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Consistent Giving Society

Welcome to the Consistent Giving Society website. This site will help you to learn more about the society and its members.

The Consistent Giving Society was created to honor the many loyal donors who consistently make a gift to Moravian College. It is this consistent support by donors through the years that has enabled Moravian to sustain and expand the opportunities for deserving students to receive a Moravian education. It is the College’s desire to honor and acknowledge those individuals who provide consistent support.

Alumni, Friends, Parents and Corporations have continued to support the College through annual giving, helping to sustain Moravian’s pursuit of educational excellence. Centuries ago, individual generosity helped create this institution. Today, your gifts help to sustain and expand its legacy.

Thank you for your continued support. Your generosity helps perpetuate a cycle of giving which enables us to educate current and future students for success. It is our hope that these students will someday join you as members of the Consistent Giving Society.