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Education Department

Middle Level English Certification

Students seeking certification in middle-level English (grades 4 through 8) must complete a major in English, following a modified version of the English major that requires:

  • English 221 and 225
  • two period courses (one British/Transatlantic and one American, one of which must be pre-20th century)
  • a genre course
  • a writing course (English 211, 212 or another 200-level writing course designated by the English Department)
  • the capstone experience (for certification students, student teaching serves as the capstone)
  • three courses selected in consultation with the advisor

Students must also complete the College’s program of general education, Learning in Common. Students must select Mathematics 197 to fulfill the requirement in Quantitative Reasoning (F2) and Environmental Science 112 to fulfill the lab science requirement (F4). In the Multidisciplinary (M) categories, students must take History 113 to fulfill the Historical Studies (M1) requirement; Education 131 to fulfill the Literature (M2) requirement; Education 160 to fulfill the Ultimate Questions (M3) requirement; Political Science 110 to satisfy the Economic, Social, and Political Systems (M4) requirement; and Interdisciplinary 110 to fulfill the Cultural Values and Global Issues (M5) requirement.

The Aesthetic Expression (M6) requirement is waived for these students. In addition, middle-level education students must complete one of the two Upper-Division (U) categories, which may be a part of the major; the other is waived.