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Do undergraduate students need to earn all eight Career Readiness badges in the ELEVATE experience to graduate?
No, while not a requirement for graduation, undergraduate students are encouraged to earn each of the eight career readiness badges to better prepare themselves for future employment and/or graduate school. The skills acquired throughout the badging program are what employers are looking for and will help you achieve post-graduation success.

How do undergraduate students earn Career Readiness badges?
Undergraduates can complete a variety of activities such as attending events, participating in programs, presenting research, and completing internships to earn points for each badge.

How do undergraduate students qualify for the Career Promise when they graduate?
Students must earn all eight career readiness badges and graduate with at least a 2.75 GPA.

Can transfer students participate in ELEVATE?
Beginning in Fall 2022, transfer students can participate.

Are transfer students who do complete the eight badges of ELEVATE eligible for the career promise?

Do undergraduate students need to opt-in or opt-out?
No, while students are encouraged to meet with their faculty advisers, Career Development Strategist, and student success advisers as part of the ELEVATE undergraduate experience, it’s not necessary to opt-in or opt-out.

Are undergraduate students required to travel abroad to earn the Equity & Inclusion badge as part of ELEVATE?
No, if a student doesn’t want to travel abroad they can work with their advisers to travel within the United States, or even participate in a global experience locally in the Lehigh Valley.

Does ELEVATE cost extra to participate in?
No, even the global travel/experience is included in the comprehensive fee.

Do I need to take any extra classes?

Do I need to meet with Career and Civic Engagement to be assigned a Career Development Strategist , or will one be assigned to me from the start like my academic advisor?
You will be connected to your Career Development Strategist before you start your first year.

Am I required to do an internship?
Internships are not required for any badges but can earn points towards badging.  Please note: some academic departments do require internships as part of the degree completion process. To learn more, go to:

Can I enroll in any major and participate in ELEVATE?