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It's simple: Invest in yourself.
It's simple: Invest in yourself.
Graduate and Continuing Studies

Cost & Financial Aid

Hear us loud and clear: When it comes to paying for graduate school, you have options. Our graduate and adult undergraduate programs are surprisingly affordable—we're competitively priced across the Lehigh Valley, and our education tuition is at or below state tuition levels. Plus, this investment in your future is the kind that will pay you back—an extra $12,168 per year on average, to be exact.

Employer Benefits

Moravian College supports our partner organizations through tuition discounts, reimbursement and remission programs, and customized training offerings. Click here to learn more.

Student Experience Mentor

Your SEM is your one stop shop for everything you need. Financial aid, admissions, student support, you name it. Your SEM will be with you right from the start and help you pave the way to graduation.

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