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Economics and Business

Master of Science in Predictive Analytics (MSPA)

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The first—the only—in the Lehigh Valley.

Analyze Big Data. Elevate Your Career. Data is everywhere. You should be, too. With the Moravian College MSPA, you’ll gain the critical skills needed to rise to the top of our data-intensive world. We don’t want you to just crunch the numbers—we want you to lead the charge. You’ll pair a top-notch technical education with essential management and leadership courses and gain both the confidence and the expertise to make recommendations to upper management.

Customize your education. With electives and special topics in web and marketing analytics, data visualization, sports analytics, simulation methods, and so much more, you’ll immerse yourself in skill sets that will make you instantly more marketable—whether in your current field or your dream scenario.

From Nordstrom’s to Netflix, data is everywhere.

Organizations are turning to predictive analytics to increase their bottom line and competitive advantage. Some of the most common uses include:

  • Detecting fraud
  • Optimizing marketing campaigns
  • Improving operations
  • Reducing risk

What will you learn in 12 classes?
Our graduates gain the skills to:

  • design innovative and creative data analytics solutions
  • communicate projects and solutions clearly and persuasively, to a variety of audiences
  • lead analytics teams and projects
  • address ethical implications of the use of data and analytics techniques
  • identify and assess the opportunities, needs, and constraints of data usage within an organization
  • integrate information technology and data science to maximize the value of big data



Developing Leadership Competencies Decision Analysis
Leading People in Organizations Project Planning and Management
Business Research Methods Marketing Analytics
Big Data Management Web Analytics
Big Data Analytics Data Visualization
Regression, Factorial, and Cluster Analysis Healthcare Analytics
Generalized Linear Models Supply Chain Analytics
Advanced Modeling Techniques Text Analytics
Capstone Project  

Program admission requirements include the completion of undergraduate-level business competencies, either prior to matriculation or as part of the program; a student must have a GPA equivalent to 2.8 or higher in the business competencies to graduate. Prerequisite requirements can be met by taking courses at Moravian College (or by previous, equivalent coursework taken at a recognized institution of higher education), or by taking online, on-demand, immediate enrollment modules through a third party, Peregrine Academics.

The business competencies required for the MSPA are:

  • Economics, ECON 152 Principles of Economics (macro and micro), or equivalent
  • Information Systems, MGMT 216 Information Systems for Management, or equivalent
  • Marketing, MGMT 251 Principles of Marketing, or equivalent
  • Statistics, ECON 156 Economics and Business Statistics, or equivalent

Don't worry—our SEMs are poised to help you knock these out, so you can get started on the core of your education as soon as possible. 

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For more information about the MSPA program, or to make an appointment, call Sean Rossi, Student Experience Mentor, at 610-861-1400 or email