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Moravian University
Economics and Business

A few of the basics

CVs and Resumes

The Department requires a current CV or resume and official transcripts of the undergraduate and graduate colleges and universities attended from all newly hired faculty, full-time or part-time, to meet accreditation requirements. An electronic copy of your CV or resume can be emailed to Cathy Welsko ( Electronic copies of official transcripts sent directly from the college or university can also be sent Cathy Welsko. Physical copies of official transcripts should be mailed to:

     Ms. Cathy Welsko
     Economics and Business Department
     Moravian University
     1200 Main Street
     Bethlehem, PA 18018


Faculty are issued parking permits. Email will be sent to professors directly from Campus Safety and Security about parking. Parking permits are updated annually. Faculty are allowed to park in the lots designated with an "F" for Faculty. More information pertaining to parking

Identification Cards

Photo identification cards are a form of valid ID for college services on campus, ranging from access to computer labs to purchasing books and supplies at the bookstore. These cards may be obtained from Campus Safety with the option to be utilized as a functioning debit card on campus. More information regarding the procurement of the ID cards and activating the debit card feature is available from Human Resources.

Human Resources and Payroll

The Human Resources department is responsible for managing payroll at Moravian University, as well as handling all government forms in regard to employment. All Moravian University employees are required to have direct deposit of their pay checks. Further information regarding payroll and Human Resource policies and procedures

Class Lists & Room Assignments

AMOS (Access Moravian Online Services) is Moravian University's primary web portal. In AMOS professors can find their classroom assignments and class lists for the courses they are teaching. Mid-term and final grades are also entered through AMOS. Here are a few easy steps to find your class lists and room assignments, from AMOS:

  • login to the site with your credentials
  • select the "College Faculty" tab across the top of the page
  • select your course
    • from the course you will have a small drop down tab
      • the drop down selection for course details will provide: the date, time, and location (room assignment) for your specific course
      • the drop down menu also allows you to select the class list for the course and grade entry

Book Orders

Professors have the opportunity to order a desk copy of the required text for their course. Desk copy orders may be placed directly with the publisher. View a list of available publishers and their contact information.

Phone Use

A quick information guide on how to establish and operate the office phone.