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‘It’s Important to Give Back Because of All that I’ve Gotten’

Siblings Christine ’05 and Dan ’08 Bobick Explain Moravian’s Impact

Helping others isn’t exactly a family motto for Christine and Dan Bobick, but it’s close.

Their father is a minister, and as a result the siblings were always involved in their community. Christine Bobick ’05 remembers her and her brother, Dan ’08, putting together care packages for needy families at Thanksgiving and donating toys at Christmas time. Serving people was the driving force of many family activities. It wasn’t something they needed to verbalize because it was the language they spoke.

“It’s just what you do as an outgrowth of your faith,” Christine says. “It’s not something I even think about. It’s just something you do.”

It’s no surprise that Dan and Christine have continued helping others as adults. Dan, an aspiring minister, is a director with MFP Strategies in Bethlehem, where he helps clients plan for retirement. Christine works as a paralegal and contracts administrator for Ikaria, a pharmaceutical company that delivers innovative therapeutics to meet the needs of critically ill patients. Their jobs aren’t typical helping professions but, more importantly, they fit their personalities and skillsets well. Both have careers that allow them to make a difference in people’s lives.

Initially, Christine started her career working in litigation, but grew tired of the legal back and forth. When she started to look for other work, Ikaria stood out because of the company’s objectives: helping those in need.

“It’s one of the things that drew me to this company,” Christine says. “It really seemed to speak to me. This is a pharmaceutical company that is helping critically ill newborns.”

Christine, who majored in English, has always been a meticulous reader. For Ikaria, she reviews many of the company’s contracts. She believes her service-oriented approach makes her co-workers more willing to come for assistance, which in turn helps the company’s products reach more sick children. ikewise, Dan felt working with an investment company was one way he could use his mathematical talents while working with people. Dan started with MFP Strategies in school and was offered a full-time position when he graduated. Today, he negotiates with 401k providers like Fidelity and T. Rowe Price on behalf of organizations to get employees the best bang for their retirement buck.

“I’m helping people be more financially successful, and it will lead them to be able to do the things they want to do in the future,” Dan says. “They can retire with more dignity.”

True financial freedom is something both the Bobicks can appreciate, and they have Moravian College to thank in part. When applying to colleges, Christine and Dan were both offered financial aid through Moravian’s Comenius Scholars program.

This financial aid allowed Christine and Dan to graduate nearly debt free and pursue their preferred careers. The siblings are quick to say they couldn’t have attended Moravian without scholarships and are glad they didn’t miss out on an experience that helped shape who they are.

Attending a smaller school gave the siblings more opportunities to participate and lead. While at Moravian, Dan founded a campus ministry group that still exists today. The work he did in that group inspired him to pursue a career in ministry. He currently takes classes at Westminster Theological Seminary and hopes to work as a minister when he graduates. “That’s really where I feel ... I’m called to go,” says Dan, noting that the hours he spends at church each week are the most meaningful and joyful time in his life.

Christine explains the small classes and community feel of her alma mater made her more outgoing, which helps her stand out in the legal field. “I try to view it not as customer service but that I am there to help people,” Christine says.

Dan and Christine want future generations of young people to experience the same education so they are both faithful donors to Moravian. “It’s important to give back because of all that I’ve gotten,” Christine explains.

Dan says he never considered not donating when he got his first gift request. Giving back to people who have made a difference in your life is something that you just do.

“It’s just one way to show my gratitude and appreciation for what they’ve done for me,” Dan says.