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Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The President's Council for Diversity and Inclusion

The role of the Council for Diversity and Inclusion is to examine institutional structures and processes to facilitate progress toward diversity and inclusion in the Moravian College community. The Council advocates for policies, practices, and programs that foster a diverse and inclusive community. The Council is comprised of faculty, staff, and the student body.  

The Council members include:

Imaani El-Burki, Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (co-chair)

Jon Conrad, Chief Human Resources Officer (ex-officio)

Cynthia Kosso, Provost (ex-officio)

Lizabeth Kleintop, Associate Chair of Graduate Programming and Accreditation (Council Co-Chair)

Camie Modjadidi, Director of Field Experiences (Council Co-Chair)

Kristen Baxter, Associate Professor of Art

Deborah Appler, Professor of Old Testament/Hebrew Bible

Jennika Borger, Chaplain

Edward Flaherty, Assistant Director of Admissions

Gloria Guth, Exec. Admin. Asst. to the Vice President for Finance and Administration

Kevin Hartshorn, Director of Student Success & Associate Professor of Mathematics

Joy Hirakowa, Assistant Professor of Music

Colleen Marsh, IT Project Manager

Sara Steinman, Director of Student Involvement

LaKeisha Thorpe, Assistant Dean of Adult Advising