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Moravian College
Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Cultural Competency Training

Safe Zone

 This training acts as a Safe Zone will be the first part of a Cultural Competency training series on campus. Safe zone will be campus-wide learning opportunities to engage topics including  LGBTQ+ identities, gender and sexuality, prejudice, assumptions, and privilege.  The Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has restructured Safe Zone training to align with current trends in support and allyship. Our community will now have access to introductory foundational training through the Office for DEI. 

Race Equity

Currently, we are offering an implicit bias training under this topic area. Understanding our own biases and the social impact of our assumptions is essential to moving toward a more inclusive society. While bias does not always come for a place of malice, its impacts can hurt our entire community. In this session, participants will learn what implicit or unconscious bias is, receive an overview of its harmful impact and gain a toolkit for addressing bias in their daily lives through exercises and videos. 

Ability Equity

Currently, not available.

Cultural Relativism

Currently, not available.

Community Training

Along with training by request, DEI will offer monthly community training. The schedule is listed below for Spring 2019. When attending these training, please arrive at the DEI House (1138 Main St) at least 5 minutes prior to the start of each. All training will be from 3:00-4: 00 pm.

Tuesday, February 19th: Safe Zone

Wednesday, March 20th: Race Equity-Implicit Bias

Tuesday, April 16th: Safe Zone

Training request(s):

DEI is offering the opportunity to individuals requesting sessions Monday-Friday 9:30 am - 4:30 pm. Requestors of different times will have the option of directing folks to our community training. If you are interested in having us come to your classroom, please fill out the form

Don't Cancel Class Campaign

As you plan your spring semester and pull together your syllabus consider opportunities for the Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to visit your class.

Potential reasons to invite us might include:

  • You need to cancel a class due to conferences or other obligations
  • A unit in your course that highlights the themes of our office
  • A desire to utilize your class or training space to educate members of our student community on themes of DEI.

Right now, we are offering our SafeZone 101 training an Intro to Implicit Bias (as a part of our Race Equity lessons).