Beginning the Process 

Please know that Moravian University’s Office of Disability and Accommodations (ODA) is here to help students with disabilities in every step of the process,  and the staff is available for a meeting if students need more guidance.  Moravian University adheres to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 in ensuring accessibility of its programs and services. We welcome all students with disabilities to Moravian University and Moravian Theological Seminary.

The ODA staff provides reasonable accommodations and accessibility for students with disabilities enrolled in the University and Seminary. The office also serves as a resource for other University departments regarding disability support. 

We value a collaborative, interactive process as we work with students to establish services.  The ODA staff will work with students individually to determine reasonable accommodations that facilitate learning, living, and other experiences on campus. The information the student provides is an essential component in the determination of reasonable accommodations and services. The staff determine approved accommodations after reviewing the student's request for support services, their past use of accommodations, and the likely impact of their disability on their educational experiences at Moravian University and Moravian Theological Seminary.

In order to submit an Accommodation Request, please complete the following steps.  Please note that students are required to use their Moravian University email when completing a request.  

1.  From the Moravian University login page, click on the "Accommodate" button.  If you are unable to submit a request, use this link instead.

2.  On the left side of the screen, click on "Accommodation."

3.  Under "Accommodation," click on "Accessibility Request."

4.  Complete the form, uploading appropriate documentation.  All requests must have appropriate documentation in order to be processed.  For more information about how to upload documentation, please click on this link.

     Appropriate documentation includes the following (please visit the Disability Documentation Guidelines page for more information):

          - Cognitive/Intellectual disabilities- a recent evaluation or reevaluation report stating the testing completed, who administered the testing, and specific recommended accommodations.  

          - Medical conditions- a physician may complete the Medical Condition Documentation form

          - Psychological conditions- a physician may complete the Psychological Condition Documentation form

          - Asthma/Allergies/Food Allergies- a physician may complete the Asthma, Environmental Allergy, and Food Allergy Disabilities Documentation form

          - Concussion/Traumatic Brain Injuries- a physician may complete the Documentation of a Concussion/ Traumatic Brain Injury form

5.  When the request and appropriate documentation are received, the student will receive an email requesting an appointment.  For more information about how to schedule an appointment in Accommodate, please click on this link.

6.  At the intake meeting, the student will meet with a staff member of the Office of Disability and Accommodations, and discuss how the disability affects the student, accommodations used in the past, and reasonable accommodations for the student's classes.  

After the Process

There are a few considerations to note after accommodations are approved:

1.  For academic accommodations, students will need to communicate as needed with their professors to discuss accommodations.  For example, students who have academic flexibility may not miss class for extended periods of time without contacting the professor to discuss a timetable for completing work.  Students who receive extended time and/or a distraction-free testing area need to communicate with their professors at least a week prior to the exam and establish arrangements for completing the test.  The Office of Disability and Accommodation Services does not have a "testing center" or staff to proctor exams in most cases, and therefore, the professor will need to establish arrangements for the test to be completed.

2.  Accommodations that are permitted to be used each semester must be submitted prior to each semester.  Students will complete a Semester Request by logging into Accommodate and choosing "Semester Request" under the "Accommodation" link at the left.

3.  If an additional accommodation is needed after a student has already had accommodations approved, the student will complete a Supplemental Request, which is also located under the "Accommodation" link at the left of the Accommodate website.

4.  Students are encouraged to check in with the staff of the Office of Disability and Accommodations throughout their semesters in order to be proactive with their needs.

If you require more information, contact the Office of Disability and Accommodations by calling (610) 861-1401 or sending an email to