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Admissions FAQs

You’ve got questions? Good! We’ve got answers.

Can I do this?

Yes, you can!

Is there an application fee?

No. Taking that first step is the hardest, most important one you can take. Why would we charge for that?  There is one exception - a nominal fee for the Accelerated Nursing application due to the competitive nature of this program.

How long will this thing take?

Most programs take two years to complete, with a few exceptions (BSN is our fasted-paced program). But with most programs featuring several "start" times in each year, you can get your degree as quickly or slowly as you want.

Do I need to take a test, like GRE or GMAT?

Short answer: maybe, but probably not. Many of our programs don't require the GRE or GMAT, and we'll often waive the test in exchange for professional experience. Check out your program on the Program & Courses page for degree-specific requirements.

What if it's been a while since I sat in a college classroom?

Seriously, don't worry about it. Most of our students are back in class after a significant hiatus. Our faculty and our programs are designed with you in mind.

Do you take other college credits?

Yup! We'll review your transcripts and let you know which credits will transfer in.  

How soon can I start?

Accepted in December? Start in January! Once you're accepted, you can jump in the very next class session.  For most programs we offer multiple start dates throughout the year.

How long until I find out if I’m accepted?

The evaluation stage can take anywhere from one to three weeks, depending on your program. We start evaluating once we receive all your supporting documents, so get in those recommendations! 

I don't have time to finish this right now. Can I come back to my application?

Absolutely. Use your “Retrieval Key," found in green on the left hand side of the application, to restart your app at any time.

Why haven’t I heard from you yet?

Did you hit the submit button on your application? If you did, then contact us at 610-861-1400 or We will follow up with you personally after you apply and when we receive supporting documents.

How do I get my transcripts to you?

Moravian University only accepts password protected electronic transcripts that come directly from your institution. If your school does not offer this service, your transcript must be sent by mail. When they ask where to send it, tell them to send it here:

Moravian University
Attn: Graduate & Continuing Studies
1200 Main Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018

We cannot accept transcripts sent via email. You can also have Parchment copies sent to   

How much will it cost to take courses?

Click here to view - Financial Information

Senior citizens (age 60 and older) may take courses for half the tuition plus the full amount of any fees.

Individuals who wish to audit courses pay half tuition plus the technology fee. Alumni, alumnae, and senior citizens pay $100 per course audited. Certain courses may not be taken on an audit basis. The professor has the right to refuse anyone to audit his/her course. This includes: independent study, field study, studio art, music performance, laboratory science, computer science courses numbered above 110, Professional Communication (CCEN 100), creative or journalistic writing, and all graduate courses.

How do I enroll in a Payment Plan?

All payment plan activity occurs in the Student Accounts portal via your AMOS homepage ( Students or authorized parent users may enroll in the "your account" section of the Student Account portal. There is a $35 enrollment fee for each semester. Options are available for fall, spring and summer plans.

The Employer Reimbursement Payment Plan (ERPP) - is designed for students whose employers reimburse tuition but only at the conclusion of the course when a grade has been received. There is a $35 application fee that is the responsibility of the student. Course payments are due 28 days after grades are posted.

If you are interested in either of these programs, please contact or stop by the Graduate and Continuing Studies Office for an application or click on the links above for more information. Be sure to return your completed ERPP application to the Office of Student Accounts ( by the tuition due date in order to avoid a late payment fee.

But What's It Really Like?

Getting the "full experience" doesn't take more of your time. Get the lowdown on our one-of-a-kind Moravian graduate student experience.