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Health & Safety Guide 

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As the rest of the world has been turned upside down from the global COVID-19 pandemic, so has higher education. The faculty and staff at Moravian College have worked tirelessly to deliver the Moravian College experience to all of our students -- both in and out of the classroom -- for the fall 2020 semester and beyond. Moravian has invested nearly $2 million dollars to improve the online education experience, and with dozens of Apple Certified Teachers, we're continuing to deliver a robust educational experience, both in the traditional face-to-face and online environments. Through the generosity of alumni and other benefactors, Moravian College has been able to continue awarding financial aid to students in need and this generosity has continued at an unprecedented rate, even throughout this crisis.


Managing classroom and campus life during COVID-19

Campus Life 

  • Tracking infections if and when it occurs on campus
  • Enabling physical (social) distancing to limit population density on campus and in classrooms
  • Requiring mask-wearing unless in private/personal spaces
  • Regularly updating recreation procedures dependent on healthy and safety circumstances
  • Reminding students, faculty and staff and commit to following all public health and safety guidelines
  • Maintaining awareness of local conditions, supported by a public health awareness campaign
  • Be ready to adapt as needed to COVID-19 circumstances


  • Delivering dual-modality (“HyFlex”) classes, including online, remote, and in-person
  • Working with Apple and Extension Engine to deliver cutting-edge courses
  • Conducting a 16-week semester, with some courses offered in 8-week sessions
  • Providing a mixture of in-person and remote coursework and an expanded daily class schedule to limit population density on campus
  • Offering remote flexibility for people at risk of COVID-19 and members of vulnerable populations
  • Shortening fall break and completing the semester remotely after Thanksgiving
  • Holding final exams remotely after Thanksgiving break

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