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Economics Professor


Students may major in one field in the department and minor in another but may not double-count courses (i.e., count a single course towards both the major and the minor). Students should consult their advisor or the chair regarding acceptable substitute courses.

The Minor in Accounting

The minor in accounting consists of five course units: Economics 152, Accounting 157, 218, and 219 plus one additional course in accounting. Students with a major in economics or management who wish to earn a minor in accounting may not count Economics 152 or Accounting 157 towards the minor. Economics and management majors cannot double-count courses. They should take Accounting 218, 219 two additional accounting courses and one course from economics, management, or accounting.

The Minor in Economics

The minor consists of five course units: Economics 152 plus four additional Economics classes, three of which must be at the 200 level or above. Students with a major in Accounting or Management who wish to earn a minor in Economics cannot count Economics 152 or 225 towards the minor. They must substitute two other Economics courses. Consult your advisor.

The Minor in Management

The minor consists of ECON 152, MGMT 223 and three full unit management courses. Students may not double count courses in their major and minor.