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Accessibility Services

Prospective Students

In many instances, the quality of disability services provided at a college can be an important factor in your decision-making process.  We encourage students to plan their transition to college early, and we welcome the opportunity to meet with prospective students who are interested in applying to Moravian College.  Below are some frequently asked questions to help answer the most common questions we answer.  

If you have further questions, we are happy to answer general questions about our services. Please contact the Accessibility Services Center (ASC) by sending an email to or calling (610) 861-1401.

Is there a separate admissions procedure for students with disabilities?

No, the application process and criteria are the same for all students applying to Moravian College.  The Admissions staff does not take disabilities into consideration when reviewing a student's application materials.

I have been diagnosed with a disorder/condition. Will I automatically be granted accommodations?

A diagnosis alone does not qualify you for accommodations. You must have documentation of the existence of a condition that substantially limits a major life activity.

Should I send my disability documentation with my application?

No.  After you have been admitted, you should share your documentation with us using our secure portal.  The information you share with the Health Center is not shared with the ASC.

I have been admitted to Moravian. When do I register with the Accessibility Services Center?
To request services or accommodations, you need to complete our Intake Form and submit your supporting documentation.  

  • For first-year students requesting accessible on-campus housing, please complete the Intake Form and submit supporting documentation to the ASC by May 5
  • For transfer students requesting accessible housing, please complete the Intake Form and submit supporting documentation to the ASC as early as possible after notification of admission. 
  • All disability requests and documentation should be received by July 15 to ensure timely approval of accommodations by the ASC.

What documentation is required to receive disability services?

Documentation must be current, within the last three years, and comprehensive. There are established guidelines for documenting disabling conditions and functional limitations.  For more specific information, please refer to the Documentation Guidelines, send an email to, or call us at 610-861-1401 for more information.

Eligibility guidelines and accommodations may vary from your high school or other educational institutions you may have attended.  An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan alone is not sufficient documentation.

Who at the college will know about my disability if I register with the ASC?

There are instances in which courses, equipment, or facilities may need to be adapted in order to provide accommodations.  In those instances, only those individuals, such as certain faculty and staff, will be notified and they are notified on the basis of "need-to-know".   Students have the right to determine who receives their disability-related information and the right to confidentiality.  Disability information is not stored in the campus's central database system.  

What happens after my disability documentation is approved?

Once the ASC has received your completed Intake Form and supporting documentation, we will review the materials and send an email to you requesting that you schedule a meeting with a staff member.  You will meet with an ASC staff member to discuss your individual needs and discuss possible accommodations.  Once the ASC staff member and you agree to the accommodations, the ASC will notify your professors. 

Does the College have tutoring services?

Yes, tutoring services are not available through the ASC but they are available through Academic Support.  For more information about tutoring services, click here.

Is there a fee for Disability Services?

Moravian College does not charge a fee for providing disability services.  However, students are responsible for any and all aids or assistance of a personal nature such as wheelchairs, hearing aids, or the support of an attendant who would provide personal assistance (i.e., bathing, dressing, eating, etc.).

When will my accommodations be approved?

Until you have been accepted and pay your deposit, you are not considered a student at Moravian College.  We encourage prospective students to meet with us to discuss general information regarding possible accommodations in order to assist you with your college search and decision-making process.