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Secondary English Education (Grades 7-12)

Moravian University English certification candidates 7-12 demonstrate deep content knowledge of language/ linguistics, reading, literature, composition, speaking, listening, research, and technology. They reflect deeply on their practice and take action to manage the whole class, small group, workshop, and conference-based instruction in a well-planned, standards-based environment, where they select, administer, and adapt research-based best practices in the teaching of English to ensure the engagement and achievement of diverse learners. English certification candidates utilize resources provided by the National Council of Teachers of English, the International Reading Association, and other professional organizations; follow guidelines of integrity and ethical behavior as outlined in Pennsylvania’s Code of Professional Practice and Conduct for Educators; establish and maintain collaborative relationships with various constituencies, including parents, guardians, and the community to support the learning of all students.


Professional Education Courses Required for Certification

Recommended for Freshman Year
  • EDUC 100.2 Intro. to the Education of English Language Learners
  • EDUC 160 Culture, Community & Diversity: Intro. to Critical Pedagogy (40-hour Stage 1&2 Field Experience/ fulfills M3)
Recommended for Sophomore Year
  • EDUC 130 Student Development & Instructional Design (40-hour Stage 1&2 Field Experience)
  • EDUC 244 Including Students with Disabilities (Spring or during Junior year)
  • EDUC 140.2 Computer Technology in the Classroom
Recommended for Junior Year
  • EDUC 260 Reflective Teaching (offered Fall only; 40-hour Stage 3 Field Experience)
Recommended for Senior Year
  • EDUC 360 Curriculum and Instruction in English (Fall only; 110-hour Stage 3 Field Experience)
  • EDUC 375-7 Student Teaching (Spring)
  • EDUC 378 Seminar in Secondary Student Teaching

English major certification candidates follow a modified version of the major

  • ENGL 225 Introduction to English Studies (writing intensive)
  • ENGL 221 The English Language
  • ENGL 230 Public Speaking

A major writer course (one of following required)

  • ENGL 330 Shakespeare
  • ENGL 350 Chaucer

A literary genre course (one of following required)

  • ENGL 232 Art of the Theatre
  • ENGL 233 Modern Drama &Theatre;
  • ENGL 234 American Drama &Theatre
  • ENGL 320 The Art of Poetry;
  • ENGL 343 Am. Fiction after WWII
  • ENGL 360 Dram. Lit.& Moral Life 1580-1642;
  • ENGL 353 The British Novel
  • ENGL 361 Dram. Lit.& Moral Life 1875-Present
  • Or a special topics course approved by the major advisor

An American literary period course** (one of following required)

  • ENGL 340 American Lit.1800-1865;
  • ENGL 341 American Realism;
  • ENGL 342 20th-C. American Lit. to 1950
  • Or a special topics course approved by the major advisor

A British/Transatlantic literary period course** (one of following required)

  • ENGL 240 Post-Colonial Literature
  • ENGL 351 Brit. Renaissance & Neoclassicism
  • ENGL 352 British Literature 1780-1830
  • ENGL 354 20th-C. British Literature
  • ENGL 355 Lit. & Culture of Medieval Britain
  • Or a special topics course approved by the major advisor

The study of writing (one of following required)

  • ENGL 211 Creative Nonfiction;
  • ENGL 212 Intro. to Creative Writing
  • Or other 200-level writing course designated by the English Department

One elective course unit in English (consult with Advisor)*** 

Students must take at least three courses at the 300 level.

** One of the two period courses must be pre-twentieth century.
*** One general literature course (ENGL 101, 102, 103, 104, or 105) may be used by Secondary English majors to satisfy the elective requirement for the major. The capstone experience is met by Student Teaching. 

Content Area Tests - required prior to certification

5038  English Language Arts: Content Knowledge

Test scores should be reported to Moravian University (RA2418) and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. 

Program Coordinators

Dr. Theresa Dougal
English Department Advisor

Dr. Tristan Gleason
Director of Secondary Education and Post-Baccalaureate Advisor 

Dr. Bess Van Asselt
Advisor for Secondary English