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Moravian College
Counseling Center

MCCC Mission Statement

The Moravian College Counseling Center supports the educational mission of the College by providing professional and ethical counseling for the psychological, emotional, social, educational and developmental needs of students. 

The Counseling Center seeks to fulfill its mission by:

  • Sustaining a standard of excellence in the provision of culturally competent counseling, crisis intervention, advocacy and outreach services.
  • Helping students acquire the skills necessary to become responsible and effective decision makers and problem solvers.
  • Assist students in navigating through and understanding our diverse society through a more global lens.
  • Educating our college community and students about emerging issues relevant to our students’ mental health through our psychoeducational content, outreach and training programs.
  • Maintaining an internship training program with partnering institutions for graduate psychology programs.
  • Collaboration with Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Athletics and the rest of the Moravian College community.


Annual Report