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Economics and Business

Graduate Studies

Our vision is to be the first choice of adult learners in the greater Lehigh Valley seeking to increase their knowledge and skills in the most forward-looking practices in business and management.  

To carry out this vision Moravian University provides you with options for continuing your education in business.  

Master's Degree Programs

Develop in yourself a strategic balance of leadership and managerial skills for dynamic environments in business, healthcare, and human resource management.  


A Graduate Professional Certificate delivers expanded knowledge and enhanced skills without the investment of time and money required to earn a graduate degree.  

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For more information about the master's degrees or certificates, to speak with an advisor or make an appointment, call us at 610-861-1400, or reach out to us at Moravian Graduate Business.

Graduate Alumni Highlight

Get to know Libario Obeid, a recent graduate of the MBA program

Obeid, Lib_HighRes_2.jpg

Tell us a little background about yourself. 

I mainly grew up in the Lehigh Valley, but spent some time as a child in London and as a teenager in Pittsburgh. As a 24-year-old Moravian University alumnus, looking back, I see how fast my schooling went by. In my undergraduate studies, I decided to do a biology major and ethics minor on the pre-medicine tract; however, during my gap year I decided to attend the Moravian University Graduate Business Program where I completed my MBA. Today, I work at Ernst and Young in New York City as a financial consultant, working specifically in risk management.

Why did you choose the Moravian Graduate Program and your specific concentration?

Originally when I came to the decision that I should obtain my MBA, I reached out to my mentor to tell her that I would be applying to another school in the area. She made the executive decision for me and said that I would be going to the Moravian Graduate Business Program for my masters. I honestly did not know that Moravian had a graduate program, which is one large reason why I decided to go. I wanted to be a part of the rebranding that was taking place. So many faculty members and departments were coming together to create something great. They were on the eve of a revolution and as my curiosity kicked in I so badly wanted to be a part of it. My concentrations of interest were healthcare and finance. I put over 400 hours of shadowing in hospitals that the healthcare focus seemed to make the most sense to me. The beauty about the program is that regardless of your concentration, you will have opportunities to take courses of your choosing. This is where I decided to fill up on finance, which I enjoyed.

How did the program prepare you for your current role and any potential career changes in the future?

I try to see things as they are. I consider myself a realist and typically don't say things that I do not believe myself. With that being said, while I was studying in the Moravian Graduate Program there were times near the end, when I wasn't getting the job offers I believed I deserved, that doubt started to creep in and I wondered if the MBA was even worth my time. Looking back now, I think that the master's degree itself was like checking a box which differentiates you from other applicants. In today's high performing corporate culture, master's degrees are vital if you want to continue to progress. As for the experience itself, I believe that it shaped me into the businessman I am today. Just like most things at Moravian, it is what you make of it. I chose to make the best of my year and a half. I tried to be a sponge and soak up everything good and bad from my courses and experiences. This allowed me to strengthen my emotional intelligence, project management, teamwork, and critical thinking. These soft skills are what allow me to excel at my job today.

What advice would you give to anyone who is currently enrolled or interested in applying to the Moravian Graduate program?

For those starting the Moravian Graduate Business Program or considering it my advice would be to go for it. The masters is an investment of time and money, however, it is what you make of it. If you want to just check off a box that says you have your masters you can do that, but you will not grow to your full potential. If you go in with a positive attitude and try to make the best of your time there, you will come out a different person—well-polished and better prepared for a professional career. I strongly recommend to apply what you learn in the classroom. If you have the bandwidth, try to work part time or full time in a field that you wish to work in after your masters. If this is not possible, then just work anywhere you can and apply what you learn. There is no such thing as wasted time in life. You learn from the good and bad. Working at something you realize you do not like will teach you what you do not want to do. I found that checking off things I do not want to do made it easier for me to come to the decision of what it truly is I want to do.

What was your biggest takeaway from obtaining a graduate degree from Moravian University?

My biggest takeaway from my time spent in the Moravian Graduate Program is this: if you try to improve yourself and do not work on your soft skills, you may grow fast, but you will eventually plateau, as that growth is not sustainable. In order to grow at an exponential rate and make it to the top (whatever you define the top as) it takes time, patience, a willingness to learn, and most importantly, the understanding that as you grow those around you must grow as well. No one person is perfect, but a diverse team of individuals that come together for a common goal can work in unison and be considered perfect. As you work on yourself, don't forget to work on helping others as well. You don't want to manage—you want to lead and inspire.