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MBA Student
Economics and Business

The Moravian MBA Concentrations

In addition to the core courses, students in the Moravian MBA take four courses (12 credits) in a concentration of their choosing. The six available concentrations are:

Business Analytics

The Business Analytics concentration is specifically designed to equip today’s business leaders with the latest analytical tools needed to master very large databases to fully understand and reach effective decisions that must optimize multiple objectives within highly uncertain business environments. Courses in this concentration develop students’ knowledge of how to collect data from relational database systems and use the data with valid and reliable methods of data collection. Students develop advanced skills using Microsoft Excel® and IBM’s SPSS® data analysis software. Students also learn how to apply data to decisions using quantitative and qualitative decision making tools.

Required Concentration Courses

  • MGMT 556 Decision Analysis
  • MGMT 553 Big Data Management
  • MGMT 557 Big Data Analytics
  • MGMT 5xx Elective*

*Elective Courses

  • One non-core and non-Business Analytics Concentration course offered in the MBA, Master of Human Resource Management, or Master of Health Administration programs (500/600 level courses). Consult with your advisor in selecting this course.