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Moravian University
Economics and Business

academic advising


The academic advisors in the Economics and Business department encourage students to own their academic journey. To do this, students are shared an electronic folder via google drive in which they can prepare materials for their advising session. Materials could include a schedule of classes for the next semester, questions about picking up a minor or major, or internship possibilities. Students that come prepared to their advising sessions with classes they would like to take and alternatives have the opportunity to use that time to talk about internship opportunities, professional goals and anything else that interests them!


Preparation for Advising 

  • Complete your Major Requirements Form with past courses and courses you are currently taking 
  • Prepare a schedule for the coming semester with courses relevant to your major, and keep in mind courses needed to complete LinC requirements. Make sure to have additional classes picked in case classes are full before your time to register. 
  • Establish a time to meet and discuss your schedule with your advisor and prepare future plans and goals for discussion!

Discover your passions and plan for your future!

Preparation is key coming into the advising process and time at Moravian University. The Economics and Business Department is your first step and gateway into the business world. By taking control of your academic progress, you have the potential to explore other fields outside Economics and Business. You have the potential to: take on another major in another department; minor in a passion of yours; self-design a minor or a major, that blends two departments together and opens the creative mind to allow you to fully explore your options while at Moravian!


Any Questions? Contact Us!

Best practice is to talk to your academic advisor. They are a great resource for you to connect with about any academic or professional experiences or issues. Your advisor will be your number one person to speak with regarding academic journey.

For further questions or concerns, our department support leader, Cathy Welsko is located on the second floor of Comenius Hall in the Economics and Business Department suite. She is available to assist you with any questions you may have! Forms such as declaration of major or minor and class withdrawal forms can be found here as well.

To contact Cathy Welsko:

Office phone: 610-861-1591

FAQS About Advising

1) What's in my academic folder and can I edit my folder?

  • You are welcome to add any materials into your academic folder. Typically, students add schedules for possible classes and a copy of the Major Requirement Form with classes that he/she are in or have completed.It is  your responsibility to update your major requirement sheet and folder as needed.  Our support leader adds files like internship agreements and other academic files to the folder that are shared with you.

2) How do I complete my major requirement sheet?

  • Gathering some information on past courses taken at Moravian University will be necessary. This information is readily and easily available on AMOS. After logging into AMOS, you will select the "College Students" tab. From the University Students tab, on the left hand side will be a tab that reads "Online Registration/ Schedule" select the drop down tab and "My Course Needs (Advising Worksheet)" will appear on the page. Select the option to get your advising worksheet and it lists all of your courses taken at Moravian University and what requirements they fulfill. Then, fill out your online major requirements form with the corresponding courses you will need to fulfill for graduation.

3) Where do I find courses?

  • Courses for the upcoming semester can be found on AMOS. They are available after logging in, scroll down the page and take a look at the right hand of the page. You will want to select the option that reads: "Course Search." From here, select the term you would like to search. You are able to use filters in this section for easier searching!