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Moravian College
Economics and Business

academic advising


Advising went green! The Academic Advising process within the Economics and Business Department has moved online for students to take control and manage their academic journey. All students academic folders that once existed in black and white now exist in the cloud storage system, Google Drive, and allows easy access anytime, day, or month. 365--24/7. Having continuously available access allows students to monitor their progress while at Moravian in conjunction with their Advising Worksheet provided via AMOS, and their documents in their academic folder to view notes, comments, and other paperwork from internships to past advising worksheets to make the most of the academic advising.



  • Complete your Major Requirements Form with past courses and courses you are currently taking 
  • Prepare a schedule for the coming semester with courses relevant to your major, and keep in mind courses needed to complete LinC requirements.
  • Establish a time to meet and discuss your schedule with your advisor 
  • Completeness: schedule, major requirements form, and establish your advising time allowing more time spent on exploring your passions -- it opens the door to new possibilities to talk about potential internships or connection opportunities.
  • Think about future plans and goals for discussion!



  • Below is a list of available resources at your fingertips to help you better prepare for your advising meeting and to potentially answer any questions:
  • A quick short video illustrating the advising process can be seen here:
  • A short list of FAQ's can be found to the right. 



Preparation is key coming into the advising process and time at Moravian College. The Economics and Business Department is your first step and gateway into the business world. By taking control of your academic progress, you have the potential to explore other fields outside Economics and Business. You have the potential to: take on another major in another department; minor in a passion of yours; self-design a minor or a major, that blends two departments together and opens the creative mind to allow you to fully explore your options while at Moravian!



  1. Best practice is to talk to your advisor, whether it is to discuss scheduling conflicts or the technological side, your advisor will be your number one person to speak with regarding your advising.
  2. The department chair is certainly a resource; quick questions can be answered with an email.
  3. The department support leaders, located on the second floor of Comenius Hall in the Economics and Business Department suite, can point you to your advisor and lead you in the right direction.
  4. Student workers in the suite have been trained on the advising process and are willing and able to help with the technological side or point you towards the right resources to answer academic based questions.