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Graduate Professional Certificates

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Graduate Professional Certificates deliver expanded knowledge and enhanced skills without the same investment of time and money required to earn another college degree.

For bachelor degree professionals, credits earned through our Graduate Professional Certificate program will be applied toward a Master of Health Administration, MBA, or Master in Human Resource Management degree.

Areas of Study

In marketing, supply chain management, or any analyst position, analytics knowledge and skill are consistently listed as preferred qualifications. Analytics enables retailers to manage inventory and market products more effectively, manufacturers to operate more reliably, and businesses to better allocate resources for peak efficiency.

In the Business Analytics Certificate program, you will learn the latest analytics tools and techniques for mastering business research and large databases.

Required courses

  • Business Research Methods
  • Decision Analysis
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data Management


  •  Micro/Macro Economics
  • Statistics
  • Basic skills using Microsoft® Excel

Healthcare is the largest and fastest growing industry, seeing rapid changes in how and where medical care is delivered and financed. Healthcare needs managers who understand the unique issues of that dynamic environment.

The Healthcare Management Certificate provides you with knowledge needed to understand today’s complex healthcare environment and succeed as a manager in a modern healthcare organization.

Required courses 

  • Managing Healthcare Organizations
  • Healthcare Financing Systems
  • Law, Regulation, and Ethics in the Healthcare Environment
  • One Elective Course


  • Statistics

The Human Resource Management Certificate provides an advanced level of understanding that enables you to evaluate the internal and external environments, using data driven management techniques that align HR practices with business strategy, delivering value to the organization.

Choose the HR courses you need to advance your career in this flexible certificate program.

Required courses

  • Four (4) graduate-level HR courses selected in consultation with an advisor.


  • Statistics
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management

Whether manufacturers, retailers, healthcare, or organizations in other industries, highly efficient supply chains give organizations competitive advantage.

The Supply Chain Management Certificate provides you with tools to identify, access, and acquire resources your organization needs to advance customer needs and succeed financially.

Required courses

  • Procurement and Sourcing Strategy
  • Integrated Logistical Systems
  • Supply Chain Management Technology
  • Ethics, Law, and Social Responsibility (recommended elective)


  • Micro/Macro Economics
  • Statistics
  • Management Information Systems

Admission Requirements

  1. Have a bachelor's degree
  2. Meet the prerequisite course requirements
  3. Apply online

Prerequisites are waived for those holding graduate management degrees.

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