Office of Veteran & Military Affairs at Moravian University collaborate to provide veterans with information about the ASC and how we can assist them. 

The student's ability to learn may have changed, even if they did not experience learning difficulties before their military service. Or, the student may now have a physical or medical condition that impacts their ability to have equal access to the educational environment.

Once a student provides appropriate documentation, the ASC staff will work with each student on a case-by-case basis to determine whether the individual is eligible for reasonable accommodations and how we can best assist with this process.  

Registering with the ASC is voluntary and strictly confidential.  We encourage you to visit our Documentation Guidelines and Disclosure Process to learn more information.  If you are interested in initiating the process, please send an email to or call (610) 861-1401.