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WFMZ: Moravian students arrive on campus amid pandemic protocols

Jamie Stover 

WFMZ broadcast on August 19, 2020

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Moravian College students started making their way back to their campus in Bethlehem early Wednesday morning, but with a pandemic still in the picture, a lot at the college has changed.

"It's going to be interesting," said Ryan Miller, a freshman. "It looks different, but I'm excited."

"It's new challenges, but I'm up for the challenge," said Kekeli Klu, a freshman.

Even move-in day looked drastically different. For starters, Moravian didn't schedule a move-in day. It scheduled move-in days to spread students and families apart.

"Typically, all of our new students arrive in one morning, which takes us four hours," said Liz Yates, associate dean of students. "This year, it's going to take about three days."

Note: This story appeared on WFMZ on August 19, 2020. To watch the video, visit Moravian students arrive on campus amid pandemic protocols.