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Graduate and Continuing Studies

2017-18 tuition & Fees*

(*Prices subject to change annually)

Adult Undergraduate Costs

4-credit course $1,548
3-credit course $1,161
2-credit course $774
1-credit course $387
RN to BSN $445.50 per credit
RN to BSN Clinical Lab Fee $100
Technology Fee $45 per semester

Graduate Fees For All Majors (except Occupational Therapy)

Technology Fee $45 per semester

Graduate Business Tuition 

Masters of Business Administration $2,619 per 3-credit course
Masters of Science in HR Management $2,619 per 3-credit course
Masters in Health Administration $2,619 per 3-credit course
Graduate Certificate Programs $2,619 per 3-credit course
Masters of Science in Predictive Analytics $2,619 per 3-credit course

Graduate Nursing Tuition

MSN including Nurse Practitioner $873 per credit
Accelerated Nursing Tuition $46,170 for program + additional fees
Clinical Nurse Leader, Nurse Administrator, and Nurse Educator Course Fee $300
NP Clinical and Capstone Courses Fee $400
NURS 534: Advanced Health and Physical Assessment Fee $400

 Occupational Therapy (MSOT) Tuition

MSOT Fall 2018 Cohort (84 credits) $65,100 for 7-session program

CPR certification: Variable cost

Physical Examination/Health Assessment: Variable cost

Immunization Record: Variable cost

  • Rubella, Mumps, & Rubella
  • Vericella
  • Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussis
  • Hepatitis B
  • Influenza
  • Tuberculosis

FBI Federal Criminal Records Check (ACT114): Approx. $30.00

Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Records Check (ACT 34) (Out of state residents must provide a
criminal record check from their state of legal residence): Approx. $10.00

Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance: Approx. $10.00

Drug and alcohol screening: Approx $35.00

Professional liability insurance: Variable cost

Moravian College Polo Shirt and name tag: Approx $50.00

Students are required to have health insurance: Variable cost

American Occupational Therapy Association Membership: Approx. $75.00

Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association Membership: Approx. $30.00

Some fieldwork sites may have additional requirements (such as a particular dress code) or may require additional health related documents which students will be required to provide at their own expense.

Graduate Education Tuition

MAT and MEDU $500 per credit; $1500 per 3 credit course
Education 1-Credit Course $500
MAT Selected Courses for Certification Candidates Additional $55 or $110 fee; varies by course

Athletic Training (MSAT) Tuition

2017-18 Tuition Cost $16,000 / Year (Summer / Fall / Spring semesters)
2018-19 Tuition Cost $17,000 / Year (Summer / Fall / Spring semesters)

Athletic Training (MSAT) Additional Fees

  Cost Required / As Needed
FBI Federal Criminal History Record (ACT 114) * $30.00 Required
Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Records Check (ACT 34) * $10.00 Required
Out-of-State Residents Police Criminal Records Check - variable   As Needed
Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance (ACT 151) * $10.00 Required

2-Step TB skin test (Moravian Health Center) (annually)

Influenza (flu) (Moravian Health Center) (annually)




Additional Vaccinations ** variable As Needed
5 panel drug screening (annually) $29.00 Required
Membership in the National Athletic Trainers' Association (annually) $85.00 Required
Clinical Education Uniforms & Supplies (variable) $150.00 Required
Textbooks  / semester (variable) $500.00 Required
Technology $2,800.00 As Needed
* Students are also responsible for the costs of any additional required criminal background checks or drug screenings as required by the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences or the student's clinical education site.     
** Additional Vaccinations (as needed)    
Hepatitis B series (per dose)  $35.00 As Needed
MMR (measles, mumps & rubella) $60.00 As Needed
TDaP - must be all 3 - received within 5 years $40.00 As Needed
Varicella (chicken pox) $100.00 As Needed

Art Courses Additional 

Art Lab Fees Additional $55-$150; varies by course
Art Trip Fee $60
Art Kit Fee Additional $55-$150; varies by course

Additional Fees (may not apply)

Senior Citizens (60 and over) Half of the tuition and full amount of any fees (undergraduate courses only)1 This does not include any programs. Please see below.
Course Audit (Please see restrictions below) $100 per course audited
Deferred Payment Plan Per Semester $25
Employer Reimbursement Payment Plan Fee per Semester $35 per term
Late Fee Assessment $50
Graduation Fee $100

Cost FAQs

1Senior Citizen Tuition

Senior citizens (age 60 and older) may take undergraduate courses for half the tuition, plus the full amount of any fees. Please note that this discount only applies to undergraduate courses. This does not include RN to BSN programs.

Tuition for Course Auditors

Individuals who wish to audit a class, alumni, and senior citizens pay $100 per course audited. 

Certain courses may not be taken on an audit basis. These include independent study, field study, studio art, music performance, laboratory science, computer science courses numbered above 110, nursing courses, Professional Communication (CCEN 100), creative or journalistic writing, all graduate courses, and other courses that, by their nature, are inappropriate for auditors, as determined by the College.

Auditing is available on a space-available basis only; that is, if the course is closed, auditors will not be accepted. There will be no college credit earned for the completion of an audited course.

When must I pay for my courses?

All tuition and fees must be paid in FULL two weeks before the start of the course unless you have enrolled in a Deferred Payment Plan or completed an Employer Reimbursement Payment Plan ERPP Form. Please note that all payments must be made at the Office of Student Accounts in Colonial Hall. If you have questions about your bill, please contact the Office at 610-625-7142.

If you pay after the due date (and have not enrolled in a Deferred Payment Plan), you will be charged a $50 late payment fee.

Will you refund my tuition if I must withdraw from a course?

We understand that circumstances can change (particularly when job and family responsibilities are involved). Our policy is to provide a tuition refund based on the extent of the term remaining after you officially drop a course. However, if you withdraw after 60% of the term has passed, there will be no refund.

What does the technology fee cover?

A student who registers through the Graduate Studies and Continuing Education has access to the full range of information technology services offered to students at Moravian College. This includes access to the College campus-wide network, the ability to access the Reeves Library from on- or off-campus (including online searches), a college email account, a college Canvas account, access to AMOS (including ability to access grades), use of campus computers and printers (both black & white and color), and services of Information Technology (including Help Desk with extended hours). In addition, Moravian Graduate students have the option of registering for courses using our web-based pre-registration module.

Notes about Fees:

  • A technology fee of $45 per term is charged to all students (except Occupational Therapy), independent of the number of courses in which you enroll.
  • Education, art, science, and nursing courses may have additional fees. The "cost" column in the current course schedule shows tuition and any fees associated with courses you might be interested in taking.