Accommodations and Services

Students with disabilities are entitled to services and accommodations that provide access to the University's academic, residential, and program offerings. Accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis through documentation review and an interactive interview process.  

What is an accommodation?

An accommodation is a legally mandated service that provides students with disabilities access to their educational program. Accommodations may be thought of as adjustments or modifications in how things are normally done and are often grouped into categories including:

  • Changes to a classroom environment 
  • Removal or adaptation of architectural barriers
  • Modifications to policies, practices, or procedures
  • Other adaptations or modifications that enable a student to access the benefits and privileges of the college’s programs, services, and activities.
  • Provision of auxiliary aids and services 

It is important to note that accommodations do not lower academic standards or compromise the integrity of educational programs and conduct.  Accommodations also must maintain technical standards. Accommodations are in place to ensure a student has equal access to Moravian’s offerings, not to provide an advantage.

Reasonable accommodations are provided at no cost for eligible students.

In order to receive academic, residential, program, and other accommodations, please follow the disclosure process and documentation guidelines.

For additional information, or if you require any information in an alternative format, contact us.