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Moravian College
Economics and Business

Tom Egan



  • B.S. Physics – Providence College
  • MBA – University of San Francisco
  • Ph.D. Economics – University of California, Davis

Areas of Research and/or Expertise

Dr. Egan has been teaching Economics and Business Management courses at Moravian College since 1994. He regularly teaches MBA level courses in Operations Management, Microeconomic Foundations for Strategic Management and Decision Analysis. He also teaches a variety of undergraduate Econ and Management courses.

Dr. Egan has had long standing interests in energy and environmental economics topics (his Ph.D. thesis area), in the role the Federal Government plays in nurturing innovation and promoting economic growth and also in encouraging the wider use of basic microeconomic theory in the decision environments within 21st century organizations.

After graduate school he was the principal investigator on a number of studies in areas of energy demand and supplies for Federal Government agencies such as DOE, EPA and the Bonneville Power Administration. He also co-authored a book on the critical role that the Federal Government played in spurring the growth of the semiconductor industry and an award winning paper on how microeconomic theory might become more useful in decision environments within modern organizations.

Economic consulting and management career

Pre graduate school:

Product Marketing, Field Sales Engineering and Project Management positions at Fairchild, Intel and National Semiconductor in Silicon Valley’s early years. His last Silicon Valley position was Project Managing two ultra-high reliability semiconductor manufacturing contracts for deployment in guidance computers on board NASA’s first successful landing on Mars – the Viking Program.

Post graduate school:

Energy, environment and antitrust related research for Federal Government and private industry clients at Charles River Associates in Boston (6 years).

Senior Strategic Planner at AT&T Microelectronics, Allentown (6 years).

Intellectual Property Asset management and economic research supporting the licensing of Bell Labs portfolio of ~3,000 semiconductor patents (11 years).