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Organizational Leadership

Format: Online
Pace: Accelerated  

The online B.A. in Organizational Leadership provides adult students an opportunity to complete an undergraduate business degree in an accelerated time frame! This degree prepares you for leadership roles within the corporate, not-for-profit, and public sectors—perfect if you’re looking to earn a promotion or make a career change. 


The Organizational Leadership curriculum includes a set of common courses for all students enrolled, as well as courses in a concentration of your choosing.

General Education Courses

Organizational Leadership majors must complete the general education curriculum, however, you may be able to transfer previously earned credits to fulfill these requirements. Ask your SEM for an unofficial transcript evaluation and resume review! The following courses, which are primarily online or hybrid format, fulfill the general education requirements at Moravian:

  • WRIT 100: Writing
  • MATH 107: Elementary Statistics
  • SPAN 100: Introductory Spanish I
  • SPAN 105: Introductory Spanish II
  • HIST 113: The United States to 1877
  • ENGL 104: The Experience of Literature 
  • PHIL 120: Introduction to Philosophy
  • ECON 152: Principles of Economics
  • MUS 117: Music in the United States -or- ENGL 212: Introduction to Creative Writing
  • IDIS 373: Contemporary Work-Life Balance Seminar

Organizational Leadership Courses

  • ECON 152: Principles of Economics
  • ACCT 213: Management Accounting
  • MGMT 155: Business and Society
  • LDR 166: Intro to Leadership Research
  • MGMT 223: Leadership and Management Principles
  • LDR 245: Leadership Theory and Practice
  • LDR 261: Community Leadership
  • LDR 361: Strategic Leadership
  • LDR 374: Contemporary Leadership Challenges
  • LDR 2XX/3XX: Leadership Elective


Casandra Cabral-Castro, MBA

Associate Director of Graduate Admissions, College of Arts & Sciences