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engraved brick project

It's time to leave your mark on Moravian College.

It’s not too late! The brick patio is complete, but bricks are still available. Don't wait to add yours.

Why Order a Brick?

  • A great idea for a birthday, graduation, or holiday present
  • Engrave a memory from your time at Moravian College: Name, Graduation Year, Organization
  • Honor the memory of someone special: Coach, Professor, Parent, etc.
  • Combine with others to recognize: Team accomplishments, Greek Organizations, Clubs, etc.
  • Brick patio to be located next to the grandstand at the Rocco Calvo Field
  • Bricks are on a first-come, first-sold basis

Engraving Guidelines

  • 4"X8" bricks may contain three lines of up to 14 characters per line, including spaces and punctuation
  • 12"X12" bricks may contain ten lines of up to 14 characters per line, including spaces and punctuation. 20 characters are permitted horizontally but will be subjected to a smaller size font. 
  • Use capital letters & numbers (0-9) only
  • Use of symbols will be limited to: ampersand (&), apostrophe (‘), comma (,), dash or hyphen (-), forward slash (/), numeric (#), period (.), or quotes (“)
  • Greek Letters will be permitted for fraternity/sorority brick inscriptions
  • Call Anisa Albertson ’11 for assistance at 610-861-1336

Artist Renderings of the Brick Patio