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Post-Bacc Art PK-12 Certification


Mission Statement

The Moravian University post-baccalaureate K-12 Art Education certification program prepares students to become professional visual arts educators. Students gain the understanding that as learners create and learn about art, they are essentially defining and solving problems and developing new ways to think about and live in the world. Pre-service art educators are encouraged to create an atmosphere that is cooperative, student-directed, collaborative, and creative. It is our belief that through the creation and sharing of the creative process, students may foster a greater understanding of themselves and others to become aware of new possibilities and ways of being. Art education provides the opportunity for people of all ages to ask questions, and in doing so, art educators are positioned to cultivate a more peaceful and socially just world, therefore making education transformative.

In the Art Education program at Moravian University, future educators construct learner- centered lessons, units, and curriculum rooted in this philosophy. This work rigorously meets the Pennsylvania Department of Education academic standards for the Visual Arts, the Common Core Standards, and the National Core Art Standards. Moreover, this learner-centered philosophy supports and encourages art educators to meet the needs of the diverse populations they will encounter, and provides a background in child development and educational psychology.

To meet the ambitious goals of this mission, pre-service art educators at Moravian University develop their own studio art practice and use this work to inform their pedagogy, and in doing so, art educators come to understand their studio practice as research. Through the creative process and the mastery of various art techniques coupled with the potential for art to shape ideas and to question the status quo, the pre- service art educator develops a teaching practice that supports the artistic, cognitive, and social development of all learners.


Course Requirements

All candidates must complete the required Professional Education Courses listed below to earn certification in K-12 Art Education. Candidates’ undergraduate art coursework will be examined, and additional undergraduate art courses may also be required for licensure.


Professional Education Courses

  • EDUC 502.2 Intro. to the Education of English Language Learners
  • EDUC 507 Culture, Community & Diversity: Intro. to Critical Pedagogy (40-hour, Stage 1&2 Field Exp./ fulfills M3)
  • EDUC 530 Student Development & Instructional Design (40-hour, Stage 1&2 Field Exp.)
  • EDUC 534 Including Students with Disabilities
  • EDUC 543 Art and Child Development
  • EDUC 546 Processes and Structures
  • EDUC 566.2 Curriculum & Instruction in Art - Grades PreK-6  (75-hour, Stage 3 Field Exp.)
  • EDUC 569.2 Curriculum & Instruction in Art - Grades 7-12  (75-hour, Stage 3 Field Exp.)
  • EDUC 575-7 Student Teaching
  • EDUC 579 Seminar in Art Student Teaching


Art Education Core

The courses listed below comprise the undergraduate art courses required for certification. Candidates must demonstrate having equivalent coursework as an undergrad student, or will need to take courses from this list after consultation with an advisor.

  • ART 113 Art History Survey: Caves to Cathedrals
  • ART 114 Art History Survey: Renaissance to Abstraction
  • ART 119 Art Processes & Structures: Material Investigations
  • ART 131 Introduction to Graphic Design
  • ART 142 Visual Foundations: Composition, Color & Design
  • ART 145.2 Graphic Design for Presentations
  • ART 146.2 Printmaking & Book
  • Arts ART 159 3-D Design & Sculpture
  • ART 160 Ceramics I
  • ART 168.2 Introduction to Photo Media
  • ART 170 Drawing I
  • ART 180 Painting I
  • ART 270 Drawing II
  • ART 280 Painting II


Important Guidelines

  • Students must have an overall GPA of 2.7 in order to take education courses numbered above 510.
  • All education courses must be completed prior to beginning student teaching. No other courses should be taken during the student teaching semester.
  • Students must have prior written approval by the program coordinator if they plan to complete any of these courses at another institution.


Content Area Tests - required prior to certification

5134  Art: Content Knowledge

5511  Fundamental Subjects:  Content Knowledge

Please visit this site for more information:

Test scores should be reported to Moravian University (RA2418) and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. 

For candidates without an undergraduate degree in Art, the content knowledge exam will be required prior to taking EDUC courses beyond 543.


Inquiries about the application process for Post-Bacc Certifications should be directed to the Graduate Education Student Experience Mentor - Yaazieli Ortiz Felicie @

Inquiries about coursework and other academic components of the Art program should be directed to the Assistant Professor in Practice - MaryJo Rosania-Harvie @