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Monthly Giving at Moravian College:
The JAC Pack

Monthly giving is a simple way for you to have a significant impact. Whether you give to show your Moravian pride, want to pay it forward, or are passionate about supporting a specific area, our students benefit from your monthly contribution. It’s a WIN-WIN!

Being a member of the JAC Pack is:

  • SIMPLE: Enrolling in the JAC Pack requires a one-time action.
  • MEANINGFUL: You can choose your gift amount and where you want it to go.
  • CONVENIENT: Your gifts are automatically deducted monthly.
  • IMPACTFUL: Your budget friendly gifts can really add up.

Giving Levels

When you enroll in monthly giving, you can choose a gift amount that works best for your budget. Whether you give $5 or $500, your monthly gifts really add up! The below gift levels have been showcased for your convenience, but we encourage you to give the amount that works for you.

Monthly Gift Amount              Total Yearly Giving

Monthly Gift Amount             Total Yearly Giving     

$4.17/month $50 year $83.34/month $1,000 year
$8.34/month $100 year $125.00/month $1,500 year
$16.67/month $200 year $166.66/month $2,000 year
$25.00/month $300 year $208.34/month $2,500 year
$33.34/month $400 year $416.67/ month $5,000 year
$41.67/ month $500 year $833.34/month $10,000 year

Meet Members of the JAC Pack


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the JAC Pack?
The JAC Pack is a group of loyal donors dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our students on a monthly basis. By giving a monthly gift through credit card, or electronic fund transfer, these donors have an immediate and consistent impact on our campus!

Who is JAC?
JAC is the leader of the JAC Pack and a thirteenth generation descendent of John Amos Comenius! He is committed to continuing his family’s legacy of “education for all."

How does the program help Moravian College?
Monthly gifts provide Moravian College and our students with reliable and consistent support. Your budget friendly gifts can really add up, and help Moravian to provide our students with a stellar education. Your support has an immediate impact.

How do I make a monthly gift to Moravian College?
Sign up and manage your monthly or recurring gifts to Moravian College through our online giving portal by clicking here. Simply enroll online by using our secure form, and log in to manage your monthly or recurring gifts - you can set up  direct withdrawals based on the frequency and date you wish, increase or decrease your recurring gift, or opt-out of the program.

Is my gift safe and confidential?
Absolutely! All gifts to Moravian College are securely processed.

Can I choose how much I give every month?
Yes, we encourage you to give whatever amount you are most comfortable with monthly! For your convenience, we have a variety of monthly gift levels showcased on our webpage, but you can enter the amount that works for you on our enrollment form.

Can I change my monthly gift amount?
Sure, you can change your monthly gift amount at any time. Simply email Matt Nesto at, or call (610) 861-1339.

How do I keep records of my monthly gifts?
After you enroll in monthly giving, we will send you an acknowledgement letter and a receipt for your first gift. You will also receive two additional records of your monthly contributions throughout the year: one at the end of the calendar year, and another at the end of Moravian’s fiscal year.