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Letter from the Provost

Letter from the Provost: February 2017

February 27, 2017


Dear college community,

This edition of Faculty Matters focuses on the Chemistry Department. Of course, we all know that our bodies are comprised of a multitude of chemicals and that many of the changes we experience and observe are the result of chemical reactions. On our campus increasing numbers of students are moved by the realization that when you know a little bit about chemistry, your experience of the everyday becomes more profound and meaningful: When we cook, bathe, breathe, eat, and sleep, we experience the effects of chemical reactions. If you care about the environment, you will want to understand chemistry. If you are interested in safety, health sciences, engineering, building, creating, painting,…you will benefit from knowing about chemical properties and interactions. Colors become richer, foods become more interesting, and the world we live in makes more sense.

Take a few minutes to explore the work that our faculty and students are doing to make greater sense of the world around us.



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Cynthia Kosso

Provost, Moravian College