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Moravian University
Economics and Business

The focus of the Department’s assessment process is continuous improvement and organizational learning with the goal of improving outcomes and the quality of our programs for students and stakeholders. We focus on results associated with the learning objectives and goals that we have established for our programs consistent with Moravian University’s mission.

Assessment begins with student learning objectives for each course, moves to the measurement of students' achievement of the learning objectives followed by analysis of the findings resulting in feedback that leads to adjustment of course content or delivery to improve student learning in the next offering of the course. This is a continuous cycle of measurement, assessment, feedback, and adjustment.

Faculty should conduct an assessment of at least one student learning objective in each course they offer each semester. 


  1. Student and Program Learning Objectives  
    Learning objectives for the department, undergraduate programs, and graduate programs are in this document. Graduate program concentration learning objectives are being added to the document, as are course-level learning objectives.
  2. Sample Course-level Assessment Report
    This is a sample report that you can use to model your own assessment report. The sample report reviews only one learning objective for the course. Assessing one student learning objective in a class is normally sufficient.

If you have questions about assessing learning objectives in the class you are teaching, please contact Dr. Lizabeth Kleintop, Director of Assessment and Accreditation, at or 610-6125-7704 for assistance.