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COVID-19 Dashboard


Winter Break 2020 - Moravian College was notified about students and employees who were positive during December and January while campus was closed. These off campus cases are not included in the dashboard numbers.

Quarantine - People are quarantined because of a close contact exposure or symptoms and a pending test. Close contact quarantine time is 14 days from the date of their exposure, or 10 days with a negative test on or around day 10. Those tested off campus are placed on the dashboard quarantine until they have test results, if negative they are removed from the quarantine list. Those tested at the Health Center will have results the same day and are not added to the quarantine counts on the dashboard. A student given a screening test is not quarantined.

Positive COVID-19 Cases - Includes the entire campus community of students, faculty, and staff. Cases are removed as they resolve. Cases are listed by the date and residential status when the test was performed. People remain in isolation for 10 full days from the start of their symptoms and can be released from quarantine once they meet the following criteria:

  1. It has been 10 days from the start of their symptoms
  2. Their symptoms are either gone or improving
  3. They have not needed fever reducing medication for at least 72 hours (more conservative than the CDC 24 hour guideline)

Regional Data - Counts come from the Pennsylvania COVID-19 Dashboard All cases reported to the Health Center are shared.

This dashboard uses Health Center data and is updated by Kristy Sullivan and Sharon Maus.


Trends related to the incidence of infection and exposure to COVID-19 will be monitored daily. A combination of community and campus criteria may result in a change in campus restrictions, changes in format of course delivery, or partial or full closure of the college.

The content within the dashboard on this page relates to the key trends concerning campus-wide operations. Refer to the expandable sections below for further details.

Note: Moravian’s leadership may modify this list or identify new trends as additional information and guidance becomes available

A significant upward shift in the daily number of positive COVID-19 cases in Pennsylvania, across the Lehigh Valley, in Northampton County, and/or among Moravian College faculty, staff and students. Disease incidence is monitored daily here.

The capacity and capability of the local healthcare systems, St. Luke’s University Health Network and Lehigh Valley Health Network, to absorb and treat COVID-19 cases requiring hospitalization and/or intensive care.

The Moravian College Health Center, managed by St. Luke’s University Health Network, will provide or coordinate episodic testing of those presenting with symptoms of disease, and conduct routine surveillance testing throughout the semester. All positive tests will be reported to the City of Bethlehem Health Bureau and Northampton County officials.

A significant increase in COVID-19 cases on campus will adversely impact campus operations.

Moravian College will track the following:

  • Resident students who test positive for COVID-19 and their resident student contacts.
  • Non-resident students who test positive for COVID-19, and their contacts who regularly visit the Moravian campus.
  • The total number of Moravian College students (housed on and off campus) who are positive for COVID-19, and their Moravian -affiliated student contacts. This total indicates the total student COVID-19 positive case load at Moravian. The number and percentage of positive COVID-19 cases among faculty, and their on-campus contacts, whose absence due to isolation/quarantine will challenge continued campus operations.
  • The number and percentage of positive COVID-19 cases among campus staff, and their on-campus contacts, whose absence due to isolation/quarantine will challenge continued campus operations.
  • Non-resident students: The number of positive cases (and their Moravian-affiliated contacts), when combined with the number of positive resident students (and resident student contacts), provide a total student positive case and contact count that challenges continuing academic activities.
  • For faculty, the number of positive cases, and faculty contacts, will be monitored and evaluated to determine the impact on continuing classes, which will vary by academic department.
  • For staff, the number of positive cases, and contacts (who are also Moravian personnel), will be monitored to determine the ability to continue providing essential support services to campus.

The ability to isolate and/or quarantine all students housed on campus who test positive (cases) or who are known to have been in contact with a positive case (contact) is essential for limiting the spread of COVID-19 on the campus.

Any COVID-19-related death of a student, faculty, or staff member will prompt a review of campus operational status.