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Computer Science

Format: Hybrid (on campus program with an opportunity to have virtual sessions)
Pace: Accelerated & Full Semester Courses 

Computer science is the study of how to automate problem-solving with computers. In the Internet age, computers are used in nearly every facet of life, and programmers must understand the technical capabilities of computers and the technology requirements for problem domains. The computer science program at Moravian creates an environment for students to learn software development in teams for real-world clients, and provides students with opportunities for hands-on experience with technology.


The computer science curriculum includes a set of common courses for all students enrolled, as well as elective courses of your choosing.

General Education Courses

Computer Science majors must complete the general education curriculum, however, you may be able to transfer previously earned credits to fulfill these requirements. Ask your SEM for an unofficial transcript evaluation and resume review! Plus, your faculty advisor is happy to meet with you and determine what courses you can start with based on prior experience and credits. The following courses, which are primarily on campus or in a hybrid format, fulfill the general education requirements at Moravian:

  • WRIT 100: Writing
  • MATH 107: Elementary Statistics
  • SPAN 100: Introductory Spanish I
  • SPAN 105: Introductory Spanish II
  • HIST 113: The United States to 1877
  • ENGL 104: The Experience of Literature 
  • PHIL 120: Introduction to Philosophy
  • ECON 152: Principles of Economics
  • MATH 170: Calculus 1 -or- MATH 106: Analytic Geometry and Calculus I with Review, Part 1 and MATH 166: Analytic Geometry and Calculus II with Review, Part 2
  • MUS 117: Music in the United States -or- ENGL 212: Introduction to Creative Writing
  • IDIS 373: Contemporary Work-Life Balance Seminar

Core Courses

  • CSCI 120: Introduction to Computer Science
  • CSCI 121: Intermediate Software Development 
  • CSCI 140: Discrete Structures for Computer Science -or- MATH 212: Discrete Mathematical Structures and Proof
  • CSCI 265: Database Systems 
  • CSCI 220.2: Introduction to DevOps 
  • CSCI 244: Advanced Software Development
  • CSCI 234: Introduction to Software Engineering
  • CSCI 243.2: Preparing for a Computing Careerstanding
  • CSCI 334: System Design and Implementation (WI)


Casandra Cabral-Castro, MBA

Associate Director - Re-engagement, Post-traditional, & Transfer Enrollment